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Malcolm in the Middle is a sitcom about a dysfunctional family. The family consists of a mother named Lois, a father named Hal, and four brothers named Francis, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey. The middle boy Malcolm is tested which shows he has a genius IQ. This lands him in the gifted classes at school and also as the butt of many pranks, most of which are played by his slightly older brother Reese. Reese and Malcolm attend the same school, but Reese has none of Malcolm's intelligence. Reese has a tendency to act first and think later which usually gets him in trouble with people in authority.

Malcolm also has a best friend named Stevie, who is also in the gifted classes. Stevie is handicapped and spends all of his time sitting in a wheelchair. The fact that he is wheelchair bound does not seem to prevent him from getting into trouble along with Reese and Malcolm. All of the boys seem to have a knack for destroying property and blowing things up. On one occasion, the boys take to their rooftop when their parents are out for the evening. They get into a war with a neighboring group of boys and end up making a makeshift slingshot which they use to shoot anything they can load into across to the other house.

The youngest brother is Dewey who seems to have a somewhat quiet nature compared to his brothers. Dewey is placed in a special needs program at school where he develops friendships with other special needs characters. Dewey often pursues his own interests which the rest of the family rarely are aware of. In one episode it turns out he has a natural talent for playing the piano. Even with his quiet nature, Dewey does not escape the roughhousing his brothers like to give him.

Hal is an amiable father who does his family duty by going off to work each day. He does have a hidden wild side which appears every once in a while when he gets the opportunity to play hookey from work. Lois is definitely the strong force in the household. She might seem gruff and domineering in raising her boys, but she is also the first one to defend them when she needs to.

Malcolm in the Middle is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (151 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2000.

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7 Seasons, 151 Episodes
January 9, 2000
Cast: Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield, Erik Sullivan
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Malcolm in the Middle Full Episode Guide

  • Recently elected valedictorian of his graduating class, Malcolm struggles with his speech, but Lois refuses to hear his complaints and reveals her plans for him to become President of the United States. Meanwhile, Reese will do anything to get a permanent job as the high school janitor, even concocting the most disgusting mess of all time, which explodes all over the family. At home, Hal struggles with Malcolm's Harvard tuition and Francis lands a "real" job working 9 to 5 in a cubicle and enjoys every minute of it. Grandma Ida returns for the family festivities, and they all bid farewell to Malcolm when he leaves for college.

  • Reese gets paid to take a girl named Janice to the prom, but only after she gives him a makeover. Malcolm and the unpopular kids untie and make their own party during the prom called, "Morp".

  • Reese heads back to work at the meat plant and meets Carrie, a cute vegetarian. He pretends to go along with her politics, and he almost pulls it off until he's caught red-handed with a pork chop. To get Carrie back, Reese goes to the plant and sets all of the cows free. Meanwhile, Malcolm tries to pull the wool over Lois' eyes and sneak off to a rock concert.

  • Stevie goes to the hospital, while Malcolm makes up every excuse in the book because he can't face the truth about his best friend's illness. Meanwhile, Hal gets competitive with his remote control boat and Lois thinks she's losing her mind.

  • Malcolm joins a dancing class to impress a girl, but starts to regret it when Dick, a rival student, challenges him to a dance-off. Meanwhile, Hal discovers an underground bachelor pad.

  • When Hal looses his tooth during a poker game, his buddy Trey tells him to come to his dental office, but Hal really feels the pain when he's hit with a $2,000 bill that causes a rift between the two friends. Meanwhile, Reese teaches Lois how to ride a bike and Malcolm and Dewey find their new favorite pastime of sleeping.

  • Lois decides to get revenge on four popular high school girls who play a mean prank on Reese. As she plans her revenge, Hal builds his own pitching machine in the garage.

  • Lois and Hal visit Francis to help him celebrate one year of sobriety, but when they attend his A.A. meeting they find out that Lois was the one who drove him to drink. Meanwhile, Dewey finds the spare key to Hal's car, but when Malcolm and Reese refuse to drive him to the arcade, it takes them more than 12 steps to find it.

  • Hal gets a devastating phone call that his father has passed away, but since Hal never met his father, he doesn't feel sad. In an attempt to overcompensate with his kids, Hal takes the boys shopping, lets them miss school. Hal even offers to buy Malcolm a new car until Lois steps in. Hal's buddy Abe thinks that a visit from George Takei will cheer him up.

  • Lois finds out that she has Mono when she goes to the doctor's office, and ends up giving it to Malcolm. Malcolm and Lois have to spend a whole day in the same room together, and end up bonding.

  • Dewey visits a broke and disheveled Francis and just as he talks him into getting a real job, his rocker friend shows up and gives him a cool gig as tour manager of the band. Meanwhile, Malcolm refuses to meet with college recruiters, so Hal takes over and treats each one as a suitor until Malcolm chooses Harvard, which ruins everything for Hal.

  • When Lois and Hal take Dewey out of town for a piano competition, they enlist Grandma Ida to watch over the boys. Ida thinks that Reese needs to become a man, so she forces the two brothers into a competition and if Reese wins he takes Raduca as his bride. Meanwhile, when Lois and Hal return home they're shocked to find out Reese has run off to Vegas.

  • When Hal and Lois receive a check for $10,000 made out to Malcolm, their first instinct is to keep it and buy new pipes for the house or a new boat, until Dewey overhears their plan and wants a piece of the pie. In a weak moment Lois spends the entire chunk of change on a dollhouse, but they feel so guilty they end up paying Malcolm back. Meanwhile, Reese spends all of his free time in a nursing home.

  • Lois finds a new babysitter for Jamie who is wonderful until she opens her mouth and starts to drive Lois crazy. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese are in the same class, but Reese is the one being picked on by the teacher until Malcolm stands up for him.

  • Hal enjoys pampering an aching and exhausted Lois, but all that changes when she buys orthotic inserts for her shoes and has renewed energy so Hal plots to destroy the orthotics and get his weary wife back. Meanwhile, Reese's Army pal pays a visit, but she gets defensive when Reese thinks they're more than friends.

  • Francis decides to surprise the family by coming home, but he catches Jamie off-guard and ends up knocking the lights out in the house. Meanwhile, it's Lois who's in the dark when Hal decides to cancel their anniversary dinner and forces Reese to cook them a romantic feast at home, and Malcolm who ends up in hot water when he sneaks three Swedish girls into the house.

  • When Malcolm gets paired with a dimwitted beauty as his chemistry partner he thinks it's going to be a bad combination, but then she reveals her feelings for him and sparks fly. They agree to keep their romantic experiment under wraps until Malcolm finds that she is embarrassed to be dating him. Meanwhile, Lois demands that Reese get a job and kicks him out of the house to prove it.

  • The neighbor's daughter, Jessica, stays with Malcolm and the family for a week. She soon shows Malcolm how to manipulate Lois to get what he wants. Also, Reese gets into a fued with his foreign penpal and Hal tries to avoid a confrontation with a...bee!

  • Malcolm and Reese go on a tour of the neighborhood for Halloween, but get scared when their own house is the first stop on the tour.

  • When Hal catches Dewey smoking, he makes a pact with him that he'll stop drinking coffee if Dewey kicks the habit, but after a few unsuccessful attempts to beat their addictions, they both start sneaking around. Meanwhile, Reese picks a fight with Stevie and their confrontation gets heated

  • Hal forgets to pay the family's health insurance and when the company won't reinstate them until Monday, he panics and locks the boys in their room so they won't get hurt. But the boys try to escape, Jamie gets in harms way and Hal is the one who needs a doctor. Meanwhile, Lois and her coworkers discuss unionizing at the Lucky Aide and she hits her 10-year anniversary at the store.

  • The Wilkerson boys plan to sneak off to a New Age festival in the hope of seeing some naked women, but when their parents find out, the trip becomes a family affair. Malcolm falls for an older woman, while Lois goes topless after discovering the joys of hemp.

  • The boys decide to enter Lois in a beauty pageant as a joke, but when they overhear the other contestants saying their mother doesn't have a chance, they plot to help her take the crown.

  • When Hal is encouraged to become president of the Neighborhood Association he starts to get a little too serious about his new role - much to the annoyance of Malcolm, who comes up with some fun ideas to enliven the community. Meanwhile, Dewey's classmates take their teacher, principal and janitor hostage.

  • Hal accidentally calls a premium-rate phone line, which uses up a large part of the family budget - and his attempts to rectify his error only make things worse. Malcolm gets a new job carrying out promotional work as a stilt-walker, and Reese enlists in a slew of medical drug tests at a local university.

  • Malcolm fails a music appreciation course and reluctantly turns to Dewey for help, while Lois and Ida get dressed up in silly outfits in honor of the St. Grotus Day celebrations.

  • Malcolm is given the graveyard shift at the shop and makes an unusual discovery among the aisles. Meanwhile, Reese befriends a bunch of caterpillars.

  • Hal goes against Lois's wishes when he takes Francis on a wild motorbike road trip in celebration of his son's 21st birthday, honoring a promise he made to him as a child - and confessions start to flow with the help of a bottle of vintage whiskey. Meanwhile, Malcolm, Dewey and Reese are held captive in their own home by a bully.

  • Grandma Ida saves Dewey from being run over by a lorry, but damages her leg so badly that it needs to be amputated. The boy is so distressed about the accident that he decides to hold a funeral for the severed limb, but a misunderstanding at the hospital stands in the way of his plans.

  • Hal talks about his deepest thoughts with Lois, but is upset to learn she doesn't believe in life after death. Meanwhile, Malcolm takes part in a charity event, but things get out of hand when he becomes too engrossed in his role.

  • Hal is named executor of his neighbor's living will, and must decide whether to keep him on life support or pull the plug. However, he soon realizes that Lois always makes decisions for him.Meanwhile, Malcolm, Reese and Dewey teach Craig how to fight dirty.

  • Dewey is moved to tears by an opera on television, and decides to write his own masterpiece based on his parents' arguments over their new bed.

  • Lois is furious when she catches the boys ogling a poster of a stripper, but Malcolm convinces her they are genuinely concerned about the exploitation of women, prompting the family to start a full-scale protest.

  • The boy genius uses the profits from his illegal gambling to buy an old banger, but soon finds the car taking over his life, while Hal discovers he has a talent for hairstyling.

  • Baby Jamie knocks over a shelf and nearly crushes Lois. She concludes that the infant is out to get her and decides to bring Francis home to remind her how she conquered him when he was little.

  • One of Dewey's plans is foiled after his friend Hanson, suffers a bout of Tourette's syndrome. Meanwhile, Reese takes advantage of his discovery that Hal becomes highly suggestible whenever he starts sleepwalking.

  • Broke, Hal and Lois decide that all the Christmas gifts must be homemade. When Hal realizes Lois and the boys have made bigger and better gifts, he fibs about the fabulous present he has in store for them and takes the family on a wild goose chase. Meanwhile, Malcolm feels like his brothers are alienating him and Francis returns home with startling news.

  • Kitty Kenarban returns and asks Lois for help in winning back her estranged husband Abe. Francis comes home and puts Dewey through the torturous `brotherhood initiation'.

  • Hal gets in a fight with his neighbor over holiday decorations and Malcolm and Reese are convinced that the other is gay.

  • Hal and Reese get into a trash-dumping war with the trash man, while Lois gets her job back, and fights with Malcolm over an offensive billboard.

  • Dewey quits his special-needs class and the Buseys are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Hal launches his own bodybuilding group, with a bunch of numbskulls as his subjects.

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