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Doc McStuffins is a children's television series in which the main character, Doc, is a beloved physician for any toys in need. With a shake of her toy stethoscope, the elementary school-aged Doc brings her toys and stuffed animals to life. The sassy Hallie the Hippo is always at the ready with her clipboard and dressed in her pin-striped nurse's outfit. She helps Doc run the clinic, which is in Doc's backyard.

Doc McStuffins is a Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 110 seasons (167 episodes). The series first aired on March 23, 2012. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.7.

Doc McStuffins is available for streaming on the Disney Junior website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Doc McStuffins on demand at Disney Junior, DisneyNOW Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, iTunes, Disney Junior, DisneyNOW online.

Disney Junior
110 Seasons, 167 Episodes
March 23, 2012
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Tim Dadabo, Brady Tutton, Jaden Isaiah Betts, Lou Esposito, Dave Boat
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Doc McStuffins Full Episode Guide

  • A toy duck tries fixing other toys without the proper training.

  • Doc helps reunite members of a doll family and shows them how to make emergency kits after they get separated during an earthquake caused by Dragon-Bot jumping up and down

  • Lambie and the other toys visit Baby Doll Headquarters where they help deliver some new baby toys to the Nursery.

  • A baby doll toy named Dixie gets into some art supplies and covers herself with glue.

  • During a sleepover at the Royal Castle, Doc finds out the Wicked King has been sleepwalking.

  • When Stuffy claims that Lambie's job taking care of the babies in the Toy Nursery is easy, Lambie challenges him to switch jobs with her for the day.

  • Doc is selected to lead the rescue workers parade.

  • When Hannah the doll gets gum stuck in her hair, she needs Doc's help

  • Get-Well Gus, a flying Pegasus toy that delivers gifts to the hospital, crashes and loses his wing. Doc and the toys have trouble diagnosing a triceratops train.

  • A tin toy mole keeps bumping into things and getting dents on her tin. During a light show finale, Squibbles gets scared and runs amok through McStuffinsville.

  • After spotting Winnie the Pooh floating through McStuffinsville, Doc and the toys follow him back to the Hundred Acre Wood to help him.

  • Doc and the Med Students travel to a desert playset to see a toy camel named Camille. When Doc is unable to see inside a toy's fluffy cheek, she decides to do a CAT scan.

  • Chuck the wind-up chicken keeps crossing the street without looking! Doc and the Toys discover a broken birthday present and rush to fix it before its kid returns!

  • During the middle of a speech, Mayor Billington's beak gets jammed and he can't talk! After hearing there's a monster in Bathtub Lake, Doc goes to investigate.

  • All the toys go to Boppy's birthday party and discover he lives in a bouncy house! While Hazel is in the hospital, Stuffy tries to sneak Squibbles in to cheer her up.

  • After her bank gets a crack in it, Nikki Nickel needs to stay at the hospital overnight. While exploring the Royal Lands, Sir Kirby decides to go off on his own.

  • The Med Students learn how to diagnose a patient. The toys take care of Karaoke Katie, a doll with an attachable karaoke machine.

  • Doc helps a toy that lives in the Giant Snow Globe. Hallie exhausts her voice and goes hoarse the day she's supposed to sing at a toy sporting event!

  • CeCe needs a bath! Wicked King has a crown-cussion.

  • Hallie feels unwanted. The toys go to help on a ranch.

  • Lambie is placed in charge of the hospital nursery on the first night shift and isn't able to get the babies to sleep.

  • Lambie works the night shift. Chilly overschedules.

  • The toys start Med School. Stuffy struggles to help.

  • Grandma gives Doc and her toys the surprise of a lifetime by taking them to McStuffinsville, a town made up entirely of toys, and puts Doc in charge of the McStuffins Toy Hospital!

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Doc Mobile - Music Video - Doc McStuffins | Disney Junior Clip (01:01)