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Parents are extra careful when it comes to what their children watch on television. There are more educational television shows that children can watch these days. Pocoyo is a Spanish show that encourages children to learn. Even though it is produced in Spanish, the show is heard in English with a small accent.

Pocoyo is a four year old boy that is full of energy. He loves to discover new things. He acts just like your four year old boy or girl would. He likes to play games, play ball and play with his friends. Pocoyo's friends consist of a pink elephant named Elly, Loula the dog, Sleepy Bird and many others. The show helps children learn how to get along with others, and learn everyday activities that your children already does. The show is very colorful but most of the time the background is just white. Pocoyo wears his blue jumpsuit in every episode.

Parents are strongly encouraged to let their children watch Pocoyo. Children can learn a lot from a fictional character that is around their age. As the parents you will surprised at what your child learns from Pocoyo and his friends. Pocoyo first aired in 2005 and was first aired in Spain. Now parents can find Pocoyo on Nick Jr just about every day. Children love to watch Pocoyo and learn what he does. Parents can rest assured that Pocoyo is a safe and educational television show that teaches children a lot of things. Pocoyo teaches children how to handle certain situations. Your child will love to watch Pocoyo and learn from him.

Pocoyo is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2005.

Where do I stream Pocoyo online? Pocoyo is available for streaming on CITV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pocoyo on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon online.

3 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 1, 2005
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Stephen Fry, Alex Marty
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Pocoyo Full Episode Guide

  • Travelling is one of the greatest adventures! Don't you agree? Let's discover new unspoiled lands with Pocoyo and his friends, no matter how far!

  • Pocoyo loves gadgets. He has a nice camera and plays with Elly's laptop. Sometimes, he finds strange and mysterious gadgets with unexpected effects.

  • Pocoyo knows the importance of practicing sports to stay healthy. Do you want to play tennis with Pocoyo? Maybe some golf? You don't need to know the rules, just have fun!

  • Every child dreams to become an astronaut, a pilot or a teacher. With the help of his friends, Pocoyo learns new professions. There's no limit to what you can achieve!

  • Pocoyo and his friends love spending time outdoors. Pocoyo prepares tasty picnics, Elly takes care of her garden and Pato relaxes.

  • What do kids love more than playing with toys? Pocoyo plays with amazing toys that stimulate his imagination.

  • Sometimes Pocoyo just wants to stay at home and have great adventures without leaving his bedroom. With some imagination, a bed can become a pirate ship!

  • Lights, Camera, Action! The stage is ready and the crowd is cheering impatient, just relax and enjoy Pocoyo's skillful performance.

  • Learning becomes an amazing experience with Pocoyo! Share his curiosity and have fun while learning valuable lessons.

  • We all have a little chef inside, and so does Pocoyo! With the help of Elly and Pato he buys groceries and cooks healthy and delicious meals.

  • It's so much fun being creative! Let your imagination flow through art, colors, and painting.

  • Pocoyo's friends are so much fun. No wonder why he loves to celebrate parties with them! Join Pocoyo and his friends and have a great time!

  • Who says household chores can't be fun? Pocoyo's routine is always full of surprises. From now on taking a shower or bathing your pet will be an amazing experience if you follow Pocoyo's lead.

  • Pocoyo is looking through a picture book when he sees something he hasn't before—a horse. Elly and Pato come up with a solution./Pocoyo and Pato don't want to go to Elly's tea party because of all her rules.

  • Pocoyo and Pato play Godzilla in a town./Fun on the ice as everyone takes their turn figure skating./The goodbye game./Pato discovers a machine that makes a clone of him—but he quickly gets carried away and there are dozens of Patos!

  • Pocoyo puts on a puppet show for his friends./Pocoyo tells Loula to get lost—and she runs away!/Pato finds some special shoes./Pocoyo and friends have fun taking photos.

  • Pocoyo shows his magic skills off to his friends./Pocoyo is planning a picnic but the sandwiches ran away!/Pocoyo and friends have a dance off!/Pato finds an egg that hatches into a spider.

  • Pocoyo finds a remote that can make things invisible./Pocoyo is bored and finds ways to entertain himself—but must do so quietly as Pato is sleeping./Baby Bird's mother leaves him in the care of Pocoyo and friends./Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly receive gifts.

  • Pocoyo has had enough of Baby Bird and tells him to go away./Loula is filthy! Elly, Pato, and Pocoyo hatch a plan to get her cleaned up./Pocoyo finds a seed and tries to make it grow./Pato loses his hat. Help him find it!

  • Pocoyo takes a trip to outerspace./Surprise! Pocoyo plays the surprise game "Boo" with his friends./It's a party for Pocoyo but he can't seem to decide what he wants to do for fun./Pocoyo and Elly throw Pato a surprise birthday party.

  • A lesson on littering./Pocoyo promises to teach Baby Bird how to drive the Vamoosh—but when he gets distracted Baby Bird takes the Vamoosh for an out of control spin on his own./Elly's doll goes missing—Pocoyo helps her look for it.

  • Pocoyo is feeling left out when his friends are all playing by themselves./Elly gets a pair of polka dot high heels but realizes they are hard to play in./Pocoyo can't seem to find Pato but he can hear him./Pocoyo and Pato travel to outer space.

  • Pocoyo and Pato play "Guess What?" with the audience./Pato acts grown up but realizes he can still have fun with his friends./Pocoyo makes a mess everywhere he goes—and doesn't clean up after himself./Pocoyo searches for his balloon that has floated away.

  • Pocoyo has a present but is in no rush to open it—it turns out to be a surprise for Elly./Pocoyo uses a mix machine to make his friends toys morph into new things./Everyone is having fun sliding down the big slide—but Pocoyo is afraid to give it a try.

  • Our friends show their love for Pocoyó.

  • Pocoyó and his friends show the importance of cherishing and caring for each other.

  • The true meaning of friendship is discovered in this episode with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Understand everyday objects with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Improve yourself and your talents with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Learn manners and how to be polite with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Baby Bird is in awe of Pocoyo as he plays skillfully with a bouncy ball. / Pato thinks Loula stinks. / Pocoyo finds a seed and plants it.

  • Learn new and exciting things with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Have fun, play games, and use your imagination with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Discover new shapes, colors, objects in nature, and space with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Go on many special adventures with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Invent and use your imagination with Pocoyó and his friends.

  • Solve puzzling mysteries with Pocoyó and his friends.

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