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Following the widespread success of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nickelodeon's latest animated adventure continues the story in The Legend of Korra. Set 70 years after the original show, The Legend of Korra stars the world's newest Avatar, a girl named Korra from the Southern Water Tribe. Like her predecessor, Aang, Korra is able to control all four elements: earth, water, air and fire. At the beginning of the show, she has mastered water, earth and fire, but lacks the patience and spirituality required to master airbending. Korra must overcome her troubles with the element, however, or face dire consequences. Her world is changing, as technology advances and humanity flourishes, leaving many questioning the necessity of the Avatar.

Bored with her life of isolation and constant training at the South Pole, Korra eagerly awaits the arrival of her new airbending master, Aang's son Tenzin. Unfortunately, the visit is short-lived as Tenzin is called away to important business in his home, Republic City. Korra, frustrated and upset, makes her escape and follows Tenzin to the city. Upon her arrival, Korra quickly learns that no amount of Avatar training can prepare her for a life of politics and intrigue. She wanders the streets of Republic City with her polar-bear-dog Naga, until a collision with the local police force puts her back into Tenzin's custody. Korra convinces him to let her remain in the city to complete her training, and in the process meets a pair of orphaned boys who quickly become her fast friends.

Although she soon makes a name for herself playing Republic City's sport of choice, pro-bending, Korra is not welcomed by everyone. There is a growing anti-bending movement within the city, led by a mysterious group calling itself the Equalists. Their leader is a shadowy figure named Amon, gifted with a power that even Korra fears. The only way Korra can overcome the Equalists is by getting in touch with her past lives, including Aang himself: something she is hesitant to attempt. As if that wasn't enough, she must also learn to balance her training with the needs of her friends and the challenges of growing up. Action, romance and friendship are all blended together through superb storytelling and direction.

The Legend of Korra premiered on April 14, 2012, and is scheduled to run for 26 episodes over two seasons. The second season is expected to air sometime in 2013, and there has been speculation that a third may follow in 2014.

Saturday 11:00 AM et/pt on Nickelodeon
4 Seasons, 61 Episodes
April 14, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Anime
Cast: Janet Varney, Jeff Bennett, Dee Bradley Baker, P.J. Byrne
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The Legend of Korra Full Episode Guide

  • The fate of the Earth Kingdom and the Avatar's life is threatened when Korra comes face to face with Kuvira.

  • Team Avatar clashes with Kuvira on the streets of Republic City; Pema and Prince Wu help evacuate innocent citizens.

  • Korra and Team Avatar try to stop Kuvira from moving against Republic City; Kuvira unveils a deadly new weapon.

  • Bolin helps Opal and Lin save the Beifongs from Kuvira; Korra visits the Spirit World looking for help.

  • The spirit vines in Republic City start abducting people and it's up to Korra to figure out why.

  • A look back at Team Avatar's journey; Varrick tells the story of the greatest move ever made.

  • Korra returns to Republic City and Team Avatar faces their first mission together in three years when Prince Wu goes missing; Bolin and Varrick are on the lam.

  • Korra returns to her role as the Avatar, but is she really ready for action? Bolin and Varrick break from Kuvira's army.

  • Kuvira threatens Zaofu; Bolin is caught in the middle of the bad blood between Su Beifong and Kuvira.

  • Tenzin tasks Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo with a mission of the utmost importance - to find Korra.

  • Prince Wu's big day is ruined by Kuvira; Korra thinks she may have found the key to a full recovery.

  • Korra's three-year journey of healing takes her to unexpected locations.

  • It's been three years since Zaheer poisoned Korra and the members of Team Avatar have moved on with their lives; Kai and Opal help a struggling Earth Kingdom town.

  • After succumbing to the poison, Korra enters the Avatar State and battles Zaheer, while Bolin and Mako duel Ghazan and Ming-Hua. The captive members of the Air Nation escape and band together to help Korra and defeat Zaheer, who they manage to recapture. However, the poison in her system forces Korra in a wheelchair and the young Avatar slips into a state of depression. Jinora is anointed as an airbending master by Tenzin, who also proclaims that the Air Nation will return to its nomadic roots and serve as the world's ambassadors for peace and balance.

  • Mako and Bolin deliver an ominous message from Zaheer.

  • Team Avatar travels to Ba Sing Se to search for Airbenders.

  • Korra learns the truth about the group that is out to destroy her.

  • As Opal leaves for the Northern Air Temple to start her airbending training, Zaheer and his gang try to kidnap Korra. Although Korra's friends are able to prevent this following a climactic fight, they suspect that someone inside Zaofu has been aiding the enemy.

  • Tenzin tries to train new members while dealing with Bumi's attitude.

  • Korra practices metal bending. Lin takes an acupuncture session. Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua and P'Li escape Republic City.

  • Korra and her friends make their way to the metal city of Zaofo.

  • Korra discovers the Ice Queen's plan to recruit people.

  • Team Avatar journey to Ba Sing Se to look for airbenders.

  • Korra and Team Avatar attempt to re-establish the air nation.

  • In the third season premiere, Korra discovers that a major shift has occurred in the bending world.

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Epiaose 1: "A Breath of Fresh Air"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 3: "The Earth Queen"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 5: "The Metal Clan"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 6: "Old Wounds"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 8: "The Terror Within"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 9: "The Stakeout"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 10: "Long Live the Queen"

  • Go inside the making of Book 3, Episode 13: "Venom of the Red Lotus"

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