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In the animated series Craig of the Creek, two young boys roam the woods around a creek in suburban Baltimore. The area around the creek is a fantasyland for kids, where tribes of children jostle for control of imaginary kingdoms. Philip Solomon, Michael Croner, and No

Friday at 7:00 PM on Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 73 Episodes
March 30, 2018
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Craig of the Creek Full Episode Guide

  • Craig tries to figure out how an ancient war that decimated the Creek began in hopes of stopping history from repeating itself.

  • When Kelsey demolishes a wall at Craig's house, her father takes away her sword. So she enlists Craig and JP to help prove to her father that she's still worthy.

  • Tragedy strikes the Creek when the Elders get trapped under Elder Rock, and it's up to Craig, Kelsey and JP to rescue them.

  • After Craig accidentally destroys a shipment of rare Chocorolls at the Trading Tree, Kit makes him work off his debt by running her trades throughout the Creek!.

  • Craig needs to get a secret off his chest, so he pays a visit to the Keeper of Secrets in the Creek.

  • When Craig, Kelsey and JP get stranded in murky water, it's up to Mortimor to save the day!

  • Craig, Kelsey and JP discover an ancient fort that belonged to the first kids in the Creek.

  • Craig and his friends stumble upon a mysterious bunker made of cardboard beneath the Creek.

  • The Tea Timers throw a dance and invite everyone in the creek. Craig believes it's solely to prank him, while Kelsey deals with an unwanted admirer.

  • JP invites his friends over for a sleepover, but it happens to be on the night of a huge game of Flashlight Tag in the creek.

  • Craig, Kelsey and JP become smugglers to sneak candy to kids in need.

  • Jessica comes with Craig to hang out at the Creek. When she refuses to go grass sledding with him and his friends, he takes her to the Creek Daycare. The daycare's owner, Angel, steps out to help a child, leaving Jessica and the Stump Kids to look after the tiny tots. While Craig is having a hard time sitting them, Jessica gives him a lesson.

  • It's a Williams Family Thanksgiving, which means it's time to reunite The Kid's Table! But when Bernard accidentally destroys dessert, Craig uses the power of the Kids Table to help save his brother from certain grounding.

  • Craig and his friends find themselves being followed by a creepy doll and its haunted dollhouse.

  • Craig rescues a tadpole and decides to raise him into a level 100 frog!.

  • An accidental stink bomb explosion causes the kids to evacuate the Creek, but Craig takes it upon himself to rescue those left behind in the stench.

  • Craig takes his cousin, Bryson, to the Creek and accidentally starts a water balloon war.

  • Craig, Kelsey and JP team up with an intergalactic hero named Sparkle Cadet, hoping to save the Creek from negativity.

  • The circle game wreaks havoc on the Creek, so Craig forms a council to restore order.

  • Craig and Stacks help Kelsey become a real author turning her story into a book!.

  • Craig dines at the restaurant where his older brother works and orders up a plate of REVENGE.. and lots of breadsticks.

  • When Craig decides to keep a lightning bug in a jar, he disrupts the delicate balance of Summer.

  • Craig, Kelsey and JP must journey past the Overpass into uncharted territory, the Other Side of the Creek.

  • When Craig can't go to the Creek, he and his mom decide to build the biggest blanket fort in the world!

  • Craig goes on a mind-bending journey as he tries to eat the most sour candy in the Creek!.

  • A spat between the Elders of the Creek leaves an opening in their tabletop role playing game, so Kelsey joins the campaign!

  • Craig discovers that the Honeysuckle Rangers have snuck into his side of the Creek to steal his most prized possession.

  • A terrible haircut forces Craig to go undercover at the Creek.

  • When a pillar of the Creek community leaves, our trio mourns their loss by remembering the good times.

  • Tragedy strikes the Creek when the Elders get trapped under Elder Rock, and it's up to Craig, Kelsey and JP to rescue them.

  • After Craig accidentally destroys a shipment of rare Chocorolls at the Trading Tree, Kit makes him work off his debt by running her trades throughout the Creek!

  • Craig has an "emergency" leaving Kelsey alone at the Stump.

  • When the Time Keeper goes missing, Craig and his friends take up the task of helping kids get home in time for dinner.

  • JP finds a fossil in the Creek which quickly causes the landscape to change.

  • When a kid claims dibs on the Stump, Craig has no choice but to take them to court. Dibs Court.

  • An unusually hot day at the Creek melts all of Kit's ice pops, so Craig helps her find a short cut to her frozen snack supplier before everyone else melts.

  • The Trio finds gold in the muddy depths of the Creek so Craig builds a rig to recover it.

  • Craig discovers a bunch of bugs under a rock and decides to build them a city.

  • Bernard is left in charge for the evening, so Craig sets out to find his own dinner at the creek.

  • Kelsey leads her friends on the most important quest ever, picking up takeout for dinner.

  • Kelsey starts a super secret book club to introduce Craig and JP to the joys of reading.

  • A high-speed race with a high-stakes prize may be too much for Craig and his friends.

  • Fed up with losing in video games to his Dad, Craig seeks training in the Creek.

  • The kids meet a mysterious kid from the future and try to help him complete his mission.

  • JP leads his friends on a voyage to find the biggest crayfish in the creek.

  • Craig's phone gets stuck in Mt. Sycamore, the tallest tree in the creek!.

  • A terrible curse leaves Craig as the only kid in the creek.

  • Craig makes a long distance connection with a kid that loves the creek as much as he does.

  • Craig vows to make the game of Four Square fun again by challenging its most dominant player!.

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