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The series focuses on 5 colored bunnies (Turbo, Big Boo, Iris, Shiny and Hopper). They are usually in Sunny Park and always have an adventure.Sunny Bunnies is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (103 episodes). The series first aired on April 13, 2016.

Sunny Bunnies is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sunny Bunnies on demand atAmazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Disney Junior, DisneyNOW online.

Disney Channel
4 Seasons, 103 Episodes
April 13, 2016
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Dmitri Davidovich, Kimberly Foudy, Svetlana Tsimokhina
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Sunny Bunnies Full Episode Guide

  • It's nearly Christmas time. Everyone knows presents come from Christmas stockings. But because of Hopper's silly idea the stockings come alive and run away. While there is still time Hopper finds them and puts them back.

  • Sunny Bunnies have harvested lots of lovely fruit and vegetables and now they are trying to make a nice Thanksgiving table display. They're busy putting fruit and vegetables in the most complex shapes but always hungry Boo is finding it difficult to resist all the lovely food on display

  • Sunny Bunnies find a very tall apple tree. Friends are haeding off to pick up apples. Unfortunately, the most ripe and delicious apples are at the very top and it's extremely difficult to reach them. But friends find a way to solve the problem.

  • Sunny Bunnies discover a plate full of fruit. Among many wonderful things there is a huge coconut. The bunnies know they're delicious but at the same time they're difficult to crack. Sunny Bunnies are going to great lengths trying to open it but to no avail. In the end they succeeded.

  • Sunny Bunnies are early risers - every day they get up and do their morning exercises. All apart from sleepy head Boo who loves his sleep too much and tries to catch a nap whenever he can. But his active friend Turbo is quite insistent on Boo joining in. Boo then comes up with a plan how to trick his friends and have a peaceful rest.

  • Rugby is the game for the brave and Sunny Bunnies could play it all day long. Turbo finds a pair of brand new rugby boots and now he's faced with a dilemma: whether to run around muddy rugby field with his friends or to keep his new boots nice and clean.

  • There is a new cafe in the park and Turbo decides to try his hand at being a waiter. It can't be difficult, can it? Just write down the order and bring the plates full of food to the table - easy-peasy! But as it turns out it's more difficult than it looks!

  • While riding a carousel in the park, Big Boo accidently discovers a lovely old steam train and decides to jump on - but things quickly begin to fall apart. Being true friends, can the Sunny Bunnies pull together to help him re-build it and live his dream to be a real train driver?

  • Bees make honey and Sunny Bunnies like eating honey - these are basic laws of life. And when there is no honey left, the Bunnies are ready to do anything to get their hands on it. But our considerate friends always leave something instead.

  • Question: what could be better than whizzing down a slide? Answer: whizzing down an enormous slide! But it takes a long time to get to the top of a tall slide so when does one find time to slide down? Sunny Bunnies can find an answer even to this difficult question.

  • Sunny Bunnies find a delicious juicy orange. But there are lots of Bunnies and only one orange. How can they share the orange without getting into a squabble? Turns out there is a way! And Sunny Bunnies are about to discover it.

  • Everyone knows that clever books hold answers to all the questions. For example, how to solve a puzzle. But Sunny Bunnies think they know how to solve puzzles without touching any books.

  • Sunny Bunnies are trying to decide who among them is the fastest post-Bunny. Whoever is going to drop a letter into a postbox first is going to win the prize. But is the speed the only decisive factor here?

  • The winter is in a full swing and Sunny Bunnies find themselves involved into a real snowy battle. They enjoy throwing snowballs at each other, until they realise that somehow they managed to bring the snowman to life. Should they be afraid? But as it turns out that playing the snowball fight with a new player is even more fun!

  • As usual, restless Hopper is racing around the park on his skateboard and getting in his friends' way. And only unusual find - a kite - stops the little hooligan. But Hopper's new friend turns out to be as energetic and restless as Hopper himself. Together they create incredible havoc among the Bunnies.

  • Sunny Bunnies discover a treasure map. A red heart indicates where the treasure lies. The Bunnies are so eager to find it that in their impatience they tear the map to pieces and set off to look for treasure individually. But as it turns out, the well hidden treasure can only be found if the Bunnies join their forces together.

  • Sunny Bunnies are gathering around TV to watch a circus show. Unfortunately the little friends can't decide who's going to sit in the best seat right in front of the screen. Everyone wants to be at the front. But what they don't realise is that their 'performance' is being watched by the bunnies from the TV show!

  • Christmas and New Year are the best time for songs. Sunny Bunnies appear on a stage sparkling with lights. The Bunnies are singing away with great enthusiasm, but Hopper is openly bored. With the help of a DJ console, the little mischief is making his friends' song into a funny New Year's chaos.

  • Sunny Bunnies are super-fast. They can do a hundred of different things in one minute: jumping, climbing into a space rocket, playing a computer game... And only laid-back Big Boo can't keep up pace with his friends. Because of his clumsiness, Sunny Bunnies find themselves inside the computer. And now Big Boo must win the computer game to bring his friends back.

  • The bright sun is shining above the park, and it's time to wake up for Sunny Bunnies. Sworn friends Hopper and Big Boo are appearing in the park. Hopper rejoices at the new day and is eager to play, but Big Boo is struggling to keep his eyes open and just wants to lie down and go back to sleep. Will the friends manage to play together?

  • Hopper desperately wants to get a prize toy from a special grabber machine. And what would even be better is to get a lot of toys, all for himself. But, as it turns out, having fun in the company of your friends is way more interesting than having all the toys in the world and playing alone.

  • Sunny Bunnies find a magic wand that can make any object alive in a souvenir shop. Now all the goods in the shop are jumping and leaping cheerfully. But a toy jaw starts chasing the little pranksters. Will Sunny Bunnies find a way to make friends with the plastic bully?

  • Turbo is a great fan of fishing. But sometimes a catch can well outweigh a fisherman. Will Turbo be able to cope with a really big fish?

  • Sunny Bunnies know that the most delicious pastries in the world are freshly baked croissants. Big Boo is prepared to do anything to get his hands on one of these delicious treats: work as a street clown, be a tray for buns and even fight with swords as a musketeer. But will he eat it all by himself or share it with his friends?

  • Hot summer is here and Sunny Bunnies decide to go on a holiday. They start packing their suitcases with great enthusiasm but what should they take? Fins, an inflatable duck, a globe, a kettlebell, an anchor, a watering can, a skate - all these things are absolutely necessary for seasoned travellers. Or maybe just one favourite toy will do?

  • Sunny Bunnies are going to film a movie about Little Red Riding Hood. The scenery is set up, the costumes are fitted, the actors are ready for action. But the director is too angry and demanding. Let's see what sort of a movie will Sunny Bunnies manage to make.

  • Sunny bunnies are going to play a table soccer game but magically they find themselves on a real football pitch. "Ole Ole Ole!" - the tribunes are chanting. Now Sunny Bunnies have to defeat a team of tough plastic rivals to come back to their sunny park.

  • Beauty saves the world. Shiny and Iris are making their contribution to the salvation, dressing up their beloved doll. All means are good here: hats, skirts, bows and all sorts of make-up. But Hopper has his own concept of beauty.

  • It's Hopper's birthday and Sunny Bunnies got him a super-skateboard as a present. Happy Hopper sets off to try it with his friends straight away. But Big Boo is having a dilemma: what about that long-awaited birthday cake? He simply can't decide whether to go and play with his friends or eat the treat.

  • Turbo loves playing baseball. He wakes up bright and early and runs to a baseball court. But its too early and the court is empty. Who can he throw a ball with? And then Turbo discovers a mechanical pitcher. Maybe it can play with Turbo?

  • Easter is approaching. Sunny Bunnies are busy with making their cosy clearing in the woods look nice and pretty and painting Easter eggs. Suddenly, from nowhere, a huge egg appears. So big and still undecorated! Of course, it needs to be painted! If the Bunnies can catch it, that is...

  • Sunny Bunnies inflate a huge mattress. Bounce, bounce high in the sky! It's such good fun! But when an awkward heavy-weight friend joins in, everything goes topsy-turvy.

  • As we know, Big Boo is the strongest sunny bunny in the world. But even he needs to train hard to lift a heavy barbell. And Hopper is the most sly bunny. What is going to win in their competition: strength or slyness?

  • Our friends are getting ready for St Valentine's Day and are decorating their snug clearing in the woods. Turbo is cutting out paper hearts, Shiny is baking delicious cookies, Big Boo is blowing up the balloons, Iris is busy making heart cushions. And only Hopper is being lazy. Maybe a magic wand will help him complete his task?

  • Sunny Bunnies appear in the circus arena again and they want to be entertained! But some kind of unknown magic force prevents the Bunnies from playing and they decide to catch and expose the invisible little rascal.

  • Finally Christmas is here! Bright and colourful presents are sitting under the Christmas tree waiting for their little recipients. But the Christmas tree is in the middle of an ice rink and the slippery ice is everywhere. And here's the problem: how can Sunny Bunnies get to their presents?

  • Impatient Boo has just appeared in the park and is already in a rush to play with his friends. And he wants to be involved in every single game at once. But everything goes wrong: the racket doesn't obey, the ball flies away... No-one wants to play with such an awkward partner. Luckily Boo finds a new toy and he can keep himself entertained without his friends' involvement.

  • Sunny Bunnies appear in the midst of an exciting Mexican party. The biggest attraction of the carnival is a big colourful pinata filled with various kinds of sweets. But to get their hands on much wanted treats, Bunnies need to break the tricky pinata. Is it easy to do blindfolded?

  • The know-it-all Iris throws a lesson of magical transformations. Sunny Bunnies carefully repeat the magical movements of their teacher, and only inattentive Hopper manages to come up with a very strange object - an unusual eraser. Now all the barriers in the way of his mischievous tricks can be wiped off!