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Raven Baxter and her best friend Chelsea are both divorced mothers raising their children on their own, and sharing an apartment together in Chicago. That many people under one roof can make for a lot of fun as well as a lot of chaos, but their house is really flipped upside down when they realize one of Raven's children, Booker, has inherited the same ability to see into the future as his mother. It took time for Raven to understand her power, and she can now use it to make her life better, but as her son tries to navigate his psychic abilities everyone else must stay on their toes.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Disney Channel
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 21, 2017
Drama, Family
Cast: Raven-Symoné
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Raven's Home Full Episode Guide

  • When Booker has a vision of Raven getting fired from her job during Doggy Fashion Week, he tries to help his mom with her designs.

  • Booker and Levi get into some trouble backstage at a concert, so Raven and Chelsea try to seize the moment to perform with their all-time favorite group La Dee Da.

  • Booker and Levi try to fool a ghost-hunting classmate.

  • A cool new kid arrives in the building, causing Booker and Levi to fight Nia and Tess for his attention.

  • When Booker has a vision of Tess getting her heart broken, he and Levi try to prevent it from happening.

  • When Booker and Levi want expensive virtual reality goggles, the boys come up with a plan to make money by selling snacks at school.

  • While Booker and Tess team up to plan their 6th grade dance, Nia worries her dancing skills aren't good enough for the big event. Meanwhile, Raven starts to question if she's being a good mom and goes overboard trying to volunteer for the kids' school.

  • Booker, Nia, and Levi convince Raven and Chelsea they are responsible enough to watch themselves while the moms enjoy a mom's night out.

  • When Nia sneaks to school wearing makeup against Raven's wishes, she draws the attention of the eighth grade girls who invite her to hang out.

  • When Raven has a vision of Booker and Nia being upset over their dad's move, she goes overboard trying to do all of the fun activities Devon normally did with the kids.

  • When the landlord raises Raven's rent after learning Chelsea and Levi have moved in, Nia and Booker try to hold a yard sale to help their mom.

  • Unbeknownst to Raven, Nia is starting to feel like their apartment isn't big enough for everyone and turns to her dad Devon for help.

  • Booker enlists Levi and Tess to help him convince Nia of his newfound abilities to see into the future; Raven's latest vision involves a family disagreement that leads her to meddle in her kids' life at school.

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