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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a computer animated, interactive television series for preschoolers that stars Mickey Mouse and most of his original friends including Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Pluto. In each episode, Mickey Mouse and his friends encounter an initial problem that while basic in nature gets the viewer thinking.

In the beginning of each show Mickey walks up on a path leading to the location of his magical clubhouse. After chanting the magical words, Miska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse to make the clubhouse appear, Mickey invites his preschool friends to join him for an adventure in the enormous fun house shaped like Mickey Mouse's body. Once inside, the story unfolds and usually leads up to an initial problem that Mickey and his friends are faced with.

Mickey first describes the problem and then enlists the help of the preschool audience, using age-appropriate cognitive skills for problem solving. The characters use an animated computer in the shape of Mickey's head, called the Mousekadoer, for clues on Mousekatools and other objects that may be used to solve the specific problem in that episode. With the help of Toodles, a flying device also in the shape of Mickey's head, the chosen Mousekatools are then shown to the child audience and the correct tools, including a specific mystery Mousekatool shown as a question mark, can then be picked to overcome each obstacle along the way that will eventually lead the team to solve the main problem.

Enhancing social and cognitive learning while promoting creativity and imagination, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is based on a whole child curriculum and encourages children to work together with the characters to search for clues throughout the show that will help them find a solution. Children will use numbers to count along, shapes to complete patterns, recite their letters, or determine which colors go together to solve a problem. Each episode includes an exciting adventure filled with vibrant colors that stimulate children's minds, joyful songs to sing along to, and missions that teach children about team work.

After Mickey, his friends, and the preschool audience are able to resolve the initial conflict and together find a viable solution that brings the show to a happy conclusion, the characters gather up on platforms inside the clubhouse and perform the celebratory Hot Dog dance. At the end of this lively song that will get preschoolers up on their feet and dancing, the crew leaves the clubhouse, waves their good-byes, and the magic clubhouse then disappears from view again until the next adventure begins.

Saturday 9:00 AM et/pt on Disney Junior
4 Seasons, 123 Episodes
May 5, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Tony Anselmo, Bill Farmer, Tress MacNeille, Russi Taylor
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Full Episode Guide

  • Goofy goes on a journey to save the Clubhouse books!

  • Minnie's on her way to Mars on an urgent mission! Her assignment? Help her outer space twin, Martian Minnie, host a tea party for our Clubhouse friends throughout the galaxy!

  • Put on your sneakers, sports fans! Today is the first ever Mickey Mouse Sport-a-thon! It's an action-filled sports tournament that draws athletes from around the Clubhouse.

  • Professor Von Drake is working on a surprise invention when he discovers that he is missing four of his tools. Toodles helps Mickey find them with Mouseketools and a checklist.

  • When Minnie is invited to sing at the top of Mistletoe Mountain, Mickey gathers all their friends to be the back-up band. But, soon they realize all the instruments are missing!

  • When the toon car breaks down, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto head over to an old castle to see if anyone can help them. As they enter the castle, Mickey and Minnie meet COUNT MIKULA!

  • When the Mousekedoer malfunctions, Professor Von Drake comes to a realization. The only way to make the repairs is to shrink the Clubhousers and send them inside the machine.

  • When Donald feels like everybody's getting in his way in Mickey's Clubhouse, he decides that he wants his own. So, Mickey and pals help Donald build a clubhouse just for himself.

  • Professor Von Drake introduces the Clubhouse pals to a high-tech new game, Floatin' Fun-Time Mousekeball! But when the ball escapes, the game takes to the skies!

  • Professor Von Drake gives Mickey a special Clubhouse Passport that has to get stamped at four different "farrrrr-away" locations in order to recieve a super-duper, surprise prize!

  • While Minnie is preparing for her Winter Bow Show, she and her nieces, Millie and Melody, accidentally go off on a wild winter wonderland adventure to the Clubhouse North Pole!

  • It's Mickey's birthday and for his birthday present, his pals have organized fun things for the big Mousekeday. But when problems occur, Mickey takes time out to help his pals.

  • Mickey and the gang hop into the Clubhouse Submarine and set out to find the "Big Something".

  • Donald teaches Donald Jr. the steps to a special song and dance on "Show Your Special Talent Day."

  • Mickey and Minnie are working on a rockin' song for a Clubhouse Battle of the Bands.

  • Minnie-rella can't wait for Prince Mickey's Grand Ball, but the magical spell from her Fairy Godmother is going to be broken at midnight!

  • Kansas City Mickey returns to help the Clubhouse team solve a mystery in the Hidden Jungle.

  • Super Mickey and the Clubhouse Heroes must work as a team to save the Clubhouse from Megamort!

  • Mickey hosts a farm fun-fair with an Egg-in-the-Spoon Race, a Bake-Off, and more!

  • Minnie and Pluto get swept up and find themselves in a strange and wonderful world.

  • Professor Von Drake's new invention accidentally makes Daisy's hair grow!

  • An extraordinary hero shows up to save the day after a legendary statue is taken from the Clubhouse.

  • Mickey and his pals set out to rescue all of the missing animals from the Clubhouse Farm!

  • Daisy O'Dare loves Adventure Day, and we're with her in search of the Golden Boo-Boo!

  • Donald has to take care of a lost egg while all the Clubhouse friends look for the egg's family.

  • The Sensational Six board Professor Von Drake's new submarine to recover Mickey's Lucky Coin.

  • Minnie and Daisy board the Glove Balloon to make rain clouds so they can water their gardens.

  • Goofy uses a special Thinking Cap to solve Clarabelle Cow's Scavenger Hunt!

  • Prince Pluto saves the Princess from Wizard Pete.

  • Von Drake's Time Machine accidentally turns Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto into toddlers!

  • The Go-Getters lead us in an exciting game of hide and seek.

  • The Go-Getters must find some Giant Baby Chicks.

  • Mickey and the gang rocket into space to search for Treasure.

  • When Daisy wants to find a friend for her fish, the gang helps her find other fish in the Jungle.

  • Mickey's having Show and Tell with Shapes and everybody's bringing their favorite shapes.

  • When Mickey goes to help Clarabelle at the Moo Mart, Donald takes care of the Clubhouse.

  • Sir Goofs-a-lot goes on a fairytale quest to bring back the cure for Willy the Giant's tummy ache.

  • The Clubhouse pals are excited to dress up in their favorite costumes for Minnie's Masquerade Ball.

  • It's the grand opening of Minnie's Bow-tique, a store packed with all kinds of bows and bowties!

  • When Minnie's cat Figaro wanders off, Pluto the Rescue Dog takes charge and finds the missing pet.

  • After a wind blows away the pages from Minnie's calendar, she needs help finding the missing pages.

  • The Clubhouse's smallest friends are all set to march in the Little Parade.

  • Mickey and his friends show Pete that exercising can be fun!

  • Daisy Duck brings a new friend to the Clubhouse, Wilbur the Grasshopper!

  • The magical Genie of the Desert arrives and fixes Donald's fishing rod with a magical zap.

  • For the big Road Rally, Mickey and his friends ride cars, scooters, bikes, skateboards, roller skates and the Choo-Choo to zoom around the clubhouse.

  • Minnie throws a pajama party and invites all her friends over.

  • When Pluto's bouncy-ball bounces into the Time Machine, it bounces out again followed by a dinosaur!

  • When Goofy the Great accidentally causes Pluto's doghouse and every rubber ducky in the clubhouse disappear, he needs everyones help finding the missing things.

  • It is Toodles' birthday and the whole gang is there to celebrate.

  • The Clubhouse's sandbox is empty, so Donald leads the gang into the desert to get more sand. But they stumble across much more than that.

  • Goofy becomes Super Goof to solve some puzzles laid out by Pete.

  • Mickey and Minnie kick off the first day of spring with an egg hunt.

  • Goofy constructs a robot in his own likeness.

  • Mickey and his friends put together a Choo-Choo train.

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Remembering Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello has died at the age of 70.

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