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Steven Universe is an animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar. It is about a boy named Steven whose world is protected from evil by a group of female warriors called the Crystal Gems. Steven has inherited a gem from his mother who is a Crystal Gem named Rose Quartz. Steven spends his days trying to figure out how to use his gem stone while hanging out with the Crystal Gems. He lives in Beach City and does his best to help the Crystal Gems save the universe and other activities.

Steven Universe is a clever and wacky cartoon series that airs on Cartoon Network. It is a fun simple show for kids of all ages to enjoy and one that parents can watch along with them. As long as Steven Universe is on the job, his world is safe from any and all evil-doers who may threaten it.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
6 Seasons, 125 Episodes
November 4, 2013
Animation & Cartoons, Family
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Steven Universe Full Episode Guide

  • Steven returns to the ring to continue his pro wrestling odyssey.

  • Steven’s Gem family continues to grow.

  • When Amethyst quits wrestling at the abandoned warehouse, Steven continues doing so himself as Tiger Philanthropist. However, Steven soon begins to doubt the point of wrestling when the audience doesn't take to his new persona.

  • Storm in the Room: Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers. / Rocknaldo: Ronaldo sets out to find all the rock people living in Beach City!

  • Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy.

  • Gem Heist: The Gems try to pull of a heist. / The Zoo: Steven visits a special zoo.

  • Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy.

  • Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

  • The Task Force chases an elusive assassin who kills by imparting a fatal disease on her victims. Meanwhile, Red enlists Tom for an undercover operation inside his criminal organization.

  • The Gems try to pull off a heist.

  • Steven and the Gems set out on a search and rescue mission.

  • A strange dream prompts Steven to seek out answers.

  • Steven learns about Onion's secret group of friends.

  • Pearl, Steven and Amethyst attend a rock show.

  • Steven tells people's fortunes at Funland.

  • Steven and Connie learn to focus better; Steven visits the library with Connie and uncovers a long lost book.

  • Steven visits the library with Connie and uncovers a long lost book.

  • Buddy's Book: Steven and Connie take a trip to the library and discover a long forgotten book. / Mindful Education: Steven and Connie need to learn greater focus to take their training to the next level.

  • The Kindergarten Kid: Steven and the Gems deal with a monster problem. / Know Your Fusion: Steven and the Gems delve deep into what makes a fusion so special.

  • Steven and the Gems go back to the Moon Base. / Steven gets marooned in his bubble.

  • Beta: Steven and Amethyst visit some friends in the country but Amethyst isn't being herself. / Earthlings: Amethyst tries to exact revenge with a showdown in the Kindergarten.

  • Steven discovers something the Gems thought was lost to the past inside of Lion's mane.

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Magic Lion Clip (01:04) The Message Clip (01:41) The Shield Clip (01:48) Is Steven Home? Clip (01:42)