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Jackie Chan Adventures is an animated family series which contains fantasy and martial arts elements. It tells the fictional story of real life martial arts action star, Jackie Chan, who is in search of twelve mystical talismans. Jackie Chan's character is supported by family members and friends as well as a group called Section 13. The talismans which they are in pursuit of, bestow powers upon the holder, dependent upon the animal it represents. Evil is drawn to these talismans as well, and Jackie Chan and his friends must protect the mystical talismans from falling into the wrong hands.

Jackie Chan Adventures aired in the United States on September 9th, 2000. Its final episode ran on July 7th, 2005. The show had a total of 95 episodes and 5 seasons. It was created by John Rogers and its designs mainly conceived of by Jeff Matsuda. The cast included Jackie Chan who played himself, Stacy Chan, Sab Shimono, Clancy Brown and Adam Baldwin to name a few. The television series originally aired on Kids' WB! and was produced through Adelaid Productions, Columbia TriStar Television and Sony Pictures Television.

Throughout the series there had been a few references made to Jackie Chan's actual career. One reference made in the show pointed out that Uncle had apparently been a part of the stage group, Seven Little Fortunes, a group that Jackie Chan had, in fact, been a part of in real life. Alongside this reference there were a few episode titles based on films such as; The Rumble in the Big House and Armor of the Gods. These titles were references to Chan's movies, Rumble in the Bronx and Armour of God. All of Jackie's beige and khaki clothes are also similar to the real Jackie's clothes in the film Armour of God.

Cartoon Network also aired Jackie Chan Adventures during its run and Disney XD picked up reruns until 2010. Multiple stations air the show in various translations including Arabic and Tamil. The series even spawned a few books, comic books and a video game.

Jackie Chan Adventures is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (95 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 2000.

Where do I stream Jackie Chan Adventures online? Jackie Chan Adventures is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jackie Chan Adventures on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Crackle online.

The WB
5 Seasons, 95 Episodes
September 9, 2000
Action & Adventure
Cast: Jackie Chan, James Sie, Stacie Chan, Sab Shimono, Noah Nelson
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Jackie Chan Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Jackie calls on his friends to help him stop Drago from terrorizing San Francisco. Strikemaster Ice destroys Section 13 as Jade escapes with the talismans. Drago fights his own father, Shendu.

  • Drago takes hostages, including Jackie, and demands the Chi powers be turned over to him. When Tohru's potion fails to work, Drago leaves the hostages for dead and sets out on a path of destruction.

  • Jackie locates one half of the Arcanum of Chi after it's been stolen by a mystery thief. Jade travels through time to meet her future self, and together they recover both halves of the Arcanum.

  • Tohru accidentally ingests the Mountain Demon Chi from an ancient pair of chopsticks and becomes a monster. Tohur gets in a battle that strips Drago of the Fire Demon Chi powers.

  • Drago heads to Seattle to use his Thunder Chi powers to build his secret lair. Team Jackie finds the hideout in the Space Needle, where Jade battles Strikemaster Ice and Drago loses the Thunder Chi.

  • Jackie searches a shipwreck for the Immortal Castanets, relics that hold the evil Thunder Chi. Team Jackie uses mini-subs and scuba gear, but they can't stop Drago from getting the Thunder Chi Power.

  • An earthquake damages the Chi Containment unit, and Jade's friend Larry unwittingly absorbs the Chi. While "Spectacu-Larry" tries out his superpowers, Jackie must get to him before Drago does.

  • On a trip to save his boyhood village in China, Uncle, Jackie, Jade and Tohru are possessed by evil mirror spirits that transform them into the things they fear worst about themselves.

  • On a field trip to a haunted mansion, Jade's teacher Ms. Hardman absorbs the Sky Demon Chi, enabling her to fly. When Drago arrives, strange spirit forces awake within the house.

  • After joining the Dragon Scouts, Jade is increasingly suspicious of her fellow scouts -- Frank, Charley and Rocko -- who also happen to be the Enforcers' nephews. Jackie deals with grown up Enforcers.

  • Earth Demon Chi unexpectedly appears in San Diego, and a panda at the zoo absorbs Moon Demon Chi. After a chase, Chi-powered Drago ends up battling a Chi-powered Jackie!

  • Jackie finds the relic of the Water Demon's chi on a game show as one of the prizes. They must face off against the Dusseldorf family to win the relic.

  • Drago escapes from Section 13 to absorb demon chi. He finds Finn, Ratso and Chow and transforms them into human/dragon hybrids. Unknown to everyone, Jade accidently absorbs the chi of the Wind Dragon.

  • Jackie recovers the final Oni Mask, but all nine masks reunite and transform into demon generals. Tarakudo and the generals will engulf the Earth in eternal darkness unless the J-Team can stop them.

  • Jackie sets out to stop Daolon Wong from getting the powerful D?j? Vu Stone, a stone that can transport its owner into the past. When it is activated, Jade must help Jackie come back to the present.

  • The J-Team assembles to stop the escaped prisoner, Bartholomew Chang, but Jade is upset she can't join them. She casts a spell on the J-Team, but it backfires and turns them into J-Tots!

  • A Jade from the future arrives to try and destroy the magic Dragon Teeth that Drago will one day use to take over Section 13. Drago has follwed Jade from the future to stop her.

  • The Enforcers join sides with Jackie and try to be good guys for a change! They slip into their old habits however, when they steal an artifact. Jackie must retrieve it before a new villain gets it.

  • An Oni Mask appears on an online auction, and Jackie tries to outbid the Enforcers. Valmont ends up winning the mask, and Jackie must stop his plan to unleash an army of Shadow-thieves.

  • Hak Foo wears an Oni Mask, but he is disappointed when his army appears as tiny, seemingly harmless ninjas. They prove dangerous though, when they steal Tohru's life-force by eating his shadow!

  • Jade and Paco want to win the "Scariest Costume" award at the school's Haunted Halloween Fair. Paco tries on an Oni Mask that turns him into a demon, and Jackie and El Toro must save him.

  • Jade uses the Rat Talisman on an Oni Mask to try and learn how to defeat Tarakudo. The mask ends up fusing to the rear end of Finn, and Tohru is kidnapped by a Shadowkhan of The Demon General.

  • Captain Black accidentaly wears an Oni mask that turns him into the demon version of himself. Jackie must use the Tiger Talisman to split Capt. Black into good and bad versions of himself.

  • Jade, Mordecai the Pig, Egbert the Rooster, and a Rat Talisman-powered Supermoose join forces to become the superhero team known as the Amazing T-Troop! They face Tarakudo to save Jade's dog, Scruffy.

  • Jackie and the others go to Tokyo to search for the Oni Masks, and fight the Enforcers in a museum. Ratso gets a mask that controls a Tribe of Shadowkhan, an army of 7-foot-tall razor-clawed ninjas!

  • Daolon Wong summons the Shadowkhan to help him escape from prison, but Tarakudo, King of all Shadowkhan appears! Jackie must stop this new threat from his plan to "shroud the Earth in Shadow".