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Tak and the Power of Juju is a CGI cartoon loosely based on the video game series of the same name. The show follows the titular character Tak through his adventures in helping and protecting the Pupununu Tribe. Each episode of Tak and the Power of Juju is split into two 11-minute segments.

Tak does this mainly through the use of magical powers to summon mystical creatures known as Jujus. These Jujus vary wildly in form, demeanor, and abilities. Tak is often eager to use his talents to further the goals of the tribe though he has not yet mastered his powers. Frequently his attempts to help lead to accidents and mishaps, much to the chagrin of the other members of the tribe.

Accompanying Tak on his adventures is Jeera, his best friend and daughter of the village chief. The two often cross paths with Lok, the Pupununu Tribe

Tak and the Power of JuJu is a Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on August 31, 2007. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.4.

Tak and the Power of JuJu is available for streaming on the Nickelodeon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tak and the Power of JuJu on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Fridays at 8:00 pm on Nickelodeon
1 Season, 25 Episodes
August 31, 2007
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Kari Wahlgren, Lloyd Sherr, Hal Sparks, Maurice LaMarche
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Tak and the Power of JuJu Full Episode Guide

  • Tak's showing off at gratchball practice, hogging the ball and teasing his friends for playing like amateurs. Then, Tak's athletic dreams come true when a Gremlin team from the Juju realm invites Tak to join them. Tak is elated. He's a pro.

  • After an argument over who is prettier, Love Juju and Zaria decide to compete against each other in their own beauty pageant, with Tak as the judge!

  • Chief's been hiding his enormous earwax ball from everyone. And when Tak and Jeera discover the nasty thing, they know they have to get rid of it. Jibolba forgets about his annual Shaman's Test because Tak didn't give him the reminder letter.

  • It's Tak's birthday, and Jibolba gives him the mysterious gift of a... rock. However, Tak soon realizes that this is no ordinary rock. It's a magical crystal that transports him into the Juju Bizaar for the very for the first time

  • Tak and Jeera find an irresistibly cute, three-horned creature that can turn invisible, levitate, play music from his horns, and more. Tak is having nightmares of a scary monster and they are driving him crazy.

  • Performing a crazy stuny, Jeera breaks every bone in her body. Stuck in a body cast, Jeera begs Tak to fix her. When Tak helps Chief improve his chin-jo playing w/ magic, it results in the Chief captured by music loving apes

  • Tak and Keeko find a giant stone statue of Chief. Tak brings the statue to life having all kinds of fun with his new giant friend.Once a year, the Pupununu are visited by Phobia Juju, who makes them face their greatest fears

  • When the Chief demands that Lok retrieve the beautiful feather of the ferocious Pangtiddler bird for him, Tak is sent along to assist Lok on the dangerous quest. The pesky Devour Brothers are harassing all the Juju's.

  • It's time for the Pupununu's Annual Foot Dance Contest, and Tak is shocked when Jeera tells him that she is going with Keeko! Tak is horrified when Jibolba takes a trip and forces to him to have... a babysitter!

  • It's Wiblet Season again and Tak is determined to catch the impossibly fast Wiblet for the Chief to feast on.When the Pupununus keep thanking Tak for things he doesn't remember doing, he begins to think he's going crazy.

  • Keeko's never had a family, so when he finds a special connection with a jungle bird, he assumes it's his mother and father.Lok asks Tak to get the love-struck Slog off his back, and Tak obliges--a little too well.

  • The vicious Motikis have captured the Pupununu and taken over the tribe! However, Tak and a few lucky ones have escaped.When a prank-gone-wrong turns Zaria into a creepy creature, Tak and Jeera try to turn her back.

  • Jeera's been ditching Tak to attend a secret girls-only gathering in a hidden cave, and Tak is desperate to find out what's going on in there. Tak, Jeera and Keeko are tired of adults always telling them what to do...

  • Chief's getting sick of his responsibilities, asking Tak to make him young again to avoid work.After summoning Pugnacious Juju for some "fight training," Tak accidentally punches the Juju and absorbs his powers.

  • The Jujus have gone on vacation for one thousand years, and if Tak tells the tribe, they're sure to freak out!Out of nowhere, the Pupununu suddenly begin exploding! One by one, they poof into sparkles, never to be seen again

  • When a Juju gives Jeera with her own J-Runner (a Juju version of a car), Tak gets jealous.ibolba returns from vacation with a surprise - he's gotten married!

  • The tribe's supply of roast gratch is dwindling. And Tak and Jeera don't want their new pet to be next on the Pupununu menu.A terrible, three-headed monster called the Drykopf shows up in the village.

  • After Jeera jokes about how she could never fall in love with Tak, he decides to prove otherwise.Jeera's frustrated because Tak's been busy protecting Bleeta's home from animal attacks to hang out with her.

  • Though it's against the rules, Tak uses magic to remove his aching tooth, and the magic brings his tooth to life.Chief's been acting very strange lately - and Jeera's worried he's gone crazy!

  • According to a long-forgotten Juju tradition, the Pupununu Chief must battle a mighty creature in the Juju realm - the undefeated Big Boss - or risk world annihilation!The Pupununu have been plagued by pestering Zing Flies!

  • The Chief heads off on a trip, leaving Zaria in control of the tribe. Unfortunately, Zaria turns out to be a tyrant!When more bad luck plagues the tribe, scheming Blod and Bleeta convince the villagers that Tak is to blame!

  • When some important visitors take a liking to Tak, both he and the Chief get caught up in the flattering attention. To celebrate the tribe's recent good luck, Tak decides to throw a bash!

  • The ferocious Woodie creatures are planning to trash the Pupununu village during their annual rampage through the jungle.Tired of Lok bragging about his heroic feats, Tak decides to test him with an impossible task. As expected, Lok blows it... But unexpectedly, Chief banishes Lok for his failure!