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Jake and the Never Land Pirates is an animated kid's show geared towards 3 year old children and up. In each of the episodes Jake and his pirate friends Cubby, Izzy and Skully the parrot go up against Captain Hook and his reluctant sidekick Smee. Their adventures are full of fun and learning, each episode helps to teach team work, how to follow simple instructions and directions, recognize simple patterns and shapes, counting and math skills and using simple problem solving skills. Music and songs are also part of the show with catchy little tunes that the pirates sing as they go along in their adventures.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (118 episodes). The series first aired on February 14, 2011.

Where do I stream Jake and the Never Land Pirates online? Jake and the Never Land Pirates is available for streaming on Disney Junior, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates on demand at Disney+, Amazon, DisneyNOW, iTunes online.

Disney Junior
4 Seasons, 118 Episodes
February 14, 2011
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: David Arquette, Corey Burton, Jeff Bennett, Loren Hoskins
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Jake and the Never Land Pirates Full Episode Guide

  • Peter Pan offers Jake and his team a set of Pirate Power Bandanas.

  • Tiger Sharky introduces Captain Jake into the Dark-Shark Clan.

  • Grim Buccaneer forms The Legion of Pirate Villains.

  • Grandpa Bones tells an exciting story in which Jake and his crew portray the swashbuckling heroes, The Three Buccaneers!

  • Captain Jake, King Crab, and Crab Louie team up to oust Doctor Undergear. Captain Hook tricks Jake and his crew into finding the legendary Stonewolf Treasure.

  • Cubby has difficulty learning to use a magic wand during a lesson with the Remarkable Beardini. The Pirate Pharaoh commands the Pirate Mummy to be his First Mate.

  • When Captain Hook ruins the shipwreck lunch for a school of Pirate Piranhas, the feisty fish follow him home! Captain Hook finds a magical medallion that creates lava monsters!

  • Peter Pan plans to beat Captain Hook with Captain Jake, Captain Flynn and Red Jessica.

  • Captain Jake and Izzy try to help Misty and Winger wake up Pirate Princess by giving her a kiss.

  • Captain Jake and his pals are honoring Pirate Princess Patricia's birthday.

  • Peter Pan's shadow shows up in Never Land to trick everybody on Pirate Fools Day. / Captain Chen asks Jake to assist him find a remedy for his dragon curse.

  • Captain Jake meets a Spanish pirate who is on a quest to capture El Blanco, the White Squid! Captain Hook becomes King of the Crocodiles.

  • The ex-genie Dread is freed from his bottle by the Pirate Pharaoh's mummy cat! Sharky slips away from the Jolly Roger to help Captain Jake and his crew to protect Never Land.

  • Captain Jake helps Captain Chen recover his stolen magical necklace. Captain Jake and the other captains of Never Land compete in Peter Pan's Never Land Captains Scavenger Hunt.

  • The forces of the Monkey Tiki are freed causing Captain Hook and King Zongo to exchange bodies; ChillyZack works with his frozen abilities to make an attempt at abducting Jake and his team.

  • Captain Jake helps his matey Treasure Tooth rescue Peg-Leg Peg from the prankster ghosts. Captain Hook steals the Remarkable Beardini's magical Rings.

  • Captain Jake must save his ship, the Mighty Colossus, when Doctor Undergear attempts to sink it. Captain Hook steals the Mighty Colossus and Captain Jake has to stop him.

  • The Grim Buccaneer comes back to the Mighty Colossus in an attempt to overthrow Captain Jake's new ship; Captain Hook and his team hustle to find the Doubloon Monsoon.

  • Jake and his crew wake up the Pirate Pharaoh by accident; Captain Hook discovers the Golden Hook which has the power to transform things into gold.

  • The ghoulish Captain Wraith turns Hook, Smee, and Jake into ghosts! Captain Jake sets out on a quest to repair Captain Gizmo, but Doctor Undergear has other plans.

  • Jake goes to ShiverJack's frozen fortress to rescue the Penguins of Ch-Ch-Chilly Canyon. The Remarkable Beardini, a pirate magician, thinks Jake stole his Invisibility Ring.

  • An evil Mer-Wizard, Lord Fathom, comes to Never Land.

  • It's a rescue mission in Never Land, and Jake is here!

  • Jake and his crew head off to Tiki Tree Forest for the Tiki Maskerade! The mateys go on a spine-tingling search for a legendary spooky critter, Ratsputin, the Giant Bilge Rat!

  • Jake and his mates help Pip the Pirate Genie from being captured by Dread, the evil genie. Jake, Hook and Captain Flynn race their new sand sail-wagons in the Never Land Desert!

  • Skully joins the Feathered Four on their 100th mission when the leader sprains his wing. When Hookity-Hook swipes the Captain's treasure map, Jake and his crew enlist Captain Gizmo!

  • Captain Hook releases three prankster ghosts who vow to never leave the Jolly Roger; the Pirate's Mummy's 1000th birthday.

  • Finn, the Merboy, takes Jake on an underwater excursion to go Wreck Racing. Then, the Monkey Pirate King Zongo and his crew take over Jake's Hideout.

  • Jake helps a visitor from the frozen Never North, Captain Frost, find a gem that has been stolen by Captain Hook. In search of treasure, Bucky and Cubby get frozen atop a mountain.

  • It's Jake's birthday, and Izzy, Cubby and Skully set out to find him a special treasure. When Sharky and Bones are left in charge of the Jolly Roger, there are "two" many Captains!

  • In this pirate Christmas Carol, Captain Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Past, Present and Future. The ol' cranky crook learns about sharing treasure with your mateys.

  • Hook and Jake's crews set out to find the treasure of Captain Buzzard who turns out to be Bones' Grandpa! Jake and his crew help their penguin pal, Percy, find his best mate Pearl.

  • The evil ShiverJack arrives in Never Land to turn it into his icy domain using a powerful icicle-staff. Captain Hook swipes treasure from Bones' bug-friends, the Buddybops.

  • Jake meets Finn the Mer-Boy and helps him stop an Electric Storm Eel from causing a storm. Jake and his crew seek a treasure that waits at the end of a life-sized pinball game.

  • When Captain Hook steals Wendy's powerful book, Jake must save Wendy's treasured book and the legendary Story of Peter Pan and Never Land!

  • When Captain Hook angers the old Sea Witch's Magic Mirror, the captain becomes a witch and uses his evil magic powers to turn Jake into a coward!

  • Boo! Jake and his crew help Treasure Tooth the Ghost Pirate search the Never Sea for his lost Golden Figurehead.

  • Jake and his crew must convince Captain Hook to kiss his old enemy, Queen Coralie, who slumbers under the influence of an evil spell.

  • Jake and his crew visit a series of friends to learn the lyrics of a song only to discover it's a call for help.

  • Hook turns into a genie with Bones as his master!

  • Captain Hook's childhood nanny, Nanny Nell, arrives to help "James" get his ship ship-shape.

  • Captain Hook can only remember where he buried Captain Cuddly Bear's toy ship, the S.S. Binky, when he's asleep and dreaming.

  • Bucky transforms into the ultimate digging machine, Burrowing Bucky, in order to reach deep underground to search for a buried treasure of his own.

  • Jake and his mateys team up with Captain Hook to find Mama Hook.

  • Jake helps a family of singing stones return to Comet Island.

  • Jake leads his mateys on a lyrical adventure across all of Never Land.

  • Captain Hook manages to fall into the kids' hideout.

  • A giant coconut souffle beast grabs Izzy and carries her up Belch Mountain!

  • Mr. Smee is transformed into the dashing "Buck Buccaneer" for Red Jessica's Pirate Convention.

  • Pip the Pirate Genie's magic goes out of whack when he gets a case of the sneezes.

  • Jake sets out for King Crab Island to rescue Cubby after he is "crab-napped."

  • Jake and his mates all gather around the campfire to hear Pip the Pirate Genie share fabulous tales of his travels around the Never World.

  • Jake and his mates build a mechanical matey, Captain Gizmo.

  • Jake and his crew find a magical ring which turns whoever's wearing it invisible.

  • Jake leads the crew to a Pirate Mummy's Tomb to help Captain Flynn.

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