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Thomas and Friends is a delightful program for children addressing the topic of friendship. It is a story taken from a classic children's book about the adventures of Thomas the steam engine and all his friends. Each animated episode is narrated by the author who made the changes in character through tone and voice inflection. But now a variety of voices are used for each character. Viewers are invited in to watch with a catchy theme song. And each episode always ends with a sing-a-long jingle.

The story takes place in the make believe island of Sodor. Sir Topham Hat is the owner of the railway, and Mr. Conductor operates the daily activities of the roundhouse. The main characters are in the person of eight steam engines. Thomas is the original character based on a toy train that is blue with the number one on the side. Edward is another main character that is larger than Thomas. It is blue with a number two and pulls freight or passengers. Henry the number three green engine who primarily runs when Gordon doesn't. Gordon is the big blue number four engine that does the special pulls and rescue runs. James the red number five engines is very proud of his color and only pulls coaches. Percy is the small green, number six engine who remains strong against bullies. He is the balance to the determined Thomas. Toby is number seven and performs special duties. The last main character is Emily, a dark green number eight engine who is the first female and serves as the sister figure to all the other engines.

There are the people of the Island of Sodor, animals, and non-rail vehicles that interact with the main engine characters in the stories. Children will benefit on how to deal with their emotions and relationships with others by viewing these wholesome character building stories.

8 Seasons, 104 Episodes
February 28, 2000
Cast: Michael Angelis, Michael Brandon, Keith Wickham, Kerry Shale
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Thomas & Friends Full Episode Guide

  • It's Christmas Eve and a lot of passengers are coming home to Sodor for the holiday. Connor can't carry all the passengers who are trying to get on his train. He promises to come back and pick them up, but the snow keeps falling and the engines are struggling to keep the tracks clear. It becomes a race against time, and the engines have to work together to clear the tracks and get the passengers home in time for Christmas. Gator returns to the Island of Sodor after being away for a long time. He is looking forward to seeing his old friend Percy. When Percy hears that Gator is back, he is very excited and immediately heads off to see him. But the two engines keep missing each other. They both have doubts they'll see each other, but finally they connect and have a wonderful reunion.

  • Oliver is always telling brake van Toad about his adventures. Toad longs to have an adventure of his own. When Toad gets the chance to work with James, he is very excited. But James doesn't like pulling trucks and goes too fast. When a coupling snaps, Toad gets a bigger adventure than he expected! Sir Topham Hatt is concerned about getting all the summer visitors to their destinations on time. Duck tells the other engines about the slip coaches used on the Great Western Railway that could be uncoupled at stations without stopping.

  • Gordon and the big engines tease Edward for being old. When Gordon sees a pair of red trousers blowing by the tracks, he mistakes them for a red danger flag and stops, becoming stuck on Gordon's Hill. Edward has to give Gordon a push. When Gordon doesn't even say thank you, so Thomas and Edward decide to teach him a lesson. Annie and Clarabel are always complaining to Thomas about going too fast. Thomas likes to tease them by going too fast or too slow. When Annie and Clarabel find themselves coupled to Caitlin by mistake, they get a taste of what going fast is really like, and poor Thomas gets frightened that they might be taken to the mainland forever.

  • Stephen becomes very excited when the Earl gives him the special job of collecting the ingredients for the afternoon teas at the Castle. But Spencer teases him about being too old and slow. Stephen, however, asks Thomas and the other engines to give him a push, and he's soon speeding along. When it's Spencer's turn to give Stephen a push he goes too fast, forcing Stephen to lose control and splatter jam all over the unsuspecting guests. Stephen learns that being steady and reliable is more important than being fast. One evening at Tidmouth sheds, James teases Percy about being scared of the dark. Henry challenges James to take the Flying Kipper that night for him. James agrees, but when he realizes that the fish from the Flying Kipper are really smelly, he tries to back out of the challenge. James convinces Henry that he didn't offer to pull the Flying Kipper--Henry must have been dreaming. James soon gets his come-uppance when he becomes the Smelly Kipper.... Phew!

  • It is a snowy day, but Thomas doesn't want to wear his snow plow. So he decides to hide it on a siding and pretends he doesn't know where it is. Sir Topham Hatt has no choice but to leave Thomas in his shed and send Emily out to clear the tracks instead, but when Thomas sees Emily having fun in the snow he soon feels like he's missing out. Eager to join the fun Thomas goes in search of his snow plow, but the snow has covered everything and Thomas soon becomes stuck in the thick snowfall. One cold evening the steam engines return to Tidmouth Sheds and discover the turntable is frozen stuck, meaning only one berth is accessible. Gordon thinks he should have it, but Thomas insists they need to save it for Percy who is out on the mail run. All the other engines find other places to stay for the night, but none of them are good enough for Gordon who comes back and takes Percy's berth. But soon the tables are turned when it is Gordon who becomes stuck.

  • One night James tries to scare Percy by telling him that there's a ghost at Ulfstead Castle. Stephen reassures Percy that there is no such thing as ghosts, but James comes to the castle to try to scare both of them. Percy and Stephen each end up falling into the moat, but James doesn't know where they are and when he hears them whistling, he ends up believing his own story and scaring himself! After a couple of mishaps involving a torn sack of mail and some cargo on the line, Percy begins to feel like he has too much bad luck. Stephen lends Percy a lucky charm which helps him regain his confidence. But when Percy realizes that he doesn't have it with him, he has to find the confidence to help pull Bill and Ben back onto the rails without it.

  • When Harold the helicopter breaks down near Callan Castle, Duck and Thomas are sent to take him to the Sodor Search and Rescue for repair. Thomas wants to give Harold a tour of the island and show him the sights from an engine's perspective but Duck insists that there are only two ways to do things: the Great Western Way and the wrong way. Thomas and Duck have to learn to work together. When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone he meets Millie, the Earl's private narrow gauge engine. The two engines compare jobs, boasting how much they like their own work and so the Earl agrees to let them switch jobs for the day. Luke stays at the estate pulling passengers around the castle grounds and Millie goes to work at the noisy Blue Mountain Quarry. By the end of the day both engines are firm friends, but agree they like their own jobs better.

  • Cranky the crane is very busy down at Brendam Docks. He struggles to keep on schedule, so Sir Topham Hatt decides to send Kevin from the Steamworks to help him. The only problem is that Cranky doesn't want any help. Kevin is very disappointed and he tries to please Cranky by working hard and picking up things Cranky has dropped. Soon there is trouble when Kevin falls off the docks into the water. But it's Cranky who rescues him and Kevin eventually realizes that Cranky does like him after all and appreciates his help. Henry and Hiro are both very strong engines, but one day as they are working together, they both start to billow dark smoke from their funnels. Duck tells them they have taken on some of the bad coal that was delivered early that morning. Henry is worried that the bad coal will damage his firebox if he continues working, so he decides to head back to his shed. Hiro wants to keep on puffing and delivers their heavy load on his own. When Henry realizes Hiro can keep on puffing with bad coal, he decides that he should be able to do that too!

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