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The story of Jake Long is depicted in present day New York City (the borough of Manhattan). He is a thirteen year old skateboarder with the ability to shape shift into a dragon that can fly, breath fire and also displays a enormous amount of strength. It premiered in 2005 and was discontinued in 2007. Recently Disney XD has begun to show reruns of this series during its action hour. With its reoccurring themes of Chinese history, art and action/adventure this television show was nominated for the Best Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production.

The American Dragon story line was based around Jake Long and his family (some which are unaware of his dragon powers). Jake seeks to live a normal life with his two best friends Trixie and Spud. He really loves skateboarding which is shown in almost every episode of the series. Though he seeks to live a normal life, he can not shake the dragon duties presented onto him. He must save citizens of Manhattan from the Huntsmen, who seek to capture and defeat all of the dragons on the planet. Yet, Jake is not the only one with a secret, his long time crush Rose is also apart of the Huntsmen. So during the day they are friends, and at night they hunt one another. There is also another villain called the Dark Dragon who is much more powerful than all the rest. He is a reoccurring villain that causes Jake plenty of problems, both as a human and as a dragon.

American Dragon: Jake Long is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on January 21, 2005.

American Dragon: Jake Long is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch American Dragon: Jake Long on demand atiTunes online.

2 Seasons, 51 Episodes
January 21, 2005
Kids & Family, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Dante Basco, Amy Bruckner, Jeff Bennett, Keone Young, Lauren Tom
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American Dragon: Jake Long Full Episode Guide

  • Lao Shi is kidnapped during a trip to Hong Kong.

  • Haley takes over the position of American Dragon while Jake is stressed out about his middle school graduation.

  • Spud makes a deal with Fury to win over the affection of Stacey.

  • Jakes online Journal makes Rotwood the magical worlds # 1 enemy.

  • Mr. Long brings Jake into the office for a bring your child to work day. During the day, a group of vampires attack.

  • Jake uses cheat codes to make his life easier.

  • Jake gets a helper monkey to replace Fu Dog.

  • During Chinese New-year, Jake accidentally cures Lao Shi's shop with bad luck.

  • Spud gets "froggy" powers. He likes it until #88, and #89 go frog hunting.

  • Jake is won at the school's bachelor auction by a pretty girl, and an average girl. Unfortunately, Lao Shi, Trixie, and Fu Dog fear that she may be a siren.

  • Jake is turned into a 21-year-old man. He enjoys it until he realizes that he has to grow up.

  • Jake, Spud, and Trixie become camp counselors. Meanwhile Jake has to go up against Brad, and a clan of vengeful ghosts.

  • Jake and Rose are choosen homecoming king and queen and must stop the Huntsman from reclaiming the last Aztec Skulls

  • Jake borrows the Bow and arrow that Cupid left his grand father while going on vacation. Jake decides to use the newly aquired bow and arrow to play matchmaker on the schools 'Love Cruise'.

  • Haley and Jake switch bodies.

  • Its Christmas Eve and Jake is sick of his families Christmas traditions which he considers to be humiliating. But when he rescues a baby Sasquatch which has been accidentally separated from its family, he begins to learn the value of his family traditions.

  • Jake runs for student body president while using a glove that can read peoples minds.

  • Haley becomes excessively wild after watching a children's show.

  • Jake deals with Greggy, his annoying cousin, and a water based foe who threatens to flood a majority of North America.

  • Jake starts to work for an unscrupulous Leprechaun clan and gets drawn into the mobster lifestyle.

  • After Spud gets a perfect score in a government issued standardized exam, he is sent to a special school called "The Genius Institute." He soon finds out that this school holds more mystery then its secret identity.

  • Jake begins to use his power to step in to people's dreams, but soon finds he is stepping into more than he can bargain for.

  • Jake uses time travel to go back to the year 1986 and tell his father about dragons and the world of magical creatures. His father reacts worse then expected and breaks up with his future mother, meaning that Jake has to work to get his parents back together.

  • Things heat up around the Long home when Jake realises that Haley has begun her dragon training.

  • Jake is distracted from his work when he gets a bad case of dragon acne. He must also work with Rose when she reveals the huntsmasters evil plans.

  • Jakes life takes a turn for the worst when his Grandfather starts dating his principal. To make matters worse Jake hears about a fierce beast which is attacking magical creatures.

  • Jake poses as a huntsclan student in order to get Rose

  • Trixie has to go undercover as a cheerleader to get some answers when Jake battles a villain named Fury.

  • Jake reflects upon his relationship with Rose, and is then captured by the huntsclan for the grand equinox hunt. While there Jake has to lead a team of creatures in order to survive the hunting by the huntsclan. What could happen that could prevent a determined huntsgirl from slaying the creature she has been after for ages?

  • 2 Giants ask for Jake's help when their son runs of to Join the K.E.W.L wrestling company. In order to help them, Jake joins himself as a wrestler. How will Jake cope with Pro Wrestling?

  • When Jake and Lao Shi go on a dragon retreat for the weekend they leave Trixie and Spud in charge of the shop. They feel pretty bad for messing up in recent missions. They learn that a group of Trolls have been creating terrorizing Magus Bazaar. Fu makes them a dragon costume and eventually makes them a potion to give them dragon powers in order to deal with the problem.

  • Fu and Tell Haley in search of attention takes Fu Dog to school for show and tell, where he has a showdown with an old feline adversary.Flight Of the Unicorn Jake, Spud and Trixie go to the carnival. where they find a real unicorn. They know they must get the unicorn back to its heard, but taking a unicorn across New York City in broad daylight isn't the easiest thing to do.

  • After Lao Shi is led away with Chang to uncover the dark Dragon, Jake learns that His grandfather was once a hip young dragon, well respected and known just like Jake. After Jake realizes that Lao Shi has been trapped., he assembles a magical team to go and sniff out the Dark Dragon

  • A gremlin who likes to dismantle electric things on on the lose in New York . Jake accidentally lets it escape and it follows him home where Jake's mum is preparing the catering for a celebrity wedding where it starts wrecking everything. Things turn worse when the gremlin multiplies itself at the actually venue and begin destroying everything. Who is left with the blame? Jake.

  • Panderas the Wizard has invited many magical women to a beauty contest. Jake and the team get word from the Oracle twins that somethings up, so they go there and enter Veronica. But she has an accident so they get the womanizing Fu to enter instead. But something lies in store for the winner and it isn't good.

  • Jake, Trixie and Spud go on a camping trip with Mr long. While on this trip, Jake is informed that he needs to protect a magical community of sprites who are in danger from the Jersey Devil. While all this is going on, Haley and Mrs Long's bonding session turns into a nightmare when they accidentally get sent off to boot camp.

  • Jake's school goes to the snow for a ski trip. Jake decides that it is time to tell Rose that he is a dragon. On this trip though, Rose seems to be acting a little strange and to make matters worse it seems that huntsgirl is also on the Ski Trip. Can Jake face growing fears about the identity of huntsgirl and learn the horrible truth about someone he loved?

  • Jake learns that all dragons have natural shape shifting powers and gets Fu to create him a potion that helps him use this ability. But Jake starts misusing these powers and misuse can have bad consequences.

  • Jake must go as a body guard to the Oracle twins when a goblin threatens to capture them and make them give the results of the up coming ogre bowl. Jake also gets tempted by their powers in the process.

  • Jake is called for testing by the Dragon council so Jake, Fu and Lao Shi go to Draco isle in order for Jakes tests to be carried out. Jake's early shot for popularity is hindered by a dragon called Fred Nerk, the Australian dragon. In order to pass, Jake must pass 2 out of the 3 tests that the Dragon council has in store for him. A new and more deadly foe then the huntsman also pops up.

  • The Egg A Griffin egg is laid at the top of the empire state building and its Jake's job to protect it but the mission gets harder when the huntsclan comes after the egg. In the chaos the egg is misplaced, Jake and Fuu have to go around New York City after the egg to make it safe againThe heist Panderus the wizard has stolen a Leprechauns gold so Jake, Trixie and Spud must go in undercover to recover the gold.

  • While Jake is fighting the huntsclan, Professor Rotwood manages to take a blurred photo of Jake. Showing it to his mythology class the next day, Prof Rotwood offer a reward of $500 evidence of mythical creatures. Jake decides to Take photos of himself and submit a dragon scale, off of which Prof Rotwood passes off as fake. Finally in a battle with the huntsclan, Jake is knocked into the streets below where Trixie and Spud find him and take him to Prof Rotwood for the money. After this they find out the dragon was Jake, and hatch a plan to rescue him from Rotwood.

  • Jake enters the school play 'Anthony and Cleopatra' In order to win Roses affection. They both get the main roles, but in the rehearsals during the kiss scene Jake freaks out.. The problem amplifies when a scarab Beetle that Jake is supposed to be looking after escapes, and there is something strange about Rose during this time.

  • Jake is forced to miss an annual hip hop awards festival when he has to babysit his little sister Haley. Things alredy bad enough when Jake learns that a crazy dentist is trying to steal Haley's baby tooth to do evil things with it.

  • Spud, Jake and Trixie enter a magic competition as a team, but Jake is forced to turn against his friends when he finds out that the prize is a golden chalice with special properties.

  • Jake gets smelly breath known as dragon breath. Whats worse is that the school dance is coming up and Rose seems to be going with someone else. Jake gets Fu dog to set him up for the school dance, but this new girl Jake goes with may have a surprise in store.

  • Jake gets fed up when Grandpa puts him through a series of seemingly pointless training exercises, but when the Huntsclan forces him to battle, will he be able to take all that his Grandpa gave him and use it in time of need?