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"The Amazing World Of Gumball" also known as just Gumball, was creates by Ben Bocquelet, directed by Mic Graves, and was aired in the United Kingdom on Carton Network. This show has a silly, slap stick humor to it that also teaches valuable lessons, as well as aims their goals to make children laugh. The main characters are the Wattersons family, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard, and Nicole. They live in the good old town of Elmore.

Gumball the main character is a very loyal, kindhearted, and funny 12 year old boy cat. While Darwin who was formerly Gumballs pet goldfish who sprouted legs and began speaking human, was adopted into the family and is now Gumballs adopted brother. Since Darwin is New to the world he is still slightly naive. Together, Gumball and Darwin go on these adventures that often go wrong. When they do, they tend to try and blame it on someone else or cover it up. Although Gumball tends to pose as a bad influence on Darwin at times, Darwin continues to be loyal and often helps him out of bad situations.

Then there is Richard, the enormous rabbit who is the stay at home father. Richard tends to play a role in his sons misadventures, that is when he is not sleeping, often at times he doesn't even bother to get dressed. Richard cares deeply for his family but does not carry any responsibility and is not very smart. While Nicole, the workaholic, over stressed, cat mother holds most of the families responsibilities. She works at the rainbow factory and spends the rest of her time cleaning the house, cleaning up after her sons messes, and helping them out of tough situations.

Finally there is little Anais Watterson. Anais is the youngest member of the family, Gumballs 4 year old sister who is a bunny. Aside from her mother, Anais seems to be the second most mature member of the family and is also quite responsible. She often goes along with her brothers on there adventures, even when she has grown impatient with them, just to serve as a voice of reason. Eventually, they all end up learning an a lesson from each quest then venture on.

Tuesday 7:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
10 Seasons, 197 Episodes
May 3, 2011
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Jacob Hopkins, Terrell Ransom Jr., Dan Russell, Teresa Gallagher
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The Amazing World of Gumball Full Episode Guide

  • When they see the school bullies making fun of Sussie, Gumball and Darwin decide to try and help her act less weird./Richard wears a motorcycle helmet into a bank, with poor results.

  • The Ex: Gumball tries to win back his ex-nemesis. / The Sorcerer: Gumball becomes a sorcerer's apprentice.

  • The Grades: Gumball's smart answers aren't the correct ones and he's forced to go back to kindergarten. / The Diet: The kids' attempt to convince Richard to diet goes a little too well.

  • The Cycle: The kids find out that Richard has been picked on by the same person since high school. / The Stars: Gumball and Darwin decide to use online reviews to wrangle free stuff.

  • Gumball and Darwin discover the reason Dad’s diet wasn’t working was that he was actually one of 10 of them and eating a meal for each of them. They eventually manage to help him lose weight, but Richard’s newfound buffness also brings out his more obnoxious side.

  • When Dad gives Larry's hairdresser a bad review for saying he's bald, he gets offered a free haircut. This inspires Gumball and Darwin to go on a reviewing spree across town, forcing Larry to give them stuff with the threat of a bad review. Just because the customer is always right doesn't mean that what they're doing isn't wrong.

  • When Darwin has lunch with Idaho, he decides to stop eating potatoes in solidarity with his brotato, but he finds his obsession with his favorite food harder to kick than he ever imagined, so Gumball decides to help his friend curb his carb cravings.

  • Gumball and Darwin give Bobert instructions so he will behave in a safe and responsible manner, but he applies his logic to their rules.

  • The Box: A mysterious package shows up at the Watterson's house and they do their best to avoid opening it. / The Console: Gumball, Darwin and Anais find themselves plunged into an RPG version of Elmore.

  • The Vase: Nicole encourages Gumball to do what comes naturally, break stuff! / The Matchmaker: Darwin likes a girl in his class so Gumball decides it's time to play cupid.

  • The Fuss: Nicole is angry at Richard for forgetting her special day. / The Outside: The Wattersons transform their house into The Big House.

  • The Wattersons discover a family of cartoon copycats, who mimic their every move. / Darwin finds it harder than expected to give up his favorite foodstuff.

  • The Slide: Rocky is trying to find love with the help of the latest dating app. / The Loophole: Bobert takes things far too literally.

  • The Scam: At Halloween show and tell, the class isn't buying Gumball's story about Gargaroth the Devourer until Carrie fakes a terrifying haunting. / The Test: Gumball decides to make some changes when an online personality test tells him that he's "The Loser".

  • The Choices: Nicole remembers the day she first met Richard and the different choices she could have made. / The Code: When the Wattersons' internet cuts out, they have to adapt to a world without it.

  • he Boredom: A bored Gumball and Darwin walk around Elmore in search of something to do. / The Vision: Gumball and Darwin have to stop Alan from becoming Class President of Elmore Junior High.

  • The Re-Run: Gumball realizes he's lived this day before. / The Guy: Anais has made a new friend so Gumball and Darwin immediately assume there must be something wrong with him.

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