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Codename: Kids Next Door is a popular show from Cartoon Network which focuses on a group of children fighting the things they designate as "crimes" against children committed by adults and teenagers. These crimes are things like having to do homework or go to bed on time. It features the talents of well known voice actors like Cree Summer as Numbuh 5 and Dee Bradley Baker as Numbuh 4.

Although Codename: Kids Next Door was initially supposed to be based around a boy Kenny and his chimp, this was quickly dropped in order to focus on the more interesting characters of the five "secret agents," who are actually 10-year-old children, working from their tree house headquarters next door. Creator Tom Warburton recognized this after he began formulating the characters and felt it made for a better fit for the series as a whole.

The pilot debuted in 2001 as part of a viewer poll competition to determine the next show to run on Cartoon Network. Codename: Kids Next Door won the viewer poll and so was given the green light to begin production and debuted later in 2002. It ran for six seasons through 2008 for a total of 78 episodes.

The popularity of the show was fueled by how the lead characters, Numbuhs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 used their abilities to undermine adults and their evil plots through the use of super cool spy gadgetry and technology. This was led by the Kids Next Door Organization, a group of thousands of children who vow to rise up against the rules given to them by adults. KND agents are decommissioned at age 13 and mind wiped once they become a teenager because they are then a threat to kids everywhere. These agents rise up against secret villains protecting the children of the world from adult tyrants everywhere.

Created especially for Cartoon Network by Curious Pictures, it is distributed by Warner Bros and has begun to air repeat episodes for Cartoon Planet block on CN since 2012.

Codename: Kids Next Door is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (165 episodes). The series first aired on December 6, 2002.

Where do I stream Codename: Kids Next Door online? Codename: Kids Next Door is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Codename: Kids Next Door on demand at HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Hoopla, iTunes online.

Cartoon Network
11 Seasons, 165 Episodes
December 6, 2002
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Ben Diskin
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Codename: Kids Next Door Full Episode Guide

  • When Billy gets stuck in his Dad's favorite, lucky pants due to a scythe-related mishap, only the Kids Next Door can save him from the grounding of a lifetime. But when a freak accident turns Billy and the Delightful Children into a lucky pants-powered Delightful Reaper, it's up to Numbuh One and Grim to join forces and stop it, while also having their hands full with Mandy, who has taken over the

  • During a routine mission, a mysterious boy's scavenger hunt forces Nigel Uno to make a difficult decision.

  • The original moon landing was actually faked by the Kids Next Door, who didn't want their Moonbase discovered by adults! Now, the adults are at it again but this time they want to colonize the moon.

  • In a quest for sweet revenge against Numbuh Five, Heinrich unleashes his most diabolical plan, the ancient Mayan recipe for the most delicious caramel. All he needs to make this treat is tons of sugar and a sacrifice of something precious.

  • To the untrained eye the science fair looks like just a bunch of lame fake volcanoes and cheesy electrical experiments. After the adults leave, the 2x4 technicians pull out the real technology to hawk to other Kids Next Door sectors!

  • Top Kids Next Door scientists and 2x4 tech specialists are kidnapped during a raid at a Kids Next Door technology fair. Numbuh Two escapes capture by the attackers who Numbuh One thinks just might be a splinter cell of the Kids Next Door.

  • After Numbuh Five wanders into an eerie haunted doghouse, strange things start to happen. Namely, the Kids Next Door's homework begins to mysteriously disappear! It must be the work of Valerie and the other Weredog honor students.

  • The Delightful Children from Down the Lane invite Chad and the teens over to discuss their evil plans to defeat the Kid Next Door. Things get out of hand as the teens invite everyone they know turning the mansion into a huge house party.

  • Tommy falls in love with Hoagie's old tricycle he finds in the garage but gets only laughs from other kids when they see him riding it. Using his 2x4 technology expertise, Tommy rebuilds it to make it the best bike in the whole world.

  • The Kids Next Door, along with the militant Numbuh 20,000, must destroy a bridge that leads to a mall store selling the ugliest clothes. The mission hits a huge snag when Numbuh Five discovers a tribe of kids living inside a clothing rack.

  • Gallagher Elementary's Principal Sauerbraten discovers a reserve of salad oil under the school's playground and now plans to turn recess into a hard labor camp in order to produce and market the delicious oil.

  • When the Kids Next Door head off on a mission, the hamsters find themselves under attack by the Insidious Felines from Atop the Litterbox.

  • The Emmys? The Oscars? Boring! If you wanna watch a really good award show then check out the Villain Choice Awards! And that's just what the Kids Next Door plan to do, right before they wreck the festivities.

  • During a family trip back to England, Numbuh One is drawn into a mission to protect a very mysterious book.

  • A safety obsessed Senator spends eleventy billion dollars to construct an army of colossal robots capable of firing blasts that encase swingsets, bicycles, Rainbow Monkeys, anything that could possibly harm kids in bubblewrap.

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Operation: T.u.r.n.i.p. / Operation: M.i.n.i.g.o.l.f. Clip (11:00)