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This show is about the story of a young Russian girl named Masha, who lives in the forest, along with her animal friends. However, many of the animals in the forest are afraid to play with Masha, so she decides to try to play with them. One day, Masha follows a beautiful butterfly and follows it into the home of a bear. While inside, Masha accidently makes a mess of things. As soon as the bear returns home, they try to get rid of Masha after the mess she caused. Surprisingly, the bear's plans fail and they both become best friends.

1 Season, 65 Episodes
May 1, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Comedy, Mini-Series
Cast: Boris Kutnevich, Alina Kukushkina
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Masha and the Bear Full Episode Guide

  • The Bear mixes up in a very nasty gambling story! He is ready to spend all day long playing all kinds of computer games. He quit housekeeping, multiple hobbies and friends. It seems that the game is over, but Masha runs to help her best friend at the very last moment. / The technologies some time can teach us a human lesson like in this story about two robots.

  • Kids love daydreaming and show off their imaginary successes, aren't they?! Masha and Panda grip into a real cheating competition! / Alert! Bear's fridge is in danger! Someone has burst into his house to stay for life...but the Bear is ready for everything to defend his stocks!

  • Who wants to pimp a car? Then hurry up to stand in a queue! Why? Because in a new, 55th episode there are loads of unexpected things that happened in the forest! / At first time in her life Masha is frightened in earnest, however this creepy story shook up the whole forest and now hardly anyone can stay away from these strange scenes!

  • Can you imagine Masha as a magical fairy? What magic could she create? Of course something enchanting and fantastic! Especially when the Bear decides organize a masquerade ball for the Female Bear! / This day will change Bearâ€ôs life forever. To everyoneâ€ôs surprise, Masha has suddenly grown up, getting all the forest dwellers shocked by her exceptionally good behavior.

  • Masha decides to try on the role of superhero: she bravely rushes towards danger, but all the animals somehow laugh at her hand-made costume and naive desire to rescue them./ Everyone is curious to know more details about their ancestors: what they were like, what did they do. Once upon a time the Bear took an interest in how his ancestor Bears would have looked like.

  • The Bear would have never allowed Masha to be left alone watching a spooky film late at night. But he failed to predict the amount of troubles that a scared child can put him through. / The Bear's little cousin Panda visits him again. This time his rivalry with Masha comes with dancing fever. While the pig tries to teach them how to dance the Bear builds the stage in the yard.

  • Masha discovers new talents and the Bear buys a long-awaited brand new TV! Masha canâ€ôt miss such a great chance to prove that creative approach solves any problems especially if Panda is ready to help! / The Bear is struggling against A greedy moth, which appeared in his house. Trying to save his magic box, he puts it on the porch, and Masha finds the magic hat that can make her invisible.

  • The Bear is tired of being the nanny for Masha and Panda who have ruined the entire house! He decides to get some rest and hires a special nanny for his little "œangels." Panda - the Bear's distant relative pays one more visit to the Bear. They start making dumplings, but then Masha appears, with her own methods of cooking. And simple cooking turns into a culinary master class with butterflies!

  • Hoping to charm the female Bear who was fond of playing tennis the Bear builds a tennis court in the yard. The Himalayan bear wants to show off before the female bear and ruins the plan. / The Bear has a new hobby- he collects puzzle pictures with passion. Being frightened that Masha might ruin his plans he builds a tree house. He hopes to finish his masterpiece there.

  • Masha has a sister named Dasha. Once upon a time Dasha decides to visit her sister. Even though they look very much alike, they are so different! Unlike Masha, Dasha is a strict and responsible girl. / The Female Bear presents Masha with a glamour magazine and now the Bear shall transform his house into a beauty salon.

  • Once upon a time in winter the Penguin boy visits the Bear. He tries to entertain him and involve him in various activities but the Penguin spends most of the time playing with Masha. / Masha and the Bear decide to shoot a movie, but they argue about the plot. So what will the movie be about? About spies, monsters or distant worlds? Or maybe there is a more interesting idea?

  • e Bear has his birthday party. All animals come to his place to congratulate him and give him some presents. Seeing this Masha decides to prepare for her own birthday. / The Bear recalls his past accomplishments in the circus and performs some of his signature tricks on a unicycle. Unfortunately, he trips and falls on his head.

  • On a fine winter day Masha and the Bear find inspiration to start painting. Masha borrows paints with a tiny canvas and begins to make paintings of everyone in the forest. / Masha and the Hare are having an epic game of hockey. When the game is at its peak, Masha goes off to find the missing puck and stumbles upon a broom.

  • Masha decides to help the Bear to win the heart of his beloved Female Bear. To do so, Masha organizes her own rock band and shoots a music video. / The Bear's good friend, the Tiger, is back for a visit and they decide to spend the time together in an intellectual way - playing chess.

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