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Peppa Pig is a kids television series for ages two to six. The show was created and produced in Britain. Peppa Pig and her family and friends have a British accent. Peppa is a female pig. The show revolves around her, her family and friends. Some of her friends are different animals. Even though they wear clothes, talk, and live in houses each one still has some of their animal behaviors. For an example, Peppa and her family snort like pigs. Most episodes involve daily activities that the child watching can relate to. Peppa teaches the child viewers not to be afraid to try new things. She also has a little brother George. This teaches the children to help take care of their siblings and to share with them. George and Peppa get along great and she likes to help her mom and dad with him. Some episodes show Peppa and and her friends. This teaches children to play well with others and get along with everyone. Peppa Pig encourages the viewers to get out and play and that learning is tons of fun. Peppa Pig is a caring and loveable pig. She likes to play dress up and play games just as children ages two to six do as well.

Parents are encouraged to let their children watch Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig airs on Nick Jr various times throughout each day. Children will have tons of fun exploring the with Peppa the pig, Peppa's family and friends. Children can learn a lot from Peppa and will have plenty of things to tell their parents about.

7 Seasons, 118 Episodes
May 31, 2004
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: John Sparkes, Richard Ridings, Morwenna Banks, Oliver May
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Peppa Pig Full Episode Guide

  • It's Christmas time! The Playgroup are going to see a special performance at the theatre. For some it is there first time in a theatre. / Madame Gazelle announces she is leaving the playgroup. The children are very sad to loose their favourite teacher. And decide to throw her a leaving party.

  • There is a pet competition at playgroup, and everyone has brought in their pets. Dr Hamster is the judge but finds it hard t to choose the best pet... / Mummy Pig finds a spider in the house and orders Daddy Pig to get rid of it. Mr Skinny-Legs is set free in the garden, where he can spin all the webs he likes, wherever he likes.

  • George pays a visit to Mr Fox's Shop after his favourite toy, Mr Dinosaur breaks. With all the additional features surely Dino Roar is a good replacement? / Miss Rabbit's train has broken down with a carriage full of passengers who need to get to work. Grandpa Pig lends Miss Rabbit his little train Gertrude.

  • Daddy Pigs reads Peppa and George a bedtime story to help them fall asleep. When George wakes up again Peppa has to make up a bedtime story to get him back to sleep. / Peppa and her family have been on a trip to a mountain beauty spot. When Daddy Pig loses the car keys down a drain Mr Bull offers to find them with his digger...

  • Mummy Dog and Danny are very excited! Captain Daddy Dog is home from the sea, bearing gifts! /To celebrate Freddy Fox's birthday the children go on a trip to a Dinosaur Park. With Grampy Rabbit as their leader, they follow dinosaur footprints to find Freddy's birthday treat.

  • Doctor Hamster is having a busy day - there are lots of helpless animals that need her help! / Peppa and George meet Kylie Kangaroo and her brother Joey. Peppa shows Kylie how to jump up and down in muddy puddles, but who can jump the highest?

  • Pedro Pony spends the day just like a real cowboy would have in the Wild West: setting up camp in the garden and sharing stories with his friends. / Grandpa Pig brings some seeds for Peppa and George to grow a garden. Daddy Pig makes himself useful by being the scarecrow.

  • It is raining outside so Peppa and George have to stay indoors. While they wait for the rain to stop, Daddy Pig teaches them a fun game. / Mummy Rabbit comes to visit with a big tummy. Everyone is excited to find out there is a baby rabbit inside, but they are in for an even bigger surprise!

  • Tiddles the Tortoise, Doctor Hamster's pet, has got stuck up a tree, again! Who can save him? / It is Granny and Grandpa's Anniversary. Peppa and George go to Mr Fox's Shop to find them a present. Mr Fox's Shop sells everything.

  • The children are taught how to play basketball by Daddy coach. They are soon good enough to take on a bigger team. / Mr Zebra delivers a parcel for Peppa and George from their Auntie Dottie. What could it be?

  • Peppa and her family visit a new theme park: Potato City. There they discover that the magic of vegetables never ends. / Daddy Pig takes Peppa and George to visit a house that Mr Bull is building. Who will their new neighbours be?

  • It is night-time and Peppa is going to sleep at Zoe Zebra's house along with Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit and Emily Elephant. First the girls have a midnight feast and then they tell stories. Mr. Zebra sings them all a lullaby and they are soon fast asleep. / It's a very cold winter day. Peppa and George want to jump in muddy puddles, but the puddles are all frozen. Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy then go to the duck pond to feed the ducks but the pond is frozen too. Just when it seems like the weather has ruined their day, it starts snowing and they go tobogganing. They have lots of fun, especially Daddy.

  • It is almost time for bed. Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and Peppa are having mugs of hot milk and George is dressed in his space suit. George loves everything to do with space. Just this once, Mummy and Daddy let Peppa put their coats on and they go outside to look at the stars. / Today is Daddy Pig's birthday but Daddy Pig has to go to work. While Daddy is at work, Mummy, Peppa and George prepare surprises for him. Daddy Pig comes home to a chocolate cake and a new pair of boots. Peppa and George have also made Daddy a special puddle so he can try out his new gift.

  • Peppa and George are going to Rebecca Rabbit's house today. Rebecca and her family live in a hill. It's called a burrow. They don't have stairs; they have tunnels. Peppa and George pretend to be Rabbits, they like being Rabbits. George even manages to eat a carrot. / Today, Peppa and her family are driving out to the countryside to go walking on a nature trail. Mummy and Daddy show Peppa and George footprints belonging to little birds and ants. This comes in very handy when they need to find the car again to get their picnic. Everyone loves the nature trail but they love picnics even more.

  • Today the dentist will look at Peppa and George's teeth. Peppa and Georges's teeth are very clean but Mr. Dinosaur needs his teeth washed and polished until they are nice and shiny. George loves Mr. Dinosaur, especially now he has nice clean teeth. / Madame Gazelle takes Peppa and her school friends on a bus trip into the mountains and they all have fun hearing their voices echo and having a picnic. Things just get better when on the way home they all sing the 'Bing Bong Song'.

  • Peppa and her family are going ice-skating today. Peppa and George have never been before and Peppa finds it a little difficult. Mummy teaches Peppa to skate and soon she is having lots of fun. George can skate beautifully; he is a natural. Peppa and George love ice-skating. Everyone loves ice-skating. / The grass is very long in Peppa's garden. In fact, it's so long then when Peppa and George try to play outside they can't see each other. The grass is too much for Daddy Pig's rusty old lawnmower so he calls Grandpa Pig and asks to borrow his. Grandpa arrives with his lawnmower and the grass in no match for 'Betsy'.

  • Mr. Zebra the Postman is delivering the post and today he has brought his daughter Zoe with him. Zoe has a very special letter for George and Peppa; it's an invite to her birthday. Mummy Pig helps Peppa and George make a reply and then the two of them help Mr. Zebra deliver it. / The old cuckoo clock in Peppa and George's room hasn't worked for sometime. Daddy Pig winds up the clock and Peppa and George wait to see the Cuckoo pop out. George keeps missing the Cuckoo and as day turns into night Daddy Pig remembers why they hadn't wound the clock on for so long.

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