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  • TV-Y
  • 2016
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.4  (2,651)

The Lion Guard is a beloved animated television series that first aired on Disney Junior in 2015. The show follows the adventures of a young lion named Kion, who is the second-born son of the King of the Pride Lands, Simba, and his mate Nala. Kion is tasked with leading a group of animals called the Lion Guard, a team of animals that protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life.

In each episode, Kion and his friends embark on a new adventure, whether it's rescuing animals in need, fighting off dangerous predators, or restoring balance to the Pride Lands. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork, and the importance of respecting nature.

Kion is joined on his journeys by a diverse cast of animal friends, each with their own unique skills and personalities. His best friend and second-in-command is a fearless honey badger named Bunga, who is always ready for action. The team's keenest eyesight comes from a sharp-eyed eagle named Ono, while their strongest member is a muscled hippopotamus named Beshte. Finally, there's Fuli, a speedy cheetah who provides crucial ground cover with her lightning-fast speed.

Together, they make up the Lion Guard, fighting against evil threats such as the hyenas, leopards, and jackals that endanger the Pride Lands and its inhabitants. They also work to protect the Circle of Life, the delicate balance of plants and animals that keeps the ecosystem thriving.

Throughout the show's seven-year run, The Lion Guard continued to attract a passionate fanbase of all ages. Kids were drawn to the show's colorful world and exciting adventures, while parents appreciated its positive messages about bravery, friendship, and environmentalism.

Beyond its entertainment value, The Lion Guard was also notable for its cultural significance. The show featured a predominantly African American voice cast, including Max Charles (The Strain) as Kion, Joshua Rush (Andi Mack) as Bunga, and Diamond White (Dear White People) as Fuli. The show also incorporated elements of African culture, music, and wildlife into its storytelling, teaching viewers about the beauty and value of the continent's rich heritage.

As the series progressed, it tackled more complex storylines and themes. In the show's fourth season, Kion was forced to confront his own moral compass when a powerful lioness named Rani challenged his leadership of the Lion Guard. The season also explored some darker themes, including death and mourning, as beloved characters faced loss and grief.

Ultimately, The Lion Guard was a heartwarming and action-packed show that left a lasting impact on its viewers. It reminded us of the importance of teamwork, friendship, and standing up for what's right, all while teaching us valuable lessons about the natural world and the Circle of Life.

The Lion Guard is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2016.

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Battle for the Pride Lands
1. Battle for the Pride Lands
August 3, 2019
After Kion and Ono are injured in an attempt to defeat Scar in the battle for the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard must embark on a journey to the Tree of Life to help them regain their strength.
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The Lion Guard is available for streaming on the Disney Junior website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Lion Guard on demand at Disney+, Amazon, FuboTV, Google Play, Apple TV, Disney Junior and DisneyNOW.
  • Premiere Date
    January 15, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (2,651)