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Bessie Higgenbottom, a Honeybee girl scout, firmly believes that she will become a powerful superhero called The Mighty B if she can just collect all of the Honeybee scout badges. With her positive, upbeat attitude, how can she possibly fail? Bessie lives in San Francisco, California, wears her Honeybee uniform every day, and is super positive about everything in life. Bessie's best friend is a stray dog named Happy, who is eager to help. Her younger brother, Ben, aspires to be her sidekick, believing that Bessie will some day become the superhero she dreams of being. Bessie and Ben live with their single mother, who they are always eager to help.

This bright, energetic, animated series opened to critical acclaim, and was given generally positive reviews. It has received awards, and is loved by children, and adults, alike.

The Mighty B! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 2008.

Where do I stream The Mighty B! online? The Mighty B! is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Mighty B! on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Apple TV online.

Saturdays at 11:00 am on Nickelodeon
2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
April 26, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Amy Poehler, Dee Bradley Baker, Grey Griffin, Andy Richter
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The Mighty B! Full Episode Guide

  • Millie asks Bessie to turtle-sit Chester Turtleton while she goes on a trip. He soon finds out that life with Bessie is far more exciting than the life he knows with Millie.While playing pirate, Bessie and Happy find gold.

  • Bessie and Happy accidentally drink Hippie's magic hair potion and end up with massive amounts of hair and fur.When Bessie wins a radio contest and gets two tickets to a sold-out concert, everyone vies to be her Plus One.

  • When Portia calls Bessie "like, a robot," Bessie starts to believe it might be true.It's the anniversary of Bessie and Happy becoming Best Friends Forever, so they decide to celebrate by having a BFF commitment ceremony!

  • Bessie accidentally trips the fire alarm and must go on the lam from those looking for the Fire Alarm Fugitive.Bessie's got one last chance to earn her Stand-up Comedy Badge but no one seems to get her amazing jokes.

  • Happy accidently launches himself and Bessie into outer space 400 years in the future!To earn the Junior Policeman's Badge, Bessie and Happy go on a police ride-along.

  • Bessie persuades Ben to join a troop called the Gorillas, who are known for their thrill-seeking ways. However, cautious Ben backs out of one of their adventures, so Bessie fills in for him.

  • Ben mistakenly thinks Bessie's making Happy her Mighty Bee sidekick instead of him, so he decides he'll be her...arch nemesis! With the help of Mr. Pants (now Mr. Evil Pants), Ben turns to the dark side.

  • When Bessie discovers the other Bees think unicorns don't really exist, she sets out to prove them wrong.When Bessie adopts a weed-strewn stretch of highway and makes it a popular and beautiful road, Portia has to out-do her.

  • A mob of gangster fish kidnaps Penny. If Bessie doesn't act fast, Penny could end up sleeping with the fishes!While digging at the park, Bessie, Penny and Happy stumble upon a genuine dinosaur bone!

  • Bessie wants a surprise party more than anything, so she drops hints to all her family and friends to throw her one. Bessie takes Happy to get a doggie identity chip planted in him so that he'll never be lost. But when Happy emerges from surgery, he's eerily well-behaved. Eager to get her old Happy back, Bessie attempts to train Happy out of his good behavior.

  • When Bessie and Happy get caught up in a game of Jinx, it's all fun and games until someone gets into big trouble!One dark and stormy night, Bessie sets out to prove to Ben that boogiemen don't haunt San Francisco. If she happens to earn her Monster Squad badge in the process, all the better!

  • When Bessie accidentally drops a load of taffy, Mary Frances gives Bessie her first ever bee-merit. Since her record will never be perfect again, Bessie wonders what's the point of being good anyway? Bessie decides to house a swarm of bees in exchange for one harvest of honey. It's the perfect deal--until Bessie earns the Ever Elusive Beekeeping Badge and wants to move on.

  • When Happy refuses to take a bath, Bessie tries everything to trick him into taking one, but he's one step ahead of her. The only clear solution? A "paw-o-mano" stink-off.Happy keeps sneaking off-leash, so Bessie takes him on a deluxe tour of Alcatraz in hopes of scaring him straight.

  • Bessie gets an abnormally large filling in her tooth and discovers she is now a radio-signal receiving machine. With so many voices in her head, she can hardly be responsible for her actions!Bessie has a horrible, no-good, very bad day. When the Hippie theorizes it must be her "bad karma" Bessie vows to right all her wrongs--and almost kills her friends with kindness in the process.

  • When a disappointed Bessie has to dress up as a cat, instead of a pirate, for Halloween, she ends up getting into character way more than she expects. Meanwhile, Happy can barely restrain himself from attacking her!

  • When Bessie discovers she has a natural talent for macram?, she decides she must use this talent for good ? which means macram?-ing the whole city of San Francisco!

  • Bessie wants to get professional portraits taken with Happy. And for such a special portrait, only Fritz will do - the best photographer in the whole mall .

  • When Happy spies a humongous bone for sale in Hippie?s pawn shop, he decides he absolutely has to have it, even though he doesn't have the money for it. So when Bessie?s in the shower, Happy swipes her glasses and makes a trade ? glasses for the bone.

  • Penny?s feeling down in the dumps because she doesn't think she?s good at anything. Bessie makes it her mission to help Penny find her hidden talent which turns out to be? ping pong.

  • Ben is very particular about his food ? he doesn't like foods to touch other foods. As a concerned big sister, it is Bessie?s duty to break Ben of his food neurosis, and even by force if she has to.

  • Everyone in Honeybee Troop 828 has the Chicken Pox badge ' everyone except Bessie, that is.

  • Happy is constantly tired these days, and Bessie is starting to get worried.

  • Bessie and Happy get a little banged up while playing, so Bessie decides they both need to see the doctor. When Bessie sees Happy cowering in terror at the vet's office, she doesn??'t understand why Happy is acting so strangely ' after all, what's so scary about the doctor?

  • It?s summertime in San Francisco and the Honeybees are enjoying a day at the Rec Center pool when their peace is rudely interrupted by their rival troop, the menacing and cutthroat Oakland Dragonflies. Before they know it, the Flies are even claiming the rec center as their own, which means no more Honeybee meetings!

  • Portia is now 10 and a half, and to celebrate, she's having a fabulous birthday party. All the girls are having a great time at the party until Portia's new gold locket mysteriously goes missing!

  • Bessie is hosting a foreign Honeybee, Sissy Sullivan, who comes all the way from Boston.

  • It?s Mother?s Day, but Happy can't bring himself to celebrate with the Higgenbottoms because he doesn't know where his own mom is.

  • Finger sprains himself when Bessie tries an advanced origami maneuver.

  • When a psychic tells Bessie that she has the ability to see the future, Bessie can't wait to try out her powers. But things don't go so well when her fantastic predictions for Penny?s birthday party turn out to be a bust. It?s time for Bessie to take destiny into her own hands and make things right.

  • When Bessie and Penny attend their very first Bat Mitzvah and have the time of their lives, they decide that the fun can't end there ? they?re going on a Bat Mitzvah crashing spree! But when their hard-partying lifestyle begins to take its toll, they decide it?s time to call it quits? until they overhear Portia?s cousin, Chelsea, planning the Bat Mitzvah of the century!

  • For the Honeybee Science Fair, Bessie makes a robot that?s so good it?s bound to win her the Mad Scientist Badge.

  • Bessie and Penny get tricked into babysitting Gwen?s five rowdy little brothers.

  • The Honeybees are having a dog show, which is the perfect opportunity for Bessie to finally get the animal appreciation badge.

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