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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license has been around for more than two decades, spawning several iterations. The latest such iteration is the series that debuted in 2012. Much like the most recent movie, the '12 version of TMNT as a cartoon goes for a computer-generated design over normal animation.

Furthering the design choice is that each of the rat-taught turtles has unique designs and personality quirks, further differentiating them beyond his headband. Team leader Leonardo is not only known for his katanas, but is a fan of a cheesy 60's animated science fiction series and has wrappings around his hands and feet. Raphael is temperamental and still wields sais, but now keeps a pet turtle and has a jagged crack across his shell. Donatello still has an affinity for technology, but has a gap in his teeth and a crush on the teenage April O'Neil. Michelangelo is still a party animal, but has picked up a habit of giving all the mutated antagonists nicknames like Leatherhead or Snakeweed. Splinter maintains an august nature and teaches his students well, being referred to properly as "sensei." April is the daughter of a scientist who was captured by the cephalic alien race known as Kraang, and is also studying to become a female ninja, or kunoichi.

The series has several different antagonists with different goals. The Shredder longs for the destruction of the turtles and Splinter, using goons like the tech nerd, Baxter Stockman, an expy of Chuck Norris who winds up mutating as part wolf, and even his own daughter Karai, who tempts Leonardo. The Kraang have their own undisclosed goals but their plans always involve mutagen. They also have a unique way of talking to others and when giving orders.

Sunday 11:00 AM et/pt on Nickelodeon
5 Seasons, 106 Episodes
September 29, 2012
Animation & Cartoons
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Full Episode Guide

  • Karai looks for the famous Kuro Kabuto, claiming to be the real heiress of the Foot Clan, when she suddenly confronts a past rival.

  • The Turtles think they have defeated their former enemies, but they soon learn a new evil is rising.

  • With the demise of their beloved father and Karai incapacitated, the Turtles, April, and Casey infiltrate Super Shredder's new lair to put an end to Oroku Saki once and for all, no matter what it takes.

  • Splinter has to guide the turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals on the hunt to defeat his old foe.

  • A hazardous female mutant named Alopex shows up with a personal vendetta against Tiger Claw.

  • Raphael's bonding with little Chompy gets interrupted by the invasion of Tokka, who has come to Earth searching for him.

  • Donnie tests April and finds out her psychic abilities are intensifying.

  • The turtles are hunted while they are looking for their sensei.

  • The Turtles struggle as they fight the Super Shredder, who turns out to be a formidable opponent.

  • Mikey gains two new pals who are superheroes.

  • The turtles are trailed by Don Vizioso's group, who are carrying anti-mutant armament.

  • A crew of insect minions must be fought, and this requires Raph to overcome his fear of bugs so he can lead the turtles.

  • Leonardo secretly unites with Karai, putting himself in more danger than he predicted.

  • April turns into a full Kunoichi and encounters a new foe. Meanwhile, the turtles' old adversaries come back.

  • Fugitoid reveals a horrible secret from his past as the crew arrives at Earth.

  • The crew faces a challenging quest as they strive to obtain the last Black Hole Generator part.

  • When Raphael loses his fighting mojo, he must overcome his feelings to save his brothers from certain doom.

  • Donatello is feeling inferior to Fugitoid, but his intellect is put to the test when the Triceratons attack.

  • The Turtles journey through an ocean-like area of space.

  • The Turtles must gain the trust of the Utrom Council to find the next piece of the Black Hole Generator.

  • The turtles are taken and put into the hazardous Triceraton Arena.

  • When small aliens invade Mikey's brain, the turtles have to track them down by wondering through the crazy world of Mikey's mind.

  • The turtles go to a corrupt world.

  • A shark-like bounty hunter is hired by Lord Dregg to destroy the turtles, who choose to hide out in an abandoned space station.

  • Casey releases a wish-granting alien named Wyrm, who wants his freedom to do whatever he wants to the universe.

  • The Turtles and their enemy crash-land on an ice moon and they must put aside their differences in order to survive.

  • The fugitoid brings the gang to 6 months in the past in order to prevent the Triceratons getting the parts of the black hole generator that was used to destroy the Earth. However, after stopping to get fuel, they end up causing lots of trouble at the port.

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