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The current hit by Disney known as Special Agent Oso is the series that was created by Ford Riley. The show first aired on April 4, 2009 and quickly became a hit among children of all ages. The show was first placed on the block for Playhouse Disney that was aimed more towards the younger generation of children who are preschoolers. When the Playhouse Disney block was removed and renamed to Disney Junior, it continued to air.

The voice of Sean Astin, the bear who is known as Oso is there to help children to simply perform a task such as blowing bubbles or to help them make a card. Other simple tasks are shown on the show like how to clean your room. The series is based on Oso and the friends he has while showing children the educational side of activities in a engaging way.

The boss of Oso, Mr. Dos is there to assign his mission however has never actually been seen. All Special Agent Oso hears is the voice of his boss which originates from his watch. The special agent Wolfie is there as a blue wolf who is one of the agents in charge of Oso and his training. Special agent Dottie will work along with Wolfie to oversee his training where there is a slight love interest between the two.

The show displays the tasks at hand by displaying the difficulties or the task for the day by Shutterbug. Shutterbug will first fly out and snap video or picture of the child that Oso is to help for the day and come back to Oso where his mission will be displayed for him along with the visual aspect of the assignment.

This show is great for children who would love to learn how to do something on their own without much assistance from their parents but does it in a way that makes the child feel as if they are learning to do on their own. Preschoolers and children slightly older love the cartoon and this is why it is so popular amongst mothers. Mothers like the idea that the child is actually learning independent skills from the series while the children simply believe they are watching a simple cartoon.

Special Agent Oso is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2009.

Where do I stream Special Agent Oso online? Special Agent Oso is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Special Agent Oso on demand at Amazon, DisneyNOW, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 60 Episodes
April 4, 2009
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Meghan Strange, Gary Anthony Williams, Sean Astin, Phill Lewis
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Special Agent Oso Full Episode Guide

  • Oso teaches a friend how to hit a baseball. / Oso shows some pals how to play Duck, Duck, Goose.

  • Oso teaches some friends how to dye Easter eggs. / A girl learns how to skip.

  • Handy Manny and his tools help Oso repair a broken bike.

  • Oso helps a girl feel more comfortable with her new babysitter. / Oso teaches a boy about potty training.

  • Oso teaches friends how to share. / Oso teaches friends how to use polite words.

  • Oso helps a girl make a paper fan for her mom. / Oso shows a boy how to connect the dots in a coloring book to make a picture.

  • Oso and his friends are accidentally shrunk and must discover how to return to normal size.

  • Oso teaches a boy how to cheer up a friend. / Oso helps friends decide between playing hopscotch or kickball by taking a vote.

  • Oso helps a girl make a sock puppet. / Oso creates a princess costume for a girl out of items in her home.

  • Oso teaches kids how to make tamales. / Oso helps friends choose, fill and hang a piƱata.

  • Oso agrees with Dotty to help set up the new moon beacon. Dotty tells Oso to bring her the last piece to put the beacon together. Oso tries looking for the piece, but he brings the wrong one. That's when a special alert is called. A girl named Madison is feeling sad because her best friend Aaliyah is moving away. Madison isn't sure if, or how, she can say goodbye to her best friend. Can Oso help the two best friends say goodbye to each other before Aaliyah moves to her new home?

  • Oso helps Professor Bufo test his new submarine's sonar. As Bufo goes to work on his aquapod, Oso tries to listen to the sonar and sound the alarm to signal Bufo. But while Oso listens to some music on Paw Pilot, he doesn't pay attention to the sonar and the submarine gets hit. That's when a special alert comes in. Oso teaches two friends in Taiwan, Mia and Lynn, how to play freeze dance so they can join the older kids. Will they learn the rules before the others begin the next game?

  • For Your Hands Only: Eun-Kyung learns to make a special handprint for her Mom's Mothers Day gift. Thunderbeam: Leah practices walking across a balance beam with Oso.

  • A View to a Fire Drill: Oso helps Marie and her friends with a practice fire drill. Thunderbelt: Maya learns how to buckle her seat belt.

  • Lost and Get Found: Oso helps Juan after he becomes separated from his mother at a department store. A View to the Truth: Lena learns how to tell the truth after breaking a vase and blaming the dog.

  • License to Order: Anastasija wants to order her own meal at a restaurant. Table Manners Are Forever: Zack learn table manners for a fancy dinner with Oso's help.

  • On Old Macdonald's Special Song: Henry learns how to play "Old MacDonald" on the piano. Snapfingers: Spencer and Nicole want to learn how to snap their fingers.

  • Live and Let Heal: Malcolm cleans a scratch on his knee and cover it with a bandage with Oso's help. Goldenfish: Oso helps Aidan learn how to feed his new pet goldfish Swimmy.

  • Greenfinger: Oso helps Makayla water plants. For Sleepy Eyes Only: Nadia's too excited to go to sleep thinking about her birthday party tomorrow, Oso helps Nadia learn how to relax and go to sleep.

  • Quantum of Sauce: Oso and Taylor learn how to twirl spaghetti and eat it without making a mess. The Girl With the Folded Clothes: Lydia wants to surprise her Mom by folding all the clean clothes in the laundry basket.

  • Dr. Throw: Rudy wants to learn how to throw a football. Nobody Plays 'It' Better: Oso helps Alexander and Elena play tag.

  • License to Sled: Henry and Hailey want to learn how to go sledding before their cousins arrive. Snowflakes Are Forever: Oso helps Gabriella make paper snowflakes to take to the Winter Festival.

  • For Angels With Snow: Liam wants to learn how to make snow angels for his Grandma. Dr. Snow: Oso helps Ethan make a snow globe.

  • Oso helps three kids prepare for three different holiday traditions.

  • A View To a Mask: Oso helps Kevin cut out and color a tiger mask. Pumpkin Eyes: Oso helps Navaeh and her dad make a jack-o'-lantern for a Halloween contest.

  • Colors Royale: Nicholas learns how to make green by mixing yellow and blue paint. Cleanfingers: Charlie learns how to wash his hands before dinner.

  • Quantum of Sandwich: Oso helps Dylan learn how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the school bus comes. Thunder Muffin: Sophie wants to finish making carrot muffins for the school bake sale.

  • Dr. Juice: Zoe and Alex want to learn how to squeeze fresh oranges to make juice for their mom. For Your Nose Only: Thomas wants to learn how to blow his nose all by himself and show his mom.

  • Goldputter: Ryan and Jayden want to learn how to play mini golf. Live and Leaf Rub: Sadie learns how to use white paper and crayons to make a beautiful leaf rubbing for Grandma.

  • Goldscooter: Harper learns how to ride her brand new scooter with Oso's help. The Boy with the Colored Crayons: Ivan learns how color a picture to show his Dad.

  • From China With Love: Oso and Rick want to learn how to use chopsticks for Chinese New Year's Eve dinner. Thunderbasket: Pete learns how to shoot a basketball with Oso.

  • Dr. Go: Dylan learns how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Oso. For Your Bed Only: Oso helps Kayla make her bed before Ashley arrives for a sleep over.

  • Recycling Is Forever: Oso helps Joshua learn how to recycle. Goldswinger: Natalie wants to learn how to swing all by herself.

  • Nobody Draws It Better: Anna wants to make her Daddy a new Valentine's Day card before he wakes up. Thunderbubble: Andrew wants to learn how to blow bubbles for his grandparents anniversary dance.

  • For Your Ice Only: Carina wants to learn how to ice skate. Coldfingers: Oso helps Christopher and Ashley make a snowman.

  • Goldfeather: Brianna wants to make a pinecone bird feeder and hang it in a tree. Live and Let Ride: Special Agent Oso helps Emma and her Dad find the school bus stop.

  • License to Chill: Oso helps Tyler make frozen juice pops for his sister to take with her medicine. Goldenfly: William catches a firefly before bedtime with Oso's help.

  • The Living Flashlight: Oso helps Theo and Oliver who need to get their flashlight to work before it gets dark. Sand Castle Royale: Katie builds a sand castle to surprise her mom with Oso's help.

  • Hopscotch Royale: John and Alexis want to learn to how to play hopscotch so Oso helps them. Goldringer: Oso teaches Chloe how to play horseshoes.

  • The Girl Who Cheered Me: Special Agent Oso helps Maria learn the team cheer. License to Twirl: Ava learns who to how to hula hoop with Oso's help.

  • For Show And Tell Only: Special Agent Oso helps Grayson get ready for Show and Tell. Piggy Bank Royale: Michele fixes her brother's broken piggy bank with Oso's help.

  • Octo-Puzzle: Jack puts his puzzle together to surprise his Dad with Oso's help. One Suitcase Is Now Enough: Special Agent Oso helps Cody pack his suitcase for a family beach vacation.

  • Dr. Off: Addison and her family save power and water with Special Agent Oso's help. License to Dress: Oso helps Frank get dressed for school all by himself.

  • License to Clean: Jake is looking for his soccer shoes in his cluttered room but can't find them, Special Agent Oso comes to the rescue. On Her Cousin's Special Salad: Oso helps Jade make a salad.

  • For Your Nice Bunny: Oso helps Jim and Mia get their pet bunny's cage ready for Show and Tell. For Pancakes With Love: Olivia makes pancake batter with Special Agent Oso's help.

  • Thunder Berries: Grace pick strawberries for her family's lunch with Special Agent Oso's help. Flowers Are Forever: Oso helps Caroline collect wildflowers and press them in a book.

  • Carousel Royale: Oso helps Cassie find her ticket and ride the Carousel. Leaf Raker: Dawson rakes up the leaves in his side yard with Oso's help.

  • Oso helps Michael wrap a birthday present and helps Quinn make a party hat!

  • Oso's Special Assignment is to help Joe find a library book on dinosaurs.

  • Live and Jump Rope: Special Agent Oso helps Abby learn how to jump rope. A View to a Kitten: Oso helps Aaron take a picture of his kitten for Grandpa.

  • Never Say No Brushing Again: Special Agent Oso helps Danny brush his teeth.The Girl with the Golden Book: Special Agent Oso helps Samantha put her favorite book back together after a page ripped out so that her mom can read her favorite bedtime story.

  • To Grandma With Love: Special Agent Oso helps Stacey when her birthday card for her Grandma falls out of her Mom's purse. Gold Flower: Special Agent Oso helps Molly plant marigolds for her Mom.

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