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The Sesame Street address sign is probably one of the most recognized landmarks in the Television world. The show is seen in at least 140 countries and is translated into many languages. This educational show has lasted over 40 years and is still going strong. Children around the world start to experience the learning effect of Sesame Street at a very early age. Over the past 40 years, millions of people have experienced the Sesame Street style of learning. Started in 1969 this New York based companies method of teaching young people was started by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett developing one of televisions greatest success stories. The song introducing the show is world famous, people young and old have no difficulty remembering the words written by Joe Raposo, Jan Store and Bruce Hart. The famed question," Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street" is easy for millions of people to recall.

With 8 Grammys and a host of other awards, this children's television show has not wavered. Sesame Street is one of the longest running educational shows in the history of television. Favorite characters of the show are Big Bird Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, Children throughout the world have developed a love for these characters and the television show they represent. The effect it has on the education of children is phenomenal. The show has early learning skills down to a science.

Sesame Street has evolved, as other Medias have over the years. The television show now has a Web presence where children can continue learning and interacting with their favorite characters. Children play games, and use a variety of learning tools. Financed originally by outside sources the show is now, financially independent, benefiting from a number of revenue producing avenues developed through the show over the years.

Teaching through games songs and stories, this for some children is their first school like learning experience. Sesame Street is as real to a child as the street where you live. The characters bring learning to life for kids of all ages.

Weekdays 7:00 AM et/pt on PBS
47 Seasons, 1530 Episodes
November 10, 1969
Children, Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Kevin Clash
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Sesame Street Full Episode Guide

  • Redusa the Recycling Fairy comes to Sesame Street and helps everyone transform their garbage into something new.

  • It's Father's Day and Rosita's buddies help her make a video message for her father.

  • Elmo sees a rainbow and wants to show it to Rosita, who has never seen one, but it vanishes before she can see it.

  • Rosita and Zoe construct a machine to help rock Rollie's cradle so their arms won't get worn out.

  • Ovejita takes to the skies after strapping on a jet pack, so Abby and Nina attempt to get her back down.

  • HD. 'Wild Animals Stop for Lunch.' Snuffy helps out in Hooper's Store when zoo animals come for brunch. Guest: Audra McDonald.

  • HD. 'House of Worm.' Abby helps Turner the Worm build a place that feels like home.

  • HD. 'Counting Hats.' Elmo and Zoe compete to see who can wear the most hats on their head.

  • Nina and pals transform bike parts into musical instruments to help them create music and bring customers to her new bike shop. Little Big Town appear.

  • HD. 'Make Your Garden Grow.' Elmo's apple tree has good soil, water and sunshine, but he must learn to be patient and wait for it to grow.

  • HD. 'Painting with Cookie Monster.' Cookie Monster learns how to control himself from eating his own paintings.

  • Elmo and Abby help Crystal the Ball come up with a morning schedule so she can be prepared to go out and play.

  • Abby and Elmo help Big Bird calm down so he won't be scared when it's time to sing.

  • Baby Bear is scared of bees until Abby transforms him and Chris into the flying insects, and they discover just how amazing bees are.

  • Elmo hides from Nina because he wants to play more before bath time, but Ernie helps him discover that he can play in the tub too.

  • A surprise birthday party for Norbert the robot gives Rosita, Zoe and Grover a chance to show how much they care about him.

  • Zoe choreographs a ballet and the dancers have to work together to figure out how to make Snuffy fly through the air. Guest: Jason Derulo.

  • Abby and Elmo play dress-up and make-believe they're other people, including bike-repair helpers to lend a hand to Nina who is fixing Rosita's bike.

  • Elmo shares his scooter with Zoe but has to learn how to be patient and wait his turn while she works on riding.

  • Chris receives babysitting assistance from Grover and Cookie Monster.

  • An eye doctor's appointment makes Prince Charming worried, so Abby helps him to gain composer.

  • HD. 'The Kindness Kid.' The Kindness Kid (Zachary Levi) visits Sesame Street to spread kindness and Grover wants to be a Kindness Kid too.

  • HD. 'Be Kind to Your Worm.' Oscar participates in the Be Kind to Your Worm day activities. Guest: Gwen Stefani.

  • When Segi gets upset after reading a story about her favorite character, Mando, Chris and Leela help her realize that being brown is great.

  • Elmo assists Professor Buck Awe (Taran Killam) school a class of chickens.

  • Rosita shoves Baby Bear when she gets too excited, so she must find out how to control herself.

  • Dorothy can swim allover after Abby transforms Sesame Street into a magical ocean, but Elmo and Abby must follow clues to locate her after the goldfish disappears.

  • Elmo learns how to win and lose gracefully while playing Hot Potato with Abby. Also featuring Cookie Monster's Hungry Games parody, and Elmo's World. Brought to you by the letter G and the number 3.

  • Elmo, Gina, Bob and Barkley help Zoe overcome her fear of dogs.

  • Prairie Dawn plays dress-up and discovers it's an amusement for both boys and girls.

  • Rosita writes a story about living on Sesame Street and what it means to be Mexican. Gina Rodriguez is the guest celebrity.

  • Elmo helps Curly Bear give up her pacifier by telling how he gave up his.

  • Tina Fey guest stars as the head of a crew of pirates who love to read and want Elmo to join them on their quest to locate the library.

  • Medical treatment is given by Abby and Elmo to buddies who have minor scratches and bruises.

  • Abby makes the seasons change on Sesame Street and other adventures.

  • When Elmo uses Abby's magic wand, all anyone on Sesame Street can do is sing! Also featuring 'Just like Magic' song with Sara Bareilles, Cookie Monster's Furry Potter parody, and Elmo the Musical. Brough to you by the letter M and the number 20.

  • Elmo, Abby and Leela help their chicken T-ball teammates overcome their fear of thunderstorms.

  • A visit to outer space is imagined by Rosita, Elmo and Abby when they pretend to be astronauts, and Chris helps them pick the right tool to fix a rip in their spaceship.

  • Chris is accidentally locked out of Hooper's shop by Grover's new security system, so Elmo and Abby take on math equations to open the gates before Cookie Monster can eat Alan's birthday cake.

  • "Move It Day" on Sesame Street gives everyone the opportunity to exercise, and Cookie Monster discovers the value of a cardiovascular workout. Also: a performance by Ne-Yo.

  • Cookie Monster wants to give his mom the perfect Mother's Day gift, but first he needs to learn how to control himself from eating it. Also featuring Cookie Monster's Smart Cookies, and Elmo's World-family. Brought to you by the letter M and the number 19.

  • A camping adventure for Elmo and Chris includes run-ins with a beaver, raccoons and ducks.

  • Elmo assists Zoe in looking for a play date for Rocco, her pet rock.

  • Big Bird dreams up a story about a bird who teaches a beast the meaning of being friends.

  • An enthusiastic penguin named Penelope has a hard time making new friends.

  • Abby and Zoe want to make up a princess story, but Rosita isn't sure how. They ask Leela to help them write it down, but where do they begin?Leela explains that most stories start with a problem. Abby and Zoe decide that the princess is stuck in a tower. Leela asks Rosita to imagine how the princess escapes, but Rosita says she doesn't know. She isn't sure if she can make up a story like Zoe and Abby!Leela explains that everyone can make up a story and encourages Rosita to use her imagination. Will Rosita be able to come up with a great idea to rescue the princess from the tower? Tune in to find out!Brought to you By:A & 11Educational Goal:Literacy/Cognitive ReasoningWord on the street: AdventureAn exciting thing to do.

  • Elmo answers distress requests when Super Grover's new sidekick, Horatio, is postponed by getting stuck in doorways. Also: Aloe Blacc performs "Everyday Hero."

  • Abby is going to teach Elmo how to garden, but a gnome takes his seeds and flower pot. Abby and Elmo need to play memory games in order to get them back. Also featuring Murray had a little lamb, and Elmo's World-Plants. Brought to you by the letter G and the number 17.

  • Elmo helps Abby, Grover, and Telly figure out how to say thank you to our nose, eyes, and mouth all at the same time. Also featuring Cookie Monster's Smart Cookies, and Elmo's World-noses. Brought to you by the letter F and the number 9.

  • Telly utilizes his imagination to experiment with various ways of making art.

  • A dinosaur dress-up game helps the gang learn about herbivores and carnivores.

  • Elmo and Abby find out how to compromise and put together their two most loved songs, creating the Best Friend Song.

  • It's Valentine's Day on Sesame Street! Elmo and Abby create valentines for each other and discover the importance of friendship.

  • Elmo, Abby, and Alan help Grover think like a farm animal so he can put together the best party for farm animals.

  • Elmo and Grover are taught that healthy foods give us energy and taste great too.

  • Grover takes Elmo and his friends on a Sesame Street safari where they pretend to be all of the wild animals they see.

  • Alan Cumming plays Explorer Mucko Polo and assists Elmo, Abby and Oscar to find the grouchiest things on Sesame Street using their five senses.

  • Elmo invites Abby to a sleepover, but she needs to learn how to calm down before bedtime

Sesame Street News

Elmo Resigns From 'Sesame Street'

After facing heat for possibly participating in sexual relationships with minors, Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo, has resigned.

Elmo Accused of Sexual Abuse... UPDATE

The man behind the red puppet, Kevin Clash, is being accused of participating in a sexual relationship with an underage boy.

'Sesame Street' Disapproves of Obama Ad

"Sesame Street" producers are not pleased that the Obama campaign is making free use of their character.

'Sesame Street' Makers To Romney: 'Everyone Likes Big Bird'

Where's the love, Mitt Romney? The Republican presidential candidate made a talking point Wednesday of eliminating federal public-broadcasting subsidies if he's elected president this matter how much he "loves Big Bird." Thursday, Sesame Workshop was not only fielding some big-time television appearance requests, but politely staying out of Romney's agenda.

Bob Ross Gets A Happy Little Autotune

Master painter Bob Ross has a whisper of a voice and mellow, tranquil demeanor that's aural Ambien on even an ordinary day. Filter it through Autotune, though? Somehow, that makes it pure ear-candy.

Best Parody Yet: Cookie Monster Drastically Improves 'Call Me, Maybe'

I think I see why PBS shows make for such great mash-ups and parodies: not because they're worthy of mockery, but because they're parts of everybody's childhood that we just can't help but like. Who really hates "Reading Rainbow" or Mister Rogers or "Sesame Street?" Nobody, that's who. Proof-positive: Cookie Monster can take a really badly written song and actually improve it ten-fold.

Watch Elvis Costello on 'Sesame Street'

Legendary rock singer Elvis Costello made an appearance on "Sesame Street" this week, clad, of course in one of his gaudy bespoke suits, signature bowlers, and Costello-esque rims. In the skit, Costello's red number two has been unceremoniously eaten by the dastardly Cookie Monster, which makes it darn hard to count to ten.

Bert and Ernie: The Gay Marriage Controversy?!

As New York State allow gay marriage, and the movement continues to pick up steam across the country, an online group is petitioning Sesame Street to have two of its most famous puppet characters join in gay matrimony. A new online petition begs the folks at "Sesame Street" to out Bert and Ernie as a gay couple, then have them get married.

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