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  • TV-PG
  • 1990
  • 10 Seasons
  • 6.5  (37,874)

Beverly Hills 90210 was a popular American television drama that aired on Fox from 1990 to 2000. The show revolved around the lives of a group of teenagers and their families living in the luxurious and affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California. The main cast of the show included Noelle Parker, Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Douglas Emerson, Tori Spelling, Carol Potter, James Eckhouse, Joe E. Tata, Mark Damon Espinoza, Kathleen Robertson, Tiffani Thiessen, Jamie Walters, Hilary Swank, Vincent Young, Lindsay Price, Daniel Cosgrove, Vanessa Marcil, Michael Durrell, Katherine Cannon, James Pickens, Ross Malinger, Matthew Laurance, Ann Gillespie, Randy Spelling, Paige Moss, Cameron Bancroft, Casper Van Dien, Jason Carter, Lainie Kazan, Grant Show, Matthew Perry, Dean Cain, Jason Wiles, Daniel Dae Kim, Lar Park Lincoln, Brooke Langton, Rosa Blasi, Emma Caulfield, Jenna Mattison, Keiko Agena, Elizabeth Bogush, Ashley Tisdale, Cress Williams, Josie Davis, Giuseppe Andrews, Walton Goggins, Dana Barron, Jamison Jones, Eva Longoria, Shiri Appleby, Darren Star, Paula Trickey, Titus Welliver, Aaron Paul, Christina Moore, Pat Crawford Brown, Cam Neely, Bonnie Somerville, Ken Jenkins, Jason Lewis, Carrie Hamilton, Glenn Quinn, Reggie Lee, Seth Peterson, Constance Zimmer, Gary Grubbs, Caroline Lagerfelt, Ronald Guttman, Christina Aguilera, Christine Elise McCarthy, Nathan Anderson, Rachel True, Jill Bennett, Brande Roderick, Geoffrey Lower, Leslie Zemeckis, Kenneth Tigar, Paul Popowich, Dalton James, Shawn Christian, David Lascher, William Gregory Lee, Scott Shaw, Sydney Penny, Lucy Liu, Lorna Raver, Rebecca Gayheart, Nikita Ager, Noley Thornton, Kevin Rahm, Allison Smith, Monika Schnarre, Kari Wuhrer, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Leslie Bega, James Whitmore Jr., Charles Braverman, Greg Vaughan, Carlos Ponce, Judson Mills, Parley Baer, Michael Trucco, Stanley Kamel, Aki Aleong, Gregory Itzin, James Karen, Stephanie Beacham, Jaime Bergman, Joan Pringle, Brittney Powell, Cliff Dorfman, Jordana Spiro, Seth Green, A. J. Langer, Lauren Hodges, Cristine Rose, Jenny O'Hara, James Shigeta, Julie Adams, Denise Richards, Kristen Dalton, Richard Gant, Tracy Middendorf, Michelle Phillips, Charlotte Stewart, E. E. Bell, David Arquette, Vanessa Roth, Debbie Gibson, Heather Stephens, Kristin Dattilo, Richard Ruccolo, Jennifer Blanc, Jarrad Paul, Don Calfa, D. C. Douglas, R. Keith Harris, Mackenzie Phillips, Matthew Porretta, Jeremy Suarez, Gloria Loring, Jennifer Grant, David O'Donnell, Jennifer Hetrick, Stuart Stone, Dan Gauthier, Sean Moran, Christian Hoff, Louis Mustillo, James Martin Jr., Nicole Forester, Mark L. Taylor, Scott Jaeck, Ashley Cusato, Gordon Thomson, Pat Crowley, Karen Austin, Hrach Titizian, Season Hubley, Teri Austin, Angelo Tiffe, Francine York, Rick Hearst, Marc McClure, Audrey Marie Anderson, Jon Gries, Gabriel Macht, Ian Giatti, Adam Levine, Jeffrey Licon, Ken Lerner, Michael Bofshever, Rob Nilsson, Bernie Kopell, Robert Gossett, Gerald McCullouch, Michael Edwards, Gina Gallego, Mary Crosby, Nicholas Pryor, Carrie Stevens, Michael D. Roberts, Nick Jameson, Jennifer Lyons, Stack Pierce, Natalia Cigliuti, Richard Erdman, Sam Doumit, Jennifer Aspen, Sarah Aldrich, Alan Fudge, Judie Aronson, Julie St. Claire, Mark Collier, John Densmore, Jennifer O'Dell, Christopher Allport, Valerie Wildman, George Alvarez, Richard Joseph Paul, Jennifer Runyon, Kristof Konrad, Yorgo Constantine, Brian Donovan, Mary Scheer, Barry Pearl, Evan Arnold, David Wells, Zachary Bostrom, Joel Polis, Bruce Solomon, Andrea Baker, Peggy Stewart, Julie Caitlin Brown, Elaine Joyce, Mark Kiely, Kathleen O'Malley, Lynne Moody, Joel Brooks, Chris Demetral, Matt Nolan, Richard Whiten, Jean Bruce Scott, Robert Rockwell, Matt Winston, Amanda Anka, Joseph Whipp, Lenore Kasdorf, Aaron Spelling, Melinda Culea, Rebecca Balding, Linden Chiles, Lucy Lee Flippin, Rebecca Staab, Charles Fleischer, Kathleen Freeman, Djimon Hounsou, John Asher, Maxwell Caulfield, and Josh Mostel.

Beverly Hills 90210 depicted the teenagers' struggles and adventures as they navigated through adolescence and young adulthood, including their experiences with love, friendship, family issues, social status, academic pressures, and substance abuse. The show tackled various controversial issues of the time, such as teen pregnancy, homosexuality, and AIDS.

The show garnered a massive following and became a cultural phenomenon. Its popularity led to several spin-offs, including Melrose Place and 90210. Beverly Hills 90210 was also praised for its innovative use of music, which featured popular artists of the time.

If you're looking to relive the drama and excitement of Beverly Hills 90210, you can now watch Beverly Hills 90210 online.

Beverly Hills 90210 is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (298 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 1990.

Beverly Hills 90210
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Ode to Joy
28. Ode to Joy
May 17, 2000
The end of an era approaches as the 90210 gang makes major life decisions. Relationships come to an end, age-old romances bloom, and the wedding of a much-loved couple is celebrated among friends, family, and fans alike. Old friends make fresh appearances as the gang prepares to say goodbye to the show that truly defined a generation.
The Penultimate
27. The Penultimate
May 17, 2000
David expresses his feelings for Donna by writing her a giant love note in the sand. He is understanding about her reluctance to accept his proposal. He believes that she is having trouble reconciling her dreams of the perfect marriage with reality
The Final Goodbye
26. The Final Goodbye
May 10, 2000
Cast members reminisce about favorite moments from the show; share memories of the cast and crew; and discuss their feelings about the end of the series. Clips from past episodes_4-18 and behind-the-scenes footage are included.
I'm Happy For You, Really
25. I'm Happy For You, Really
May 10, 2000
Camille returns home from vacation carrying hopes of a reconciliation with David. After David breaks the news of his reunion with Donna, Donna offers to buy out Camille's share of their partnership. Although she is devastated by the news, Camille insists that she can handle working with Donna at the store.
Love Is Blind
24. Love Is Blind
April 26, 2000
Donna is upset by her mother's decision to sell the house. David hangs out with her at the apartment, and they both fall asleep on the couch. Donna pulls away from a kiss because she doesn't want to risk their friendship by becoming romantically involved.
And Don't Forget To Give Me Back My T-Shirt
23. And Don't Forget To Give Me Back My T-Shirt
April 19, 2000
Mitch annoys Donna by trying to plan their entire relationship via an electronic organizer. She suggests that they stop seeing each other outside of the business setting. Mitch responds by freezing her web site until she agrees to another date.
The Easter Bunny
22. The Easter Bunny
April 5, 2000
Kelly grows suspicious of Matt's distant behavior. She seeks answers from Dylan, who denies that anything unusual happened during their dirt biking weekend. Matt admits to drinking spiked punch.
Spring Fever
21. Spring Fever
March 22, 2000
Dylan and Matt go dirt biking for the weekend. They find that their campground is the site of a rave. Matt unwittingly drinks fruit juice that contains liquid acid. He gets very wild and winds up sleeping with one of the partygoers. Dylan advises him to keep the encounter a secret.
Ever Hear The One About The Exploding Father
20. Ever Hear The One About The Exploding Father
March 15, 2000
Dylan orders his father to leave. He is angry with Kelly for going against his wishes by contacting Jack. Dylan storms out of another meeting with his father after learning that Jack told his wife everything else about his past without mentioning Dylan's existence.
I Will Be Your Father Figure
19. I Will Be Your Father Figure
March 8, 2000
Kelly and Matt help Dylan search for his father. They learn that Eddie Waitkus lives in Tolleson, Arizona; and Kelly obtains his address. Dylan sees that Jack has a happy life with a wife and young son, and decides not to approach him.
Eddie Waitkus
18. Eddie Waitkus
March 1, 2000
During news coverage of an emergency landing at a Los Angeles airport, Dylan and Steve observe that one of the passengers looks exactly like Dylan's late father. Dylan, with some prompting from conspiracy theorist Steve, becomes convinced that his father is still alive
Doc Martin
17. Doc Martin
February 16, 2000
Dr. Martin dies of a stroke. Kelly suggests that Gina is to blame for his death, as does the grief-stricken Felice. David also seems to support this theory. Gina is upset when the obituary states that Dr. Martin has only one child; Felice calls her a mistake.
The Final Proof
16. The Final Proof
February 9, 2000
Shane demands a one-million-dollar ransom from Dylan. Noah points out that it may have been smarter to kidnap someone whom Dylan actually likes. Dylan agrees to pay the ransom; but Shane kidnaps him with help from Josie, who had claimed to be unaware of her brother's whereabouts.
Fertile Ground
15. Fertile Ground
January 26, 2000
Matt's brother and sister-in-law come to town and reveal that they cannot conceive a child on their own. They ask Matt to be their surrogate father. Kelly objects and orders Matt to turn them down, then becomes angry upon learning that he told his brother that he had to bow to her wishes.
I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You
14. I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You
January 19, 2000
Matt violates his suspension by negotiating a settlement for a worker injured on the job, who would lose his right to file a complaint in two days. Matt sets up David on a date with an attorney friend who is on the ethics committee. David blabs about the case, and the woman warns Matt to cease his involvement or be reported to the bar association.
Tainted Love
13. Tainted Love
January 12, 2000
Matt gets into hot water after a client decides to settle; he had already spent the man's retainer on Kelly's engagement ring. Gina tries to help by asking Dylan for $15,000, without telling him who would receive it.
Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly
12. Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly
December 22, 1999
The Martins ask Gina to join them for Christmas. However, they refuse to allow her at their Christmas Eve party because they don't want to explain the situation to friends. Donna initially backs her parents, but skips the party to show Gina her support. Donna continually questions Noah about the car accident that killed his girlfriend.
Sibling Rivalry
11. Sibling Rivalry
December 15, 1999
Gina considers leaving Los Angeles. Donna tells Gina the truth about her parentage. An outraged Gina lashes out at Donna. Whereas she had previously believed that her rough childhood was the result of circumstances beyond anyone's control, she now knows that she was rejected.
What's in a Name
10. What's in a Name
November 17, 1999
Janet pulls through, but the baby suffers from lung problems. Doctors successfully intubate the child, and she is able to breathe on her own. Steve and Janet name their daughter Madeline.
Family Tree
9. Family Tree
November 17, 1999
Steve and Janet endure various calamaties on their honeymoon. Just as they are beginning to have a good time, Janet goes into labor. Although the birth is expected to be routine, the doctors are forced to perform an emergency C-section.
Baby You Can Drive My Car
8. Baby You Can Drive My Car
November 10, 1999
Janet begins to panic about wedding preparations. Steve suggests that they organize a scavenger hunt for their friends, with clues providing the location of a party. Dylan and his friend Andrew are attacked by gay bashers.
Laying Pipe
7. Laying Pipe
November 3, 1999
Steve and Janet ask Kelly and Dylan to be their baby's godparents. The foursome heads to Ojai for the weekend to meet with the minister. The minister suspects that Dylan is afraid to commit to a woman because of guilt over Toni's death
80's Night
6. 80's Night
October 27, 1999
Joe Patch's parents visit Kelly and ask for her forgiveness. Matt tries to save a convicted rapist and murderer from the death penalty. Kelly is initially supportive, but changes her mind after hearing a description of the man's crimes.
The Loo Ouch
5. The Loo Ouch
October 20, 1999
Steve and Janet announce the pregnancy and engagement to her parents, who respond by calling Janet a disgrace. Steve's father tries to convince the couple to put off marriage for a while. Janet collapses and has to be taken to the hospital. She is diagnosed with a panic attack and told to avoid unnecessary stress.
A Fine Mess
4. A Fine Mess
September 29, 1999
Steve buys an engagement ring and practices proposals, often with Noah assuming the role of Janet. Dylan harasses Janet about her decision. The gang's attempt to arrange a reconciliation backfires
You Better Work
3. You Better Work
September 22, 1999
Steve tells Janet that he wants to raise the baby with her. He later upsets her by expressing uncertainty. Kelly considers a career change. Matt pays Gina to help out with preparations for the boutique's re-opening. She tries to burn a prominent fashion critic's invitation, and accidentally starts a fire.
Let's Eat Cake
2. Let's Eat Cake
September 15, 1999
Kelly and Donna invite Janet to move into the apartment. She tries to tell Steve that she is pregnant, but stops when he mistakenly assumes that she has gotten breast implants.
The Phantom Menace
1. The Phantom Menace
September 8, 1999
Joe dies of gunshot wounds. Kelly is arrested and held overnight until the shooting is ruled a justifiable homicide. The police consider charging her with possession of an unlicensed firearm, but Matt appeals to the department's sense of decency.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 4, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (37,874)