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The Disney Junior animated television series called Little Einstein is a great show for preschool kids because they learn from the show. The show and its characters were developed by Douglas Wood and his talented team. The show has been in-existence since October 2005. The main purpose for the show is to incorporate the arts into the plot and scenery of every episode. The children who watch the show are encouraged to participate in the show as the character give out verbal commands.

Little Einsteins is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2005.

Where do I stream Little Einsteins online? Little Einsteins is available for streaming on Disney Junior, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Little Einsteins on demand at Disney+, Amazon, iTunes online.

Disney Junior
2 Seasons, 67 Episodes
October 9, 2005
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Natalia Wojcik
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Little Einsteins Full Episode Guide

  • Big Jet steals the items the Little Einsteins bring for Show and Tell, the team follow him to Mexico to get the items back.

  • The Little Einsteins are playing with Fire Truck Rocket, then all of a sudden they see smoke billowing from a rumbling volcano, Fire Truck Rocket and the team are off to the rescue.

  • The Little Einsteins try to hide the three baby bugs from the Big Bad Wolf.

  • When the Little Einsteins look through June's telescope they find a Musical Robot flying through outer space.

  • The Instrument Fairies are trapped inside a dark cave, the team helps Violin Fairy who was able to escape get her friends out of the cave.

  • Leo's Silly Sock joins the Silly Clothes Circus in Paris, France.

  • The Little Einsteins learns about a magical musical unicorn that a mean queen put a spell on in a museum in France, the only way to break the spell is for the animals to sing with the great conductor.

  • The Little Einsteins meet a nice king who has a shiny musical treasure in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Annie finds a singing little red monster under her bed, the team help him rescue his friends from the Loch Ness Monster.

  • The Little Einsteins go on an adventure to get all of the ingredients for Rocket Soup.

  • Melody is excited about the party Leo is throwing for her that she jumps into the hot air balloon but it blows away, the Little Einsteins have to rescue her.

  • The Little Einsteins help Rocket build a new house for the Three Little Pigs after The Big Bad Wolf blew it down.

  • The Little Einsteins look for instrument dinosaurs deep in the jungle.

  • The Little Einsteins put their tokens together so Annie can play The Great Schubert's Guessing Game so she can win a special prize, but the music clue cards blow away when she starts to play.

  • The team looks for three missing flying batteries that go to Musical Robot so he can return back home.

  • The Little Einsteins mission it to find the pieces of the golden music key that goes to the prize box hidden on top of Mt. Fuji.

  • Rocket finds a treasure map in his garden but Big Jet steals it from him, the team try to get to the treasure before he does.

  • Big Jet ruins Annie's music for the Big Song Contest, the team helps Annie find the three pieces to her song to she can participate in the contest.

  • The Little Einsteins help Mr. Penguin get the ice cream to his best friends birthday party before it melts.

  • The Little Einsteins have to help the Toy Prince

  • The team trys to help the baby goose find his family.

  • The team try to rescue the Golden Goose from the Giant.

  • Rocket and the Little Einsteins head to Egypt to see the Sphinx

  • Big Jet plays a trick and pretends to be Rockets grandma

  • The cute blue-footed booby birds that June's been teaching to dance have a big dance recital in the Galapagos Islands today, while on their way one of them falls off the boat, June and the team help him race to get to the show in time.

  • Rocket and the team help an elephant grow so he can be in The Big Elephant Festival and Parade

  • The Little Einsteins need to break the spell on the Sleeping Basson before time runs out.

  • Rocket is damaged while participating in the Great Sky Race.

  • Carmine learns how to play his instruments so he can win a race.

  • The Little Einsteins mission is to save Green Helicopter.

  • While the Little Einsteins help a baby cello in Italy

  • The Little Einsteins help a baby Chimp on the Ivory Coast.

  • The Team learns Rocket has different speeds.

  • The Little Einsteins help and animal in France.

  • The team watches a puppet show in Prague

  • The Little Einsteins take a trip to the beach

  • The teams mission takes place in Vienna, Austria to see if the glass slipper fits.

  • The Little Einsteins follow Hansel and Gretel's in the forest of Germany

  • Quincy finds a magical box of instruments.

  • The team visits their friend Butterfly.

  • The team helps Little Caterpillar turn into a butterfly

  • A special machine makes today everyone's birthday.

  • Rocket can't sleep so he counts planets instead of sheep.

  • The team makes friends with a woodpecker.

  • We are off to Africa!

  • The kids help a momma duck teach her baby to fly.

  • The Team finds a machine that makes things grow or shrink.

  • The Team is headed to Alaska to save Little Totem.

  • The team goes on an adventure in the Netherlands.

  • The team uses the stars to track a baby reindeer

  • The gang is headed to Australia

  • The story of how the Little Einsteins came to be.

  • The team must go save Annie's gift that Santa dropped by mistake.

  • The team must save a Knight being held captive.

  • The team goes camping

  • Annie has to save the team.

  • The team goes trick-or-treating around the world.

  • The Team goes to the farm and visits the three little pigs.

  • The team heads to the Wild West.

  • The Team heads to China for the Great Kite Parade.

  • The team finds a magic harp.

  • Annie is celebrating her birthday her favorite way!

  • The kids find a musical treasure map.

  • Rocket and a whale become friends.

  • Rocket gets the hiccups as he is training for a race.

  • June finds one of the planet Saturn's rings in her yard.

  • An Eagle takes Leo's conducting baton.

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Little Einsteins Hungarian Hiccups Clip (23:44)