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Lizzie (Hilary Duff) is an ordinary teenager dealing with regular teenage issues as they come up in her day-to-day to life. Lizzie has a sarcastic yet adorable animated alter ego that announces her thoughts and feelings to the audience. Besides Duff, the series also stars Lalaine (as Miranda) and Adam Lamberg (Gordo). Miranda and Gordo are Lizzie's two best friends. Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire), Hallie Todd (Jo McGuire) and Robert Carradine (Sam McGuire) also co-star in the series.

Lizzie has a tendency to be a bit more reserved which is where toon Lizzie's comedic relief steps in. The little toon has no trouble telling it like Lizzie sees it, but is too afraid to say. Lizzie deals with most of her angst very well, leaning on her friends and occasionally her mother.

Lizzie relies on Gordo, who has been her pal since they were little, to be her sanity and her voice of reason. Gordo is an oddball, but a true friend to the end to Lizzie. Then Miranda, who is Lizzie's best friend. Miranda is always there for Lizzie and Gordo, offering advice. Miranda will stick up for her friends, no matter the cost.

Lizzie's family is a bit of an odd group, but they work well together. Her little brother Matt is an annoying brat all the time. He's constantly interfering in Lizzie's plans, and makes extra special attempts to make her life miserable. Jo, Lizzie's mom, is quirky and cute and embarrasses Lizzie more often than not she is still someone Lizzie leans on for advice, and for help with Matt and his menacing games. Then, there is Sam (Lizzie's dad). Sam is clueless almost 100 percent of the time, but he loves his kids and every once in a while he accidentally offers up some good advice!

Lizzie McGuire is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 2001.

Where do I stream Lizzie McGuire online? Lizzie McGuire is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Lizzie McGuire on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 12, 2001
Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Hilary Duff, Lalaine Vergara-Paras, Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd
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Lizzie McGuire Full Episode Guide

  • Lizzie and Miranda see a show they liked when they were younger. They decied to go to a taping.They look for someone younger to go eith them so they won't be alone at a kiddy show. Matt turns them down due to his "Dirt, Stains, and Grime" mueseum. After being turned down a few times, they decide to alone anways. When they arrive, Lizzie is spotted by Kate, who the next day tells everyone about the taping.

  • When Lizzie sets the school record on the hanging chin-up bar she gets a reputation as a jock. However, after making a game saving tackle in a flag football game, she worries that the guys will start thinking of her as a "guy girl" instead of a "girly girl," so she decides to forgo her athletic endeavors to pursue a prissier image.

  • After unintentionally inviting Mr. Dig over for Dinner, Lizzie is shocked when he and her dad become buddies. Lizzie soon discovers that constantly having her teacher at her house really cramps her style.

  • Normally conservative Gordo gets an idea on how he can use a credit card for the betterment of mankind - by using it to finance a movie.

  • When Gordo's grandmother pays a visit, Gordo discovers that she isn't the quiet, conservative Grandma he remembers.

  • The McGuire family members are all psyched about making their annual journey to Grubby Gulch, a "Wild West" theme park, after missing last year's trip. That is, all except Lizzie, who feels that she's too old for such a "lame" place. But at least she has Miranda and Gordo going with her--although neither of them realize how much they too will dislike the place or that they'll have to get up at 5:30AM for the six-hour trip there!Once they arrive at Grubby Gulch and are greeted by Grubby Longjohn himself, Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and Matt couldn't be happier, but the place is as lame and embarrassing as Lizzie had remembered it, and Gordo and Miranda agree with her. But there is one bright spot. At a concession stand, Lizzie strikes up an acquaintance with a cute boy, Cory, and Gordo meets a nice-looking girl, Clementine. They invite Lizzie and Gordo to go to the mall with them after work, and they even have a date for Miranda. But it turns out that Mr. McGuire has scored some hard-to-get t

  • Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda and Ethan Craft are playing a little basketball (and doing a lot of trash-talkin'!) when Parker McKenzie comes by to watch. After Gordo gets his last shot stuffed by Ethan, Parker comes over to talk, and it looks like she's got her eye on Gordo. He surprises Lizzie and Miranda by saying he might ask Parker out to the upcoming dance. Later at the Digital Bean, though, he's hesitating until Lizzie and Miranda encourage him to do it. When he does ask Parker, she simply tells him, "I can't." Lizzie asks her why she turned Gordo down and Parker is blunt: he's short. He might be a nice enough guy to hang out with, but she doesn't want to go out with a short guy. Gordo overhears this and is obviously devastated. He leave the Digital Bean, leaving behind his two friends, who don't feel very good, either.At school the next day, Lizzie and Miranda are still concerned. Gordo stumbles onto the scene wearing a pair of new (high-heeled) cowboy boots, claiming he's OK with wha

  • Gordo, editor of the schools "E-zine," reluctantly makes Lizzie the website's advice columnist (it was either her or the flaky faculty advisor Ms. Dew.) But she does surprisingly well in the job. After giving great advice to students like Parker McKenzie and Claire Miller, Lizzie's reputation and popularity skyrocket. But soon she gets overwhelmed with requests for help, and some of the advice she gives turns out badly, like when she suggests to Veruca that she stand up to the school bully. Now Lizzie's afraid to give help to others who have asked, like Ethan, Kate and Tudgeman. Lizzie imagines the possible bad results of her advice: Ethan cuts off all his hair, Kate joins the Peace Corps and becomes a menu selection for cannibals, and Tudge becomes a "Dr. Evil"-like villain demanding two billion dollars from President Craft (and First Lady Kate) or he will destroy the world! Lizzie's confidence is badly shaken and she's ready to quit the job, but Gordo wants her to stay on. He comprom

  • Lizzie's effort to get 11 of her pictures in the yearbook are nixed when Kate, editor of the yearbook, uses her powers to edit them out of the final layout.

  • Lizzie and Gordo are at a Christmans charity drive where the bring presents to an unlikely-looking Santa Claus. Lizzie ferventy hopes to win the grand prize in the Christmas parade with her idea for a "Rock & Roll Christmas" float, but she'll have competition from Tudgeman, who is building a "Christmas Deathstar" float and also Kate and her cousin Amy, who have hired professionals to build theirs. The rest of the McGuire family are there, and they are charmed by an eccentric old man in an elf suit who calls himself Nobby Frostybump and seems to really believe he's one of Santa's elves! Lizzie is disappointed that her family is going off to dinner with Nobby instead of working on the float, but Gordo stays to help. Hours later, Lizzie comes home and is surprised by Nobby. His senior-citizens home is having plumbing problems and he will stay with the McGuires fro a few days.The next day Lizzie and Gordo are busy working on the float. Nobby gets the bad news that the plumbing in his buil

  • Kate is having a big birthday party and her mother is making her invite her whole class, including Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo. Lizzie is dead set against going until she finds out cell phones will be given out as party favors. But her mom puts the brakes on her idea of going because there will be no "acceptable chaperone" there. Miranda suggests the three of them say they are going to the mall, then sneak out to the party. Lizzie is reluctant to go along with the idea, but she does. Gordo gets his parents' permission to go, but that only frustrates him since his parents think he's such a good boy he couldn't possibly get into trouble. So he tries, rather unsuccessfully, to show he has a dangerous "dark side."When Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo arrive at Kate's house the party is ragin': loud music is pumping, Lizzie gets handed over people's heads like a stage diver in a mosh pit, and the supposed "chaperone," Kate's 18-year-old cousin Amy, is making out in the closet! None of their classma

  • Gordo has received some big news: he has the chance to skip the eighth grade and start high school immediately. When Lizzie and Miranda hear this, they strongly encourage him to do it, saying high school is so much cooler than junior high. But Gordo isn't sure about it, and when he points out that a move to high sachool will split up the trio, the girls all of a sudden have something serious to think about too. Lizzie and Miranda now decide they don't want their best friend leaving them, but they are shocked when they find Gordo cleaning out his locker the next day--he's going to high school. Miranda recovers quickly and wishes him the best, but Lizzie is clearly stunned and her alter ego Toon Lizzie urges her to say something to Gordo to try to make him stay, but she doesn't.On Gordo's first day at high school, Lizzie is still terribly troubled by his absence. Miranda is more realistic. She'll miss him too, but she knows it's what he wants and it's something that is good for him. For

  • Gordo and Miranda may be stressed out about starting the eighth grade, but Lizzie feels great about it. She's so self-confident, in fact, that she's taken on mentoring a seventh-grader named Andie, even though Kate sneers at her for associating with a "sevy." Andie seems to worship the ground that Lizzie walks on, and it appears to be a great arrangement at first. But things start to turn a little creepy when Andie starts turning into a clone of Lizzie, imitating her hair style, then dying her hair, then dressing exactly like her! What's even more unnerving to Lizzie is how much Gordo and Miranda like her--even more than the real item, it seems! Gordo is especially taken with Andie, and he actually talks about dating her!Meanwhile, Matt faces a crisis with his Wilderness Cadets group. He must earn a merit patch very soon or he will be demoted to a Bunny Cadet! Dad tries to help him earn the patch but only proceeds to get a bad case of poison ivy and nearly sets himself on fire.Lizzie

  • It's time to vote for the school yearbook's "Best" list and Lizzie decides to go all out for "Best Dressed."

  • Mr. Dig is teaching dance in gym class, including the "trust" exercise, in which one partner (Miranda) falls blindly into the arms of the other (Lizzie). (Gordo has his hands full catching his partner, a ballet-dancing student named Beth, who's about eight inches taller than him!) Later the three friends go shopping. In a department store, Lizzie and Gordo are surprised to see Miranda shovel several handfuls of complimentary candy into her purse. This also draws the attention of the security guard. Later Miranda accidentally bumps into a lipstick display, upsetting the contents. She hurriedly puts things right, then tells Lizzie and Gordo she wants to leave. But the security guard stops her and wants to check her purse. Inside he finds a brand of lipstick from the display. Miranda protests that she bought it at the store last week and asks Lizzie to back her up. But Lizzie says she wasn't there when lipstick was purchased, and the guard takes Miranda away.Later from her house Miranda

  • Lizzie and Matt switch bodies.

  • Gordo encourages Lizzie to finally do something about her crush on Ethan Craft; that is, ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. But when Lizzie does this she's disappointed when Ethan tells her that he likes their relationship as friends and doesn't want to risk changing it by going out with her. Lizzie is determined to turn herself into a girl who is perfect for Ethan and with the help of Gordo, she begins a surveillance campaign to determine all of Ethan's likes and dislikes so she can make herself over for him. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are trying to whip up an "evil potion," but instead they come up with a great-tasting smoothie. It's so good that when they begin to sell it to neighboring kids, Matt's back yard becomes the newest hot spot in town, and soon everyone is flocking to the "Club Flamingo."Lizzie goes on her campaign for Ethan and it seems to be working: he's knocked out that all of a sudden they seem to have so much in common. She even knows how to dress like his fanta

  • Jo McGuire gets roped into attending the Super Sports Expo with her husband, so she makes Lizzie cancel her plans for the day to stay home and watch Matt (and Lanny.) This infuriates Lizzie, but she tries to be responsible and stops the boys from playing with her dad's prize possession, a football autographed by the legendary Walter Payton. But Matt and Lanny managed to deflate the football anyway. Lizzie and Matt know they're in BIG trouble if they can't get the ball fixed, so Lizzie calls Miranda and Gordo over to help her come up with a solution to the problem.Soon Lizzie has an ever bigger problem. The two young boys have gone off by themselves to try and get the ball fixed. Mrs. McGuire calls to say they will be late arriving home, but she suspects something is wrong when she talks to Lizzie, so Sam asks a couple of his softball buddies to go by the house and check on things. Lizzie and Miranda go off to find Matt and Lanny while Gordo waits at the McGuire house. At first he is h

  • Lizzie gets her first job working at the digital beam. But it the jobs turns out to be less fun then she expected.

  • When Kate is callously booted from the cheerleading squad after injuring her arm, Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo must find a way to get her back on top in order to get out from under the reign of the tyrannical new head cheerleader, Claire.

  • Mr. Dig assigns Lizzie a report on a book about a mother-daughter relationship. Lizzie loves the book and decides that she and her mom should become closer friends. Jo McGuire goes along with it and Gordo and Miranda are surprised when Lizzie brings her mom to the Digital Bean to "hang out!" Mother and daughter are enjoying their new relationship until Jo confides in Lizzie about some problems she was unaware of: Nana and Grandpa Chuck are having marital troubles and her dad was once in some tax trouble (he was mistaken for Bill Gates and supposedly owed the government $618 million!) All of a sudden Lizzie knows more than she wants to.Miranda and Gordo decide to follow Lizzie's example and get closer to their parents. Lizzie starts to avoid her mom a little bit, but Jo tracks her down and tells her that Nana and her grandpa worked out their problems. Lizzie admits that she was freaked out by some of the things her mom told her. Jo apologizes and they both decide that maybe they should

  • Lizzie gets her first kiss.

  • Gordo marks his transition into manhood with a Bar Mitzvah, but first contemplates other alternatives to mark the occasion. Jo goes on strike until Sam kicks in with his fair share of parenting.

  • Gordo has his camera and is filming Lizzie and Miranda in the school cafeteria. He forgets the camera when they leave, and when he goes back for it, he finds it was running the whole time. When the friends view the footage, they see Kate telling Claire a big secret--she's fourteen, a year older than the other seventh graders, because she was held back in kindergarten! This gives Gordo an idea. He sets up several hidden cameras around the school which catch lots of embarrassing moments on tape. Gordo plans to make a movie and enter it in a local competition, hoping to prove with it that even the popular kids have things to be embarrassed about.Miranda is having a bad day, and at lunch she complains to Lizzie about the school and the people in it. Unknown to them, Gordo's hidden camera filmed them. When Miranda finds out Gordo intends to use her footage in his film, Miranda is outraged. Lizzie is caught right in the middle between her two friends, both of whom expect her support. But wh

  • Miranda's crush on a guy becomes Lizzie's problem when Miranda becomes unusually tongue-tied around her crush.

  • When Lizzie and Kate are absent on the same day, they are assigned as partners for a social studies project. Much to the dissatisfaction of their friends, Kate and Lizzie actually enjoy working together!

  • Gammy McGuire sends Lizzie one of her frequent "birthday" gifts--a role-playing game called Dwarflord: The Conquest. Mom insists that Lizzie play it at least once, so she recruits reluctant Miranda and Gordo for a game. The girls can't understand the incredibly complex rules but Gordo likes it. In fact, Gordo joins a "Dwarf Tribe" at school (led by Tudgeman, of course) and begins to spend all his time playing and thinking about the game. Gordo gets so obsessed that he even quits studying and, unbelievably, gets an "F" on a test!Lizzie and Miranda try to talk some sense back into Gordo but he refuses to see he is addicted to the game. Matt agrees to help the girls capture Gordo and help to deprogram him. They stealthily invade a Dwarflord game, abduct Gordo and hold an intervention in which they finally convince him to go back to his old lifestyle.Also, Matt has to observe wildlife for a school project. His dad Sam helps him out by climbing up a tree with him to look at a bird's nest.

  • When Lizzie discovers that Larry Tudgman has a crush on her, she can't make herself say no when he asks her out. She has a surpisingly good time on their date, but is appalled when Kate announces that Larry and Lizzie are a couple.

  • Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo compete in a Fact-atholan to win a trip to Miami.

  • The middle school is putting on a big Fright Night celebration for Halloween. Lizzie wants to appear as Vampira, the dungeon mistress, but Kate is in charge and she keeps the job for herself, making Lizzie clean out the janitor's closet and then giving her the role of a clown handing out balloons. Miranda brings her parents, who are helping her celebrate a Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. They bring by several items including skulls and skeletons which are meant to represent ancestors who are being honored. Kate is all smiles when Miranda's parents are around ("Toon Lizzie" calls Kate "phonier than cafeteria cheese"), but once they leave she yells at Miranda to get rid of that junk they brought. Miranda warns Kate that by disrespecting the dead, she is risking their wrath.Strange things begin to happen at Fright Night. The skeletons disappear, and so does Matt (dressed as himself turned inside out!), leaving behind only a handful of dirt! Gordo is gone too, but his voice is comin

  • When Lizzie becomes a teen model, her friends start treating her completely different. In an effort to make things normal again, Lizzie treats Gordo and Miranda like flunkies to make them see the error of their ways. They then develope a plan to get Lizzie out of her contract with the modeling company.

  • A documentary director selects Lizzie's school as the location for his latest project - and assigns Gordo the coveted job of being the documentary's primary focus which makes Lizzie and Miranda jealous.

  • Lizzie tries to bail on "Father-Daughter" plans to spend time with Ethan.

  • Gordo tries to tutor Ethan in math to earn money for a new stereo. But when Lizzie seems to have an easier time getting Ethan to understand the material, Gordo gets jealous.

  • Gordo lies to Lizzie and Miranda about a girl that he is dating. To "protect" him, Miranda dressed up as a boy and goes on a "date" with Lizzie to spy.

  • Lizzie's heimlich maneuver training comes in handy when she must save a choking man at the movie theater. Only problem: she, Lizzie, and Miranda were only at the theater to sneak into an R-rated movie.

  • When Matt's magic tricks go a little too far, he ends up handcuffed to Lizzie. Sam and Jo decide to leave them stuck together for a while to teach them tolerance.

  • Gordo is intent on winning the Science Olympics at all costs against defending champion Larry Tudgeman. Matt becomes hall monitor at his school and gets carried away with his own power. Meanwhile, after she and Miranda work on a successful volunteer project at school, Lizzie becomes an environmental warrior, a fanatic for collecting clothing and food for the homeless, and even a vegetarian!

  • Lizzie is thrilled to learn she'll be sitting at lunch with dreamy Ethan Craft, especially when she learns she'll be meeting Ethan's friend, a new kid in school who's a celebrity.

  • When Lizzie gets the assignment of writing a review on the school's play, she ends up saying that the show's star, Miranda, is a bad actress.

  • Gordo gains a new interest: 1950's and 60's culture and music, reminiscent of the "Rat Pack". When Lizzie and Miranda cause the fad to catch on to everyone else in the school, Gordo decides he doesn't like the style anymore.

  • Lizzie and Miranda try to find their chance to go shopping for a bra without the interference of Jo.

  • Troublemaker Angel gets Lizzie sent to detention, a place Lizzie had never visited before. She finds the experience to be almost fun, and starts hanging out with Angel on a regular basis. Gordo and Miranda have to step in to save Lizzie from becoming a "bad girl".Matt makes a deal with Jo to eliminate his bedtime.

  • Lizzie's social studies class is paired off for a class assignment, where they have to pretend to be married and return for a school reunion. Lizzie, a little put out that Miranda got Ethan instead of her, neglects Gordo as her husband.

  • When students have to choose between Larry Tudgeman and Claire Miller for class president, Lizzie decides to run for office. Although, she finds that gaining the favor of all her classmates won't be easy.Matt gets an imaginary friend.

  • Lizzie tries to prove to her parents that she is responsible enough to babysit Matt.

  • Convinced that Mr. Pettus is unwilling to give him a fair grade, Gordo switches science projects with Lizzie.

  • In an effort to prove she is really good at something, Lizzie trains for rhythmic gymnastics.

  • Lizzie is happy to be on her way to a school camping trip, but is unhappy when finds out Jo, her Mom is a chaperone. Will her mom embarass him to death?With Jo gone, Sam and Matt are left home alone.

  • When Lizzie and Miranda are talking on the Internet, they tell each other about Kate, Lizzie says she stuffs her bra. However, she sends the message to the entire class roster accidentaly. When Kate finds out the next day, Miranda takes the blame for Lizzie. Meanwhile, Matt brings home a lizard from school for a class project and names it after Lizzie.

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