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  • TV-Y7
  • 1999
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.1  (30,735)

Batman Beyond was a spin-off show from the original Batman animated series that aired on The WB from 1999-2001. It was set in a futuristic Gotham City, over 40 years after the original show, and featured a new young Batman by the name of Terry McGinnis, voiced by Will Friedle.

Terry was a high school student who stumbled upon the Batcave and discovered Bruce Wayne's secret identity as the original Dark Knight. Bruce, voiced by Kevin Conroy, was initially resistant to Terry taking up the cowl, but after seeing his potential and determination, he became Terry's mentor and helped him develop his skills and gadgets.

One of the standout characters in the show was Max Gibson, voiced by Cree Summer. Max was Terry's best friend and was a tech-savvy whiz kid who often assisted him on his missions as Batman. The show also featured a number of other recurring characters, such as Terry's younger brother Matt, voiced by Ryan O'Donohue, and Dana Tan, Terry's love interest, voiced by Lauren Tom.

A key component of the show was the futuristic setting, which allowed for some creative new interpretations of classic Batman characters, as well as the introduction of a number of new ones. For example, the Joker was replaced by a new villain called the Jokerz, who were a gang of thrill-seeking teenagers who modeled themselves after the infamous clown prince of crime.

Another interesting addition to the show was the inclusion of a new character called Barbara Gordon, voiced by Angie Harmon. Barbara was now the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, taking over from her father Jim Gordon, and acted as a mentor to Terry in his more civilian pursuits.

Despite being set in a new timeline, the show still managed to pay homage to its predecessor in a number of ways. For example, the original Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, returned to voice an older Bruce Wayne, while other iconic characters such as Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze also made appearances throughout the series, albeit in new forms.

One unique thing about the show was its use of animation. While it was still technically an animated series, the show utilized a blend of traditional and computer animation to create a distinctive look that set it apart from other animated shows of the time.

In addition to the main cast, the show also featured a number of notable guest stars. For example, Rachael Leigh Cook played the villainous Ink, a woman with the ability to manipulate tattoos on her body to create objects and creatures, while Seth Green played the Jokerz gang leader, Nelson Nash.

The show also tackled some mature themes that were not typically seen in other animated shows of the time. For example, the episode "The Call" dealt with Terry's struggle to balance his life as Batman with his responsibilities to his family and friends, while the episode "Shriek" focused on the dangers of addiction to technology.

Overall, Batman Beyond was a unique take on the Batman mythos that managed to honor its predecessor while also carving out a distinct identity of its own. Its blend of futuristic elements, new characters, and mature themes made it a standout show for fans of the Dark Knight.

Batman Beyond is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (120 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 1999.

Batman Beyond
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Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires
26. Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires
March 14, 1968
Minerva has been using her "Deepest Secret Extractor," disguised as a piece of equipment at her mineral spa, to discover where her wealthiest customers hide their valuables. With this info in hand, Minerva has been able to pull off a string of robberies with ease. When Batman and Robin's investigation is cut short by the villainess, butler Alfred goes undercover to help foil her criminal operations.
The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra
25. The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra
March 7, 1968
Dr. Cassandra and her husband Cabala are behind a string of invisible robberies, thanks to their camouflage pills. When Batman, Robin, and Batgirl attempt to stop their next theft, the crooks turn them into 2-dimensional figures with their ray gun. Dr. Cassandra then begins work on her final plan - releasing all the super criminals from prison to join her invisible force.
The Joker'S Flying Saucer
24. The Joker'S Flying Saucer
February 29, 1968
The Joker is back in Gotham City, this time with his sights set on worldwide domination. He plants rumors of an invasion from outer space, then sets out to gather the Beryllium metal needed to build an actual flying saucer. Batman picks up on his scheme and sends Alfred to check up on a stash of the metal. But when Alfred is mistaken for a mad scientist by the Joker, he is hauled off to the villain's lair along with Batgirl. The Dynamic Duo are on their way when a bomb planted by one of the Joker's henchmen goes off, leaving them unconscious, and their Batcave cut off from the rest of the world.
I'Ll Be A Mummy'S Uncle
23. I'Ll Be A Mummy'S Uncle
February 22, 1968
With plans to build an indestructible empire, King Tut goes in search of Nilanium, the world's strongest metal. But with the only known deposit lying directly beneath Wayne Manor, Tut's tunneling soon leads him to the discovery of a lifetime - the Batcave itself. With their secret identities in jeopardy, Batman and Robin race to stop him before his find is leaked to the world.
The Great Train Robbery
22. The Great Train Robbery
February 8, 1968
After his previous battle with the Terrific Trio, Shame now has Batgirl as a hostage. He agrees to a swap when he realizes that Batman and Robin also have Calamity Jan's mother, Frontier Fanny. Batgirl informs the Dynamic Duo of a plan for a "great train robbery" that she overheard as a hostage. The three work to figure out Shame's plan and race to stop him. But when they realize they are too late, Batman attempts to lure him out of hiding with an offer of man-to-man combat.
The Great Escape
21. The Great Escape
February 1, 1968
Shame escapes from prison, and together with Calamity Jan, goes to work on his newest caper. He leaves a cryptic clue for Batman, Robin, and Batgirl describing the first part of his scheme - the robbery of two opera singers. The Terrific Trio decipher his riddle and attempt to stop him, but when Shame breaks out his "fear gas," the three are left quaking in their shoes.
Penguin'S Clean Sweep
20. Penguin'S Clean Sweep
January 25, 1968
The Penguin taints the ink at the U.S. Mint with Lygerian Sleeping Sickness. As word of the infected money gets out, citizens of Gotham City empty their cash right onto the streets - and into Penguin's pockets. But when Bruce Wayne spreads word of the infected bills worldwide, the Penguin realizes his ill-gotten gain is worthless and threatens a more devilish plot if the warning is not retracted.
Nora Clavicle And The Ladies' Crime Club
19. Nora Clavicle And The Ladies' Crime Club
January 18, 1968
Nora Clavicle, a women's rights activist, uses her influence to have Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara, and the whole police force fired and replaced with women. She cuts ties with Batman and Robin, then launches her plan to blow up Gotham City with explosive-packed mice and collect on the insurance. The Terrific Trio look for a way to neutralize her mechanical hordes before it's too late.
Louie'S Lethal Lilac Time
18. Louie'S Lethal Lilac Time
January 11, 1968
Louie the Lilac is in town, planning to corner the lilac perfume market in Gotham City. His concoction requires the glands of several animals, so he kidnaps Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to make the extractions. With "Batman and Robin" unable to respond, Batgirl attempts a rescue, only to be captured herself. The trio rely on their wits (and the latest bat-invention) to attempt an escape.
The Joke'S On Catwoman
17. The Joke'S On Catwoman
January 4, 1968
Following a tip from Batgirl, the Dynamic Trio meet up at the Grimalkin Novelty Company, hideout of the Joker and Catwoman. There, they overhear the arch-criminals' plot and secretly trail them to a stash of hidden gunpowder. A careless mistake spoils the villains' evil plan, however, and they are captured and brought before the Gotham City judge. But when the jury seems less than interested in justice, courtroom mayhem ensues.
The Funny Feline Felonies
16. The Funny Feline Felonies
December 28, 1967
The Joker, just released from prison, teams up with Catwoman. They follow the clues of an ancient riddle to retrieve a nightshirt and an antique crib, which together form a map to a hidden cache of gunpowder which they plan to use for their next crime. Batman and Robin, together with Batgirl, follow their trail, little knowing that they are about to walk right into an ambush.
The Ogg Couple
15. The Ogg Couple
December 21, 1967
Egghead and Olga, Queen of the Cossacks, kick off their return with several thefts from the Gotham City Museum. Egghead begins planning a series of heists - intended to provide him with the dowry needed to marry Olga. Swiping 500 pounds of dehydrated caviar goes off without a hitch. But when Batgirl attempts to outfox Egghead, she is instead captured by the villain. It's up to Batman and Robin to find the villains' hideout before Olga's Cossacks make mincemeat out of their crime fighting friend.
Catwoman'S Dressed To Kill
14. Catwoman'S Dressed To Kill
December 14, 1967
The Catwoman targets the fashion industry by first terrorizing a banquet honoring Batgirl and then attacking a fashion show. During the attack on the fashion show, Catwoman captures Batgirl and takes her back to her hideout where she threatens to kill her with a pattern cutter. She then tells Batman that if he attempts to rescue her that it will leave the visiting Queen Bess of Bellgravia vulnerable for attack. Now the Caped Crusader must find a way to save Batgirl and prevent any harm to Queen Bess.
The Bloody Tower
13. The Bloody Tower
December 7, 1967
Batman, ably assisted as always by Alfred, saves Robin from being crushed by a winch at the Tower of Londinium. But Robin gets stung by an African Death Bee as Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup get ready to steal the crown jewels at the Bloody Tower.
The Foggiest Notion
12. The Foggiest Notion
November 30, 1967
Lord Fog and Lady Teasoup plan to steal a ship-worth of mod clothing material with which they can control the fashion world of Londinium. Fogg and his men subdue Batman, Peasoup and her girls grab Robin and Lady Prudence uses the paralyzing fog on Batgirl.
The Londinium Larcenies
11. The Londinium Larcenies
November 23, 1967
Commissioner Gordon travels across the channel to Londinium by request of the President to assist in a spree of baffling burglaries. Also aboard ship are Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, their manservant Alfred and Gordon's daughter Barbara. Alfred sets up a make-shift Batcave under a rented mansion near Londinium while Batman & Robin visit lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup, who run a girl's finishing school that teaches their students a degree in shoplifting.
Surf'S Up! Joker'S Under!
10. Surf'S Up! Joker'S Under!
November 16, 1967
The Joker plans to become the king of surfing, hoping the fame will give him control over the hearts and minds of Gotham City. He captures top surfer Skip Parker, then uses his "Surfing Experience & Ability Transferometer" to transfer the needed skills and stamina from Skip to himself. When all the other contestants drop out of the upcoming surfing match, Batman steps up to challenge the Joker's supremacy.
How To Hatch A Dinosaur
9. How To Hatch A Dinosaur
November 9, 1967
Egghead and Olga, Queen of the Cossacks, steal two pounds of Radium from the Gotham City Radium Center. Using it in their "Zapping Machine," they attempt to hatch an ancient Neosaurus egg, planning to feed the baby dinosaur a meal of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Surprisingly, the machine seems to be working. But when the egg cracks, the baby Neosaurus is more than they can handle.
The Ogg And I
8. The Ogg And I
November 2, 1967
Egghead and Olga, Queen of the Bessarovian Cossacks, team up to kidnap Commissioner Gordon. In exchange for his safety, they demand a ten cent tax for every egg eaten in Gotham City. Batman and Robin suspect that Olga may also be after the giant Samovar of Genghis Khan and use it to find a way into her hideout. However, it turns out that the Duo have been expected. While Olga targets Batman as her future husband, her cook prepares a wedding borscht which will contain Commissioner Gordon and Robin.
Louie, The Lilac
7. Louie, The Lilac
October 26, 1967
Louie the Lilac has cornered the flower market in Gotham City, hoping to gain control over the entire "flower generation." He kidnaps the organizer of their planned flower-in, Princess Primrose, and brainwashes her with his Stupefying Aromatic Spray. Batman and Robin follow a clue to the villain's lair only to be captured by Louie and fed to his giant man-eating lilacs. With the Caped Crusaders out of the way, Louie heads back to the flower-in to continue his evil plan. Alfred, meanwhile, has been alerted to Batman and Robin's situation, and goes looking for Batgirl to aid in the fight.
The Unkindest Tut Of All
6. The Unkindest Tut Of All
October 19, 1967
King Tut has been predicting crimes, then secretly making sure they happen in order to gain the police's confidence. He hopes to then send them on a false lead while he commits the crime of the century. After failing an attempt to discover Batman's true identity, he gives his biggest prediction - a jailbreak of several super criminals. While the entire police force is sent to the penitentiary, Tut nabs a collection of priceless Egyptian scrolls from the Gotham City Library. The scrolls contain the key to an ancient statue, rumored to give its possessor control of the universe.
A Horse Of Another Color
5. A Horse Of Another Color
October 12, 1967
The Penguin steals a priceless folio of famous parasols from the Gotham City Library. He plans to wager the $10,000 earned from its ransom on a rigged horse race. Aided by his partner-in-crime Lola Lasagne, he disguises the favored entry Parasol as the unknown "Bumbershoot," then enters a painted glue factory horse as "Parasol". With everyone betting their money on the fake horse, it looks like the Penguin will make a fortune when the real Parasol wins the race. But he wasn't counting on a last-minute entry of Bruce Wayne's, the horse Waynebow, ridden by none other than Batgirl.
The Sport Of Penguins
4. The Sport Of Penguins
October 5, 1967
The Penguin teams up with parasol collector Lola Lasagne. Together, they plan to rig the upcoming Bruce Wayne Handicap to make a fortune from Lola's prize racehorse Parasol. They break into Glu Gluten's Glue Factory to steal a condemned horse, planning to switch horses before the race and make their money by betting on the real Parasol. When Batman, Robin, and Batgirl catch up with them at the glue factory, Penguin sneaks outside and plasters the Batmobile with a sticky glue.
The Wail Of The Siren
3. The Wail Of The Siren
September 28, 1967
Lorelei Circe, aka The Siren, launches a two part plan to become the richest and wickedest woman in Gotham City. First she puts Commissioner Gordon under her stunning spell and orders him to stow away in the Batmobile in order to find out the location of the Batcave as well as Batman & Robins secret identities. Secondly she entrances millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and implores him to sign over all his wealth and belongings to her.
Ring Around The Riddler
2. Ring Around The Riddler
September 21, 1967
The Riddler is out to control all of prize fighting in Gotham City. He begins by kidnapping and brainwashing top prizefighters with the aid of the Siren. Then, under the guise of Mushi Nebuchadnezzar, supposed boxing champion of Southwest Asia, he challenges Batman to a fight in the ring. But when it becomes clear that the Riddler has no plans to play fair, it's up to Batgirl to help her crime fighting companions.
Enter Batgirl,Exit Penguin
1. Enter Batgirl,Exit Penguin
September 14, 1967
The Penguin plans to gain immunity from the law by becoming the police commissioner's son-in-law. He kidnaps Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara, and threatens her into agreeing to marry him. Unknown to him, Barbara Gordon has a secret crime fighting identity, Batgirl. Alfred learns of her secret when he is brought to Penguin's hideout instead of a preacher, and Batman and Robin realize just how valuable their new ally is when they find themselves hopelessly strung up in Penguin's lair.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 10, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (30,735)