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Peppa Pig is a kids television series for ages two to six. The show was created and produced in Britain. Peppa Pig and her family and friends have a British accent. Peppa is a female pig. The show revolves around her, her family and friends. Some of her friends are different animals. Even though they wear clothes, talk, and live in houses each one still has some of their animal behaviors. For an example, Peppa and her family snort like pigs. Most episodes involve daily activities that the child watching can relate to. Peppa teaches the child viewers not to be afraid to try new things. She also has a little brother George. This teaches the children to help take care of their siblings and to share with them. George and Peppa get along great and she likes to help her mom and dad with him. Some episodes show Peppa and and her friends. This teaches children to play well with others and get along with everyone. Peppa Pig encourages the viewers to get out and play and that learning is tons of fun. Peppa Pig is a caring and loveable pig. She likes to play dress up and play games just as children ages two to six do as well.

Parents are encouraged to let their children watch Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig airs on Nick Jr various times throughout each day. Children will have tons of fun exploring the with Peppa the pig, Peppa's family and friends. Children can learn a lot from Peppa and will have plenty of things to tell their parents about.

Peppa Pig is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (291 episodes). The series first aired on March 8, 2021.

Where do I stream Peppa Pig online? Peppa Pig is available for streaming on Five, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Peppa Pig on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Nick, Vudu, Noggin, Nick Jr., Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

9 Seasons, 291 Episodes
March 8, 2021
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: John Sparkes, Morwenna Banks, Richard Ridings, Oliver May
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Peppa Pig Full Episode Guide

  • When Tiddles the Tortoise gets stuck in a tree, Pedro Pony has trouble trying to rescue him! / Peppa gets her very first Playgroup Star in school for drawing a wonderful picture of her house!

  • It's time for playgroup and today Peppa and friends are deciding what they might like to be when they grow up. / Dr. Brown Bear comes to visit the playgroup and teach all of the children what to do when there's been an accident.

  • It's Richard Rabbit's birthday party and George is invited, and that can only mean one thing; Soft Play! / Peppa and family go on a walk through the forests where they meet all their favourite fairytale characters.

  • Mummy and Daddy Pig, Peppa and George have a wonderful day with Mr. Potato at Digger World! / Wendy Wolf's birthday is here and she has invited Peppa and friends around for a party.

  • Peppa and Family's holiday continues. Today everyone is going to work on Mrs. Kangaroo's submarine! / Peppa and Family's holiday is coming to an end but there's still time to play with a Boomerang and make friends with Mr. Wallaby.

  • Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig go to visit the Kangaroo family in Australia and get to explore The Outback. / On their second day in Australia the Kangaroo family take the Peppa and Family to the beach where they try surfing for the first time.

  • Madame Gazelle takes the children on a trip to the Zoo where they get a tour from the zookeepers; Mr Lion, Mrs Crocodile and Mr Giraffe! / Madame Gazelle and the playgroup are sharing their best nursery rhymes with each other.

  • Police Officer Panda and Police Officer Squirrel have come to teach Peppa and her friends all about bicycle safety. / Mummy Pig has finally finished writing her first book and decides to take it to playgroup to read to the children with unexpected results.

  • Peppa and her friends are on the lookout for Easter eggs at Rebecca Rabbit's House! / It's school project time for Peppa and her friends which means they have to build castles and bring them into playgroup!

  • Madame Gazelle is getting Peppa and her playgroup friends to dance to all different styles of music. / While the playground is getting rebuilt, Daddy Pig teaches the children some Simple Science!

  • Peppa and her friends learn how to play games of pretend. / Halloween is here and everyone is gathering their pumpkins for the pumpkin competition.

  • Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George on a visit to a castle! / The school roof is leaking so Mummy Pig does a parachute jump to raise money to fix it!

  • Mummy Pig shows Peppa and her friend Suzy Sheep old photographs from when they were babies. Peppa and Suzy are pleased to see that they've always been best friends. / Peppa and her friends learn to ski on Snowy Mountain. Their teacher, Madame Gazelle is very good at skiing and was once a world champion! But in the end it is Mummy Pig who impresses everyone...

  • Pirate Peppa and friends put together a chest of treasure and bury it in a marked spot. Soon Pedro needs to follow the trail as he realizes he has lost something. / Grampy Rabbit visits Peppa's playgroup to talk about space rockets. The talk is going very well until suddenly Grampy Rabbit loses his voice. Can Doctor Brown Bear get him talking again?

  • Grandpa Pig has put up a tent in his garden. Peppa and her friends decide it's a perfect place to put on a circus. With Peppa as the ringmaster, the show can begin! / Daddy Pig takes Peppa and George to see a fish pond he used to visit when he was a little piggy. He is a little surprised to learn that a few things have changed since then.

  • It is fruit day at the supermarket, and Miss Rabbit is making fruit smoothies. Everyone is picking their favorite fruits to blend. George gets a special "dinosaur" juice, to make him big and strong. Roar! / George gets a dinosaur balloon, but keeping hold of it proves difficult. Who will save George's balloon from flying off to the moon?

  • The families have a boat race at the lake. Daddy Pig wishes he hadn't picked a boat which has to be peddled. / While enjoying a tea break, Mr. Bull accidentally breaks his delicate teapot. He takes the pieces to Miss Rabbit in the hope that she can mend it.

  • On the first day in their holiday villa, Peppa and her family explore the local village, where there is pizza to eat, presents to buy and a post card to send to Goldie the Fish. / Peppa has enjoyed her holiday abroad, but it is now time to go home. Suzy has missed Peppa very much and can't wait to see her. Peppa can't wait to see Goldie the Fish.

  • It is night time at Grandpa and Granny Pig's house, and Peppa and George have stayed up late to help hunt for slugs and snails. But what other night animals will they find? / George has fun looking at himself in the mirror. Peppa and George try to find other shiny things to see themselves in.

  • Daddy Pig is left behind when everyone takes Grampy Rabbit's little boat to the riverside picnic spot. Will someone remember him and save him some cake? / Peppa and her friends are building a desert island, in the sandpit. They add a forest, a lake, houses, and shops. It's all going very well until George and Richard's dinosaurs turn up...

  • Goldie the Goldfish is feeling a little lonely, so Peppa takes her to the aquarium. With all the different fish, surely Peppa can find a new friend for Goldie. / Peppa, George and Grandpa Pig are watching motor racing on the television, when Granny Pig tells them all to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Inspired by the racing, Grandpa Pig builds George his own racing car.

  • After smelling Granny Pig's perfume de lavender, Peppa experiments with the flowers in the garden to create her own special smell. / The school roof has a leak, again! The children organize a fete to raise money for a new roof.

  • Miss Rabbit is to be given the Queen's Award for Industry for all the hard work she does. Peppa and her friends accompany Miss Rabbit to the Palace to meet the Queen! / When a fishing trip goes wrong, leaving Grandpa Pig and Grampy Rabbit stranded on a desert island, Captain Daddy Dog is the only one able to save them. He soon realizes he misses the sea after all.

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