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Dawson's Creek is a teen drama that aired on the WB from 1998 to 2003. This was a golden era for melodramatic programming starring impossibly attractive all-American actors. Dawson's Creek quickly became one of the most popular shows of this genre. The hour-long drama focuses on four teenage friends who encounter the typical rites of passage as they progress through their high school and college years. The show is most noteworthy for the way its characters use unrealistically mature language to articulate the uncertainty and confusion of being teenagers. This is not a flaw in the show's writing. It makes the series unique among its pedantic peers. The teens on Dawson's Creek are not meant to be literal 15-year-olds.

Dawson's Creek stars James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery, a Massachusetts teen and film fanatic who compares his life to the more exciting lives lived by fictional characters. Dawson's tomboyish best friend Joey, played by Katie Holmes, secretly pines for him. The central drama in the early seasons of the show centers around the changing dynamics of their platonic friendship. Dawson cannot see the perfect potential girlfriend right in front of him, so he pursues Michelle Williams' beautiful and troubled Jen Lindley. Joshua Jackson plays Pacey Witter, Dawson's wise-cracking best friend. Pacey throws himself headfirst into exciting experiences, while the more analytical Dawson watches from the sidelines. Dawson feels left out of the excitement that everyone else seems to be enjoying without him. In the end, Joey falls in love with Pacey and remains best friends with Dawson.

Dawson's Creek is remarkable for launching the careers of four stellar actors. It is unique among teen shows in that every single major player is still famous and actively working. Van Der Beek has reinvented himself as a self-aware comedian. Jackson has never stopped playing casually handsome bad boys. Holmes worked steadily in small, interesting films before marrying Tom Cruise and ascending to the top of the celebrity ladder. Williams is now regarded as one of the best actresses of her generation.

Dawson's Creek is not a particularly great show, but it encapsulated a moment in teen-focused media. It took teenage experiences seriously and expanded the ways in which coming-of-age stories were told. Every teenager can relate to Dawson's desire to live a life like the ones depicted on television. Dawson's Creek validates those feelings with stellar acting and refreshingly direct dialogue.

Dawson's Creek is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (128 episodes). The series first aired on January 20, 1998.

Where do I stream Dawson's Creek online? Dawson's Creek is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dawson's Creek on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Wednesdays at 8:00 pm on The WB
6 Seasons, 128 Episodes
January 20, 1998
Cast: James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Kerr Smith
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Dawson's Creek Full Episode Guide

  • [ Part II ]All the friends try to cope with the revealtion that one of them will pass away very soon. Jen rebuilds her bond between all of her friends, as well as gives her daughter some words of wisdom. Jack continues to struggle with the curveballs life has thrown him, but starts to think positively about his future. Meanwhile, Joey is forced to choose once and for all between Pacey and Dawson, and finally realizes that the answer has been with her all this time...

  • [ Part I ] The series finale finds the gang 5 years older and everyone is meeting up in Capeside for a wedding. Dawson is a director for a tv show called "The Creek". Jack is a Capeside school teacher in love with the town sherrif. Pacey re-opened the Ice House. Jen is a single mother still living with Grams. And Joey is a book editor living in NYC with her current boyfriend.

  • Joey tries everything she can to help Dawson make the movie even though all the money for it is gone. She recruits everyone to help.

  • Pacey looses all of Dawson's money on the stock market.

  • Dr. Drew and Adam come from Lovelines to the college to help them with their love and sex problems.

  • Gram's reveals that she has breast cancer and Jen is crushed by the news.

  • Joey decides to be Pacey's secretary to make some extra money.

  • Joey babysits for Harley and finds Patrick in her room.

  • Pacey and Joey get locked in a K-mart after closing.

  • In L.A. Dawson decides to see how Audrey is doing at rehab. Back in Boston Pacey decides to throw a party and very drunk Joey ends up telling her friend's old secrets to everyone at the party.

  • Eddie, Joey and Audrey head for California to drop Audrey off at rehab.

  • Emma lets Audrey sing in her band again but still gets trashed right before the show starts so she messes up.

  • The whole gang decides to go to Capeside to spend Christmas with Gail. Everyone's relationships fall apart.

  • Joey decides to spend the night with Eddie and then misses her important exam. Dawson is getting really jealous of the new actor flirting with Natasha.

  • The whole gang goes to a No Doubt concert. Joey AND Dawson spend their time with their new "close friends" while ignoring eachother. The big secret comes out to Pacey that while he was still with Audrey she slept with Jen's crush CJ.

  • Audrey's friends think she may have a drinking problem after she gets really wasted before performing with Emma's band.

  • Joey ends up "babysitting" Harley, Prof. Hetson's daughter. Dawson believes he is seeing a ghost while he is trying to put on a Halloween party for Todd.

  • Dawson is confused when he finds himself wondering about Joey........and Natasha. Audrey gets herself attention from a new guy.

  • Pacey and Jack become roomies. Dawson and Joey become closer then ever before untill she finds out that he has a girlfriend back in California.

  • After a short summer romance in Capeside, Joey returns to Boston for a new school year. In the hallway she runs into Professor Greg Hetson, she immediately receives homework. Joey wants to prove herself at all cost and starts working, until a message from Dawson confuses her. Meanwhile Audrey also arrives in Boston. Pacey wants to get a job and luckily finds someone who can help him. Jen learns her parents want to get a divorce and jack deals with a broken relationship.

  • As their freshman year at Worthington draws to a close, Audrey finagles an invitation to spend a few days in Capeside, while Joey learns that a short story she wrote for David Wilder's class has been included in the school's annual literary review. And as Dawson and Oliver are invited to spend their summer working under a Hollywood film producer, Jen and Jack plan for a summertime adventure of their own. In preparation for an important investor's luncheon, Alex turns up the heat on Pacey and the rest of the restaurant's staff. But when her surly behavior gets to be more than anyone can bear, Pacey organizes the staff in a walkout on the day of the luncheon, leaving the tempestuous Alex in a jam. Back home in Capeside, Joey leaves Audrey with Dawson for a day so that she can go visit her dad in prison, only to learn he was paroled several months earlier without ever saying anything to her or Bessie. After she and Jack decide to summer in Costa Rica, Jen is surprised to learn that her estranged parents are hoping she will spend the vacation with them. But when Jack offers to return their tickets so she can accept the invitation, Jen asks him to wait, wanting more time to think over her decision. Delighted at the news of Dawson's plans, Audrey insists that he stay at her parent's home for the summer. But when telling Joey, Audrey realizes that Dawson has yet to reveal his plans to anyone else. While packing up after being fired from her job at the restaurant, Alex offers Pacey a ride home, an offer he soon regrets accepting when it seems like she wants to kill them both. But after narrowly avoiding injury in an accident, Alex's tough-girl fa├žade cracks as she breaks down crying in Pacey's arms. Finally, as Joey gets the good news about Dawson's summer and then tracks down her dad for a long overdue visit, Grams convinces Jen that a summertime reunion with her parents can wait until she's ready.

  • When Charlie's band needs a new singer, he presses Joey to help out. With Audrey's encouragement, she rises to the task. But after agreeing to give the two women a ride to the bar where the band is playing, Pacey is more than a little annoyed to discover that Charlie will be joining them, too. Meanwhile, after shocking Jack with a passing reference to her plans to break up, Jen joins him, Dawson and Grams in Capeside to celebrate Lily's first birthday. And still unaware of what Jen has in store for him, Dawson is taken aback to discover that his mom may be dating someone new. During the drive, Pacey's irritation and anger with Charlie boils over and their roadside fight forces Audrey and Joey to intervene. Then, at the roadhouse where the band is playing, it's clear that the drunk and rowdy crowd may be too much for Joey to handle. As Joey expresses her reservations about accepting the job, Audrey reminds her that her decision is due, in part, to her unresolved feelings for Charlie. And when Joey meekly takes the stage, Charlie steps up and inspires her to seize the moment as they sweep the audience off its feet. Back in Capeside, Jen tries explaining to Jack her changing feelings towards Dawson. And when Dawson seeks Jen's some advice on his suspicions that his mom may be seeing someone, he senses there's a widening gulf between them. Audrey and Pacey's decision to stay the night in a nearby motel leaves Joey sharing a room with Charlie. With her friends settling in for an uninterrupted night of romance, Joey does her best to avoid Charlie's considerable charms. And following some encouraging words from Pacey, a more confident Joey and an Charlie spend a chaste night together. Finally, after turning to his mom for answers, Joey's present for Lily prompts Dawson to reflect on their many years of friendship. And, reunited on the steps of their old high school, Jen and Dawson both realize that their days as a couple a

  • Professor Wilder and Joey are having a conflict of interest in each other which is only made worse by Wilder breaking things off without wanting an explanation of what happened to Joey in the previous episode. Things finally seem to be working out or at least being resolved.Pacey and Audrey fight to suppress their growing interest in each other in the shadow of Joey's mugging. In attempt to take his mind of things, Pacey and Jack hit a bar with amusing results. Jen finds herself tested when interviewing the lead singer from a rock band at the radio station.

  • While stopping at a bank cash machine en route to Professor Wilder's house, Joey is accosted by a small time drug addict and dealer. Initially downplaying the moment, Sully asks Joey for her money, and then threatens to use a gun to get it. Although Joey does her best to defend herself, Sully gets her cash, cell phone and credit cards before forcing her to clean out her savings account, too. Then, after stealing her coat to give to his girlfriend, Sully takes off, only to be seriously injured when a passing car hits him. Although he's determined to leave under his own power, Sully's injuries force Joey to call the police for help. As they are waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Joey and her attacker find that they have a lot in common when it comes to their fathers. As the police take Sully into custody, Joey passes out from shock, landing her in the hospital, too. Treated and given the doctor's OK to go home, she comes across a five-year-old girl in the ER waiting room and agrees to stay with her while her mom goes to find out what she can about the father's injuries. And it doesn't take long for Joey to realize that the little girl's dad, and Grace's husband, is none other than Sully. Unable to interest Grace in sticking around to see what's happened, Joey is stunned to hear that Sully is actually calling for her. Told that his injuries are extremely serious, she does her best to comfort him as he explains why he needed the money -- and just how much he still loves his wife and daughter. And after Joey talks about how the connection between a father and daughter can transcend even the worst examples of parenting, Sully dies, leaving her to concoct a story that makes him a hero in his daughter's eyes before turning to Dawson for some comfort of her own.

  • Dawson brings home Jen to his mother. Pacey wants to see other Joey, Joey's wild side.

  • Pacey cooks dinner for all of friends at Gram's house. Joey is shocked when she sees Jen and Dawson kissing.

  • Jack, Pacey and Joey sit around and tell scary stories, and Grams adds one too.

  • Jen and Dawson become closer then ever before when they take a trip to New Hamshire for a film festival.

  • Jen tries to help Dawson go to a shrink.

  • Dawson tries to hide his pain by getting drunk with Jack at a wild party.

  • Tobey surprises Jack with a visit to Boston, and Dawon visits Joey.

  • Dawson's friends tries to figure out how to comfort him after loosing his father. He thinks the accident was his fault.

  • Joey finds out that Pacey is now living in Boston. Dawson goes back to Capeside to tell his parents that he dropping out of the LA film school to move to Boston to be with Joey.

  • Dawson goes to Boston to visit Joey but she is too busy to spend time with him so he ends up spending his weekend with her room-mate, Audrey.

  • The gang starts "all over again" as freshmen in college with Joey in Boston and Dawson in LA.

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