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  • TV-G
  • 1994
  • 6 Seasons
  • 6.3  (13,457)

Sister, Sister was a popular American sitcom that aired on The WB network from 1994 to 1999. The show starred identical twin sisters Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry as Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, two sisters who were separated at birth and adopted by different families. The two reunite for the first time in their teens and become fast friends, ultimately going on to live under one roof with Tia's adoptive mother Lisa Landry, played by Jackee Harry.

The show was unique in that it explored the complexities and challenges of growing up as a teenage girl, including issues like peer pressure, crushes, and sibling rivalry. Much of the humor in the show came from the girls' contrasting personalities - Tia was studious and responsible, while Tamera was outgoing and more prone to getting into trouble. Despite their differences, the sisters always had each other's backs.

One of the standout features of Sister, Sister was its strong emphasis on family. The show featured a diverse cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and struggles. Lisa, for example, was a hard-working single mother who was initially hesitant to take Tamera in but eventually grew to love her like her own daughter. Ray, Lisa's ex-boyfriend and Tia's biological father, also played a prominent role in the show, offering a unique perspective on the girls' lives from the perspective of a father who had missed out on so many of their formative years.

Throughout its six-season run, Sister, Sister tackled a wide range of issues important to its target audience of teenage girls, including high school drama, peer pressure, relationships, and the challenges of growing up. The show also wasn't afraid to delve into more serious issues, like racism and discrimination, showing how the sisters stood up for themselves and each other in the face of intolerance.

Overall, Sister, Sister was a charming, feel-good sitcom that appealed to audiences of all ages. Its focus on family, sisterhood, and the challenges of growing up made it relatable to anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world. Despite its relatively short run, the show remains a beloved classic and a testament to the power of love and friendship.

Sister, Sister is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (119 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 1994.

Sister, Sister
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Fly Away Home
22. Fly Away Home
May 23, 1999
Fears of life changes brings second thoughts to Lisa on her wedding day. With everyone leaving the house and going off their own ways, moving on from the past may be harder than it sounds.
The Road Less Traveled
21. The Road Less Traveled
May 16, 1999
After accepting a summer internship, Tia finds herself with compulsions to please Tyreke by telling him she'll attend his family reunion, and Tamera, who tells her that their birth father wants them to travel Africa.
Let Them Eat Cupcakes
20. Let Them Eat Cupcakes
May 9, 1999
It looks like Lisa will finally walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress... until the twins' accidentally loses Victor's engagement ring at Jordan's fraternity bake sale.
Before There Was Hip Hop...
19. Before There Was Hip Hop...
May 2, 1999
An aged jazz singer reflects on his days working at a club while talking to the twins' class, and a particular character that is reminded by Jordan.
18. FreakNik
February 28, 1999
Regretting not sharing his true feelings for Tia when he had the chance, Tyreke plans on declaring his love when the group takes a trip to FreakNik. Meanwhile, the twins and Diavian tries their hardest to stay positive about staying at an uncomfortable motel.
Double Talk
17. Double Talk
February 21, 1999
Tamera is sick and cant do her radio show. Jordan takes over after Tia gets nervous doing the radio show.
I Know What You Did in Drama Class
16. I Know What You Did in Drama Class
February 14, 1999
Tia is shocked after walking in a scene of Diavian and Tyreke, while Tamera and Jordan tries to hook-up cable.
Father's Day
15. Father's Day
February 7, 1999
When Tia brings Tamera to an art gallery to meet her favorite photographer, the twins are shocked to learn the truth about their natural birth father.
Sweet Talk
14. Sweet Talk
January 24, 1999
Diavian is jealous about Tamera's perfection at a job that she arranged. But this may be the end of Tamera and Jordan after turning down a concert.
Two Guys, a Girl, and a Calendar
13. Two Guys, a Girl, and a Calendar
January 17, 1999
Tia and Tamera gets competitive trying to get Jordan and Tyreke into a calendar.
Mixed Doubles
12. Mixed Doubles
January 10, 1999
Tyreke and Ginger doubles with Jordan and Tamera to Ragtime. Lisa finds Ray's fraternity brother attractive.
Twins or Consequences
11. Twins or Consequences
December 13, 1998
A wild night in partying results in a desperate Tamera to ask her sister to take her place taking an exam, but later learns that her sister cannot always bail her out. Meanwhile, Jordan benches Tyreke on their basketball team.
For the People
10. For the People
November 22, 1998
As Election Day nears, Ray's campaign manager tries to sabotage his campaign.
My Father's House
9. My Father's House
November 15, 1998
Tamera doesn't understand Jordan's refusal of attending church, until she learns about his family's past. Meanwhile, Lisa turns Ray's house into a "holy sweat shop" after volunteering to sew church robes.
Greek to Me
8. Greek to Me
November 8, 1998
Jordan's undercover expose of fraternity hazing gets in the way of his and Tamera's relationship, resulting in inadvertently skipping their anniversary dinner. Meanwhile, Ray and Lisa battle each other trying to persuade Tia into joining their fraternities.
The Domino Effect
7. The Domino Effect
November 1, 1998
While the twins are away at a conference, Jordan and Tyreke inadvertently find dates for the approaching homecoming. Meanwhile, Ray and Lisa fail at throwing separate parties.
Bum Rap
6. Bum Rap
October 18, 1998
Tamera and Ray are unknowingly debating each other after an unaware Tamera's gives negative statement about her father's decision to ban wild concerts on campus grounds.
The Grass is Always Finer
5. The Grass is Always Finer
October 11, 1998
Tia, who feels like she's in an immature relationship, falls head over heels for her T.A., Keith Brooks, and decides to end her relationship with Tyreke and pursue her interest in her dream guy.
We Are Family
4. We Are Family
October 4, 1998
Ray running for office comes with consequences--especially towards Tamera, who becomes increasingly against her father's decision after being harassed and followed.
Home Court Advantage
3. Home Court Advantage
September 27, 1998
While Tia deals with Tyreke's wounded pride, Lisa gets sued by a former irresponsible and inexperienced employee for sexual harrassment.
Stop In The Name of Fun
2. Stop In The Name of Fun
September 20, 1998
Tamera begs Tia to become the choreographer of her musical girl group for the upcoming talent show, but soon regrets her decision when Tia takes the position too seriously.
Home Sweet Dorm
1. Home Sweet Dorm
September 13, 1998
It's time to leave home and be independent in college, but this may not be the case for Tia and Tamera when they are forced to turn to their parents when they're left homeless after their university is fully booked.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 1994
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (13,457)