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The television show Handy Manny is a series for kids, especially geared towards boys. Manny, an experienced handyman, is the talk of the town with his fixing skills and abilities. With the help of his talking tools, he can fix anything in the world! Handy Manny is good for helping your little ones to learn a bit of Spanish, since he will often say words in Spanish and repeat their English meaning. This is a fun show for kids with plenty of learning possibilities.

Handy Manny is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (117 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 2006.

Where do I stream Handy Manny online? Handy Manny is available for streaming on Disney Junior, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Handy Manny on demand at Disney+, Amazon, E! Now, DisneyNOW, Google Play, Apple TV, Disney Junior online.

Daily 9:00 AM et/pt on Disney Junior
3 Seasons, 117 Episodes
September 16, 2006
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Wilmer Valderrama, Dee Bradley Baker, Nancy Truman, Carlos Alazraqui
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Handy Manny Full Episode Guide

  • Manny decides to ask Kelly to go with him to Mrs. Portillo's annual Valentine's Day party.

  • Manny and the Tools must help Mrs. Lopart remove a bat from the attic.

  • Manny and the Tools help Abuelito redecorate his house.

  • Manny and the Tools meet a photographer who is shooting a poster advertising Kelly's store.

  • Manny and the Tools visit Hank in Florida to celebrate his birthday.

  • Manny, Kelly and the Tools must put out a forest fire near the campground.

  • Manny, Kelly and the Tools become volunteer firefighters!

  • Manny and the Tools go to help wedding planner Mrs. Lopart.

  • Kelly's Aunt Ginny opens Sheet Rock Hills' first show - "Snow White and the Seven Tools."

  • Kelly's Aunt Ginny needs Manny and the Tools' help fixing up an old theater that she bought.

  • Manny and the Tools participate in the St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt to find Irish items.

  • After a snowstorm, Manny and the Tools help Kelly get to her store.

  • Manny and the Tools head to a ski lodge for a break, only to have the ski lift break!

  • Rusty gets his wish to be fearless when Magic Marty waves his wand and casts a spell.

  • Manny and the Tools go on a camping trip but they get stuck on a runaway raft!

  • Manny can't wait to help set up the stage for Wing and Nut's live game show in the park.

  • The Tools accidently scare a mother hen away while repairing the roof of her hen house.

  • Manny wants to save the family auto repair shop.

  • Manny and the Tools head to Concrete Falls to say goodbye to the family auto repair shop.

  • Fixit wanders out into the rain and short circuits.

  • Mr. Ayala needs help getting the goal up in time for his son's soccer team's practice.

  • Manny and the Tools help set up a spooky Halloween House.

  • Dwayne Bouffant asks Manny to build a special table for a dinner party.

  • Manny and the Tools realize that Mrs. Portillo's dog, Carlos, needs a doggie door.

  • At the start of their day, the Tools all eat a healthy breakfast.

  • Manny and the Tools go to the shore for Beach Clean Up Day.

  • Manny and the Tools see that Quinn is glued to the TV and hasn't gone outside all day.

  • When a fountain working, Manny and the Tools discover that someone is dropping litter into it.

  • At a closed service station Manny and the Tools meet other talking tools and their retiring owner.

  • Renaldo's Pug just had a litter of puppies and Manny and the Tools must build them a doghouse.

  • Manny and the Tools must help Carmela hang art in time for the school art show.

  • Renaldo wants to build a fence in order to keep his new dog from getting into his neighbor's yard.

  • When the Ayala's Christmas decorations cause a power outage, Manny and the Tools fix the electricity.

  • Santa teams up with the greatest handy man in the world to help him make all of his deliveries!

  • Fluffy accidentally deflates the bouncy castle at Leela's birthday party.

  • It's up to Kelly to go see Manny and convince him to come home.

  • A big construction job takes Manny and the Tools out of town.

  • Story Hour / Long John LopartWhile Manny and the Tools are attending Story Hour, a thunderstorm knocks out the power.

  • It's Manny's nephew Chico's first day of preschool, but Chico is nervous about going.

  • Manny and the Tools must fix a broken vent to keep a bunny out of Mr. Singh's basement.

  • While out at sea, Manny and the Tools must fix a broken signal buoy before a dense fog rolls in.

  • Manny and the Tools need to find a project for the Sheet Rock Hills Earth Day Challenge.

  • Manny and Elliot team up to enter the Wood Valley 500 car race.

  • While fixing a wooden rocking horse, the Tools discuss what their dreams would be.

  • On his way to a horse show, Francisco experiences a flat tire on Estrella's trailer.

  • Kelly and Elliot propose a picnic.

  • Flicker wants to join in on the musical fun.

  • Manny helps to rescue a beached whale.

  • Manny joins Mr. Lopart on his sailing expedition.

  • Pepe loses his brand new rocket in the woods.

  • Manny gets a call from Mrs. Portillo, whose chandelier has pulled out of her living room ceiling. Manny and the tools must figure out a way to fix the dangerous chandelier in the dark. / Manny and the Tools fix a fence around Abuelito's yar...

  • Manny and the Tools are going to Manny's family reunion when Pat, Squeeze and Flicker get separated.

  • Felipe learns that playing with his friends can be even more fun than playing with his new video game / Manny and the tools make a compost bin for Mr. Ayala.

  • Manny and the Tools discover that the books in the children's library are in bad shape / When Abuelito accidentally breaks the tortilla maker that Manny gave him for his birthday, he tries to fix it himself, which proves harder than he thought

  • When Manny is the 100th customer at Mr. Diller's store, he wins his choice of any item in the store / The tools learn a valuable lesson about following instructions when they try to assemble a play structure at the community center

  • Manny and the Tools must build a bike trail, but they come across a nest of baby turtle eggs in the sand that are in the planned bike path / Abuelito's cuckoo clock is broken and the noise is keeping him from taking a siesta

  • When Manny and the Tools spend the night at Abuelito's, they are unable to sleep because of Abuelito's loud snoring / Dusty reprises her role as a detective, in order to help Officer Pete, Manny, and the tools find Mrs. Portillo's beloved dog, Carlos.

  • Mrs. Lopart gives Manny and the Tools a makeover when he accidentally ruins his shirt while working at her house / When the record player at the Singing Salon breaks, crooning hairstylist Aurelia is left unable to sing or do hair

  • While at the beach, Manny and the Tools must fix the lifeguard tower without any supplies / When a special dress gets stuck high up on a broken rack at Mrs. Thompson'scleaners, Manny must find a way to get it down in time for that afternoon's tardeada.

  • Manny helps his nephewn build a cart to compete in the soap box derby / When a blackout occurs, Manny and the tools check to see that everyone on the block is okay

  • While repairing an old stone well, the Tools learn about what life was like in Sheet Rock Hills back in the days of the Old West.

  • Manny and the Tools help Danny Starr before his concert in the park / When a fan blows all the petals off the flower centerpiece before Ayala's niece's QuinceaƱera, Manny have to find a new flower source and get the fan fixed before the guests arrive

  • Manny and the Tools are sad to learn the Alvarez family is thinking of moving away to a bigger house / Manny and the tools see Jackie working hard to collect recycling overflowing from the park's recycling bins

  • Manny and the Tools go to the post office and Stretch accidentally falls down a chute into a bag of outgoing mail! \ It's Friday night, and Manny and the tools decide to rent a movie

  • The new barber in town needs Manny to fix his broken barber pole \ As Manny and the tools work to repair a weather vane on the roof of the radio station, Rusty is frightened by an approaching thunderstorm.

  • Manny and the Tools volunteer to fix a broken movie projector / Mayor Rosa has asked all of her friends and neighbors to conserve water

  • Mr. Lopart gets involved in the town's New Year's Eve preparations but accidentally creates many mishaps. Manny and the Tools step in to fix things.

  • Manny's vintage motorcycle breaks down on a deserted road / The Mayor asks Manny and the tools to fix a leak that threatens to interfere with SRH's 100th Anniversary

  • Manny and the Tools fix up an old bicycle and plan to ride it in the park / Elliot has a new rooster, whose crowing is waking up everyone in town

  • Manny and the Tools repair a hot air balloon / Mr. Lopart asks Manny to cover the shop while he goes to the dentist

  • Manny and the Tools must help Carmela complete a mural of Sheet Rock Hills in time for the big premiere / Manny and the tools venture out to an archaeology dig site where they rebuild a piece of history when they piece together an ancient pot.

  • When Manny and the Tools set out to fix Abuelito's telescope, they sight UFO's / When Manny, the tools and the Lopart's are stuck in Mrs. Lopart's attic, the tools learn a lesson about perseverance

  • Manny and the Tools show up for Bingo Night but when the bingo ball cage breaks, Turner forgets that games are supposed to be fun! / Manny's nephew, Chico has a bad habit of writing and painting on the walls

  • Manny and the Tools must set up a sound system at the Community Center but to do the job, they need to cure Felipe's hiccups / Manny is called by Marion the Librarian to fix the book drop at the library

  • Just when Mr. Lopart is convinced that everyone forgot his birthday, his mother, Manny and all the neighbors surprise him with a party / Manny, the tools, and Mr. Ayala take their scout group camping for the weekend

  • Manny and the Tools need to fix Abuelito's leaky skylight before a big rainstorm hits / Manny and the tools repair a broken breaker switch that's shut down the power in Mr. Ayala's new car wash on opening day.

  • Manny finds a mysterious gold coin at the laundromat and tries to find out who lost it / While racing to fix a broken air conditioner at the school Science Fair, Felipe accidentally damages several of the science projects

  • Manny and the Tools discover that the piano that will accompany the singers at the Talent Show doesn't sound right / At a yard sale, the tools mistakenly sell Abuelito's beloved rocking chair to Mr. Lopart

  • While helping clean out Carmela's art studio, Felipe accidentally "recycles" her sculpture / Manny and the tools get a call from Mr. Kumar to come and install a new sign for his store

  • At Kelly's, Squeeze disobeys Manny and gets a magnet stuck to her / Coach Johnson calls Manny to help fix the basketball hoop so the kids can practice for an upcoming tournament

  • Manny gets separated from the Tools when he gets stuck inside an elevator he's repairing at City Hall / Manny and the tools help Jackie Greenway bring a little bit of nature into her new home

  • When skateboarders get in the way of the pedestrians that want to walk in the park, Manny comes up with a solution / Manny and the tools take a trip out to a real western ranch where they learn first hand about life as a cowboy

  • When Manny is called to fix Mr. Singh's swing set, the Tools discover Mr. Singh is too busy to play with his daughter / Manny and the Tools find a way to remove a speedy little mouse from Mrs. Portillo's bakery

  • When Manny and the Tools are asked to assemble a robot for a Valentine's Day gift they learn that it's the thought that counts / Mr. Lopart moves his stuff into Manny's repair shop after his own store becomes flooded

  • Manny gets a call from fire chief Eduardo to repair the flashing lights on top of his fire truck / Manny worries he is being replaced when a new repair shop moves into town and his jobs seemingly begin to disappear

  • When Kelly leaves her brother Elliot in charge of her hardware store, Manny and the Tools must help out / Squeeze volunteers to take care of Mrs. Portillo's pet chameleon, Maurice, and promises to keep the lid closed on the tank

  • Manny and the Tools go back to Lake Nochanailin to fix the cabin door / Manny and the tools have a repair at the local dance school

  • Manny and the Tools must figure out a way to fix a chandelier in the dark / Manny and the Tools fix a fence around Abuelito's yard to keep out the neighbor's dog

  • Manny shares his childhood photos while repairing Abuelito's guitar; Manny tries to fix the freezer in Tanya's ice-cream cart before everything melts.

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