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Elena is a teenage princess who lives in the magical kingdom of Avalor, which is based on various traditions and beliefs from Latin cultures. She's smart, headstrong and brave. When an evil sorceress threatened the kingdom, as well as her grandparents and littel sister, Elena found the courage to confront her.

In the process, she became trapped in an amulet. Upon finally being released, she finds that she's now the heir to Avalor's throne, even though she's only sixteen.

A Grand Council forms to help Elena rule. She'll also get by with some help from her magical friends.

Elena of Avalor is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (76 episodes). The series first aired on July 22, 2016.

Where do I stream Elena of Avalor online? Elena of Avalor is available for streaming on Disney Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Elena of Avalor on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, DisneyNOW online.

Friday 7:00 PM et/pt on Disney Channel
3 Seasons, 76 Episodes
July 22, 2016
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Fantasy
Cast: Aimee Carrero
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Elena of Avalor Full Episode Guide

  • As plans for Princess Elena's coronation are underway, Ash and Esteban's team of topmost dark wizards unleash legendary spirit misfits, the Four Shades of Awesome. In order to save her kingdom, her family and her friends, Princess Elena must journey to the Spirit World and back, and face the ultimate test of her bravery and character before becoming Queen of Avalor.

  • Elena needs a day off before her coronation.

  • Elena is shown an alternate reality.

  • Luisa doubts her mothering skills.

  • Elena gives Victor and Carla a chance to redeem themselves by helping her free Ixlan, an ancient Maruvian princess.

  • When Armando tries to impress Marlena on Sweetheart's Day, he accidentally casts a spell that causes everyone in the town to start singing.

  • Gabe recruits a flashy wizard, Bronzino, to teach his guards magic, but learns that there are no shortcuts to success.

  • Naomi returns to Avalor to warn Elena about a growing magical threat to the kingdom.

  • Elena throws a birthday party for Princess Chloe aboard the royal sailboat, but things go awry when they wash ashore a magical isle inhabited by a cursed sea nymph.

  • A royal family from the Latino Jewish kingdom of Galonia is shipwrecked off the coast of Avalor on their way home to celebrate Hanukkah, so Elena invites them to the palace to celebrate their cherished holiday and learn about their traditions.

  • Naomi has second thoughts about her role on the Grand Council after her childhood friend, Veronica, visits.

  • When Elena falls under the spell of a magical bandit named Tito, it's up to Isabel and her friends to save Elena and the kingdom.

  • Mateo and Elena try to free Mateo's grandfather from an enchanted book.

  • When Skylar's father falls ill, Skylar becomes king for a day and must learn what it takes to be in charge.

  • Elena helps the Royal Seamstress follow her dream of becoming the first female member of Avalor's Royal Guard.

  • When Elena's dreams magically start coming to life, she must confront the underlying feelings causing them.

  • Elena and Isabel help two feuding brothers find a valuable treasure hidden by their mother.

  • When Elena has trouble making time for family, Luisa convinces her to reopen the family chocolate shop.

  • Mateo is put in charge of The Royal Guard!

  • On the eve of Carnaval, Elena attempts to capture Avalor’s most dangerous villain and falls into an ancient well of magic crystals, giving her new magical abilities.

  • Elena takes a trip to the Kingdom of Norberg to help their Queen resolve a dispute with a neighboring kingdom.

  • Magister Julio's first Feast of Friendship goes awry when all the royal guests are magically shrunk.

  • Migs brings his three Jaquin kids to work.

  • After Elena discovers that Hool used up her life force to repair her scepter, she risks everything to save her friend.

  • Isabel tries to prove she‘s old enough to join Elena and her team when they set off on a mission to track down escaped villains Ash and Carla.

  • When Elena and her friends are captured, Naomi must trust her instincts to save them.

  • Luna convinces King Verago to give her a shot at joining the King's Guard and gets partnered with a gruff jaquin named Tornado to show her the ropes.

  • While her magical scepter isn't working properly, Elena is forced to face a fire starting creature without her magic.

  • Elena invites Mateo to move into the palace.

  • Elena invites a Sirena prince to the Royal Retreat.

  • A freak snowstorm threatens to ruin Elena's plans of spending a quiet, peaceful Navidad at home.

  • Zuzo goes missing in the spirit world!

  • Elena and her abuelo try to complete an old mission.

  • When Elena attempts to get a Unity Pact signed between the humans and the sirenas, Daria enlists the help of evil shape-shifting dolphins called malandros to disrupt the peace.

  • Elena travels to Nueva Vista, a place that she used to visit when she was a child, and reconnects with her cousin Duke Cristobal, who has been keeping watch over the city. While there, she encounters a group of mermaid-like sea creatures called sirenas and learns about their complicated history with humans. In an attempt to make amends, Elena befriends the sirenas and enlists their help to defeat the evil sorceress Shuriki

  • Elena helps Charoca learn an important lesson in honesty after he meets a female rock creature named Charica and tries to win her over.

  • Elena puts Armando in charge of the All Kingdoms Fair and helps him regain his confidence after a visit from his older brother makes him feel insecure in his abilities.

  • Isabel takes a college class.

  • Elena returns to Vallestrella to receive training from three mystical sunbirds on how to master her Scepter of Light.

  • Elena races to Vallestrella to find the missing pieces of the Scepter of Night before Shuriki can get her hands on them.

  • After saving her kingdom from an evil sorceress, Princess Elena must prepare for her new role.

  • After saving her kingdom from an evil sorceress, Princess Elena must prepare for her new role.

  • Isabel enters the science fair with her friends but ignores Elena's advice about teamwork and tries to do everything herself.

  • While in disguise, Carla infiltrates the castle to try and steal Elena's mother's tiara.

  • Isabel tries to prove that she can look after three baby jaquins all by herself but when they get loose, she must find them before their parents return!

  • When Gabe "borrows" an enchanted sword, he becomes cursed with the cocky personality of the sword's previous owner.

  • Elena invites a princess from a neighboring kingdom to Avalor hoping to repair an old alliance.

  • On Día de los Muertos, Elena meets a Maruvian ghost named Amaláy who stands watch over the powerful Jewel of Maru.

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