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Danny Phantom is an animated series that follows the adventures of a normal boy, Danny Fenton, which receives ghost powers after an encounter with an odd machine in his parent's laboratory. Danny Fenton wants to live a normal life, but thanks to the interesting abilities he received from the accident that seems like a longshot. The series is an interesting take on the living-in-two-worlds idea by having a shy high-school boy have to deal with the pressures of being a superhero.

Of course, what good would a superhero be without a strong supporting cast? Danny's friends, the Goth girl Sam and technology friendly Tucker, help keep Fenton's alter ego Danny Phantom a secret. Even Danny's sister, Jazz, is in on the secret identity, which is a trick because young Fenton's parents are ghost hunters. Once all these crazy characters get tossed into the mix, it is not hard to see that things can get a little interesting at Casper High.

Danny Phantom breaks the traditional superhero mold by not requiring knowledge of an extensive backstory to enjoy what is going on in every episode. Each tale is primarily a stand-alone adventure, but Danny Phantom does develop an unusual assortment of colorful adversaries. Just like typical comic book superheroes, the villains of the stories are a mix of those with powers and those with not. Of course, as a normal boy, Fenton's troubles exist with teachers and popular students, but in ghost form his enemies can go from harmless to lethal in short order.

Just below the surface of the crime fighting superhero is the shy boy trying to fit in. The series is as much about Danny trying to fit in as a boy as it is his ghostly alter ego. As young people, Danny and his friends face the typical challenges associated with youth, including romance, grades, and relating to adults. Of course, the ghost hunting parents are often hot on the trail of their own son, which only adds to the challenge that the title character routinely undertakes. The action moves fast and furious when the teenaged ghost-boy is on the case.

Danny Phantom is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2004.

Where do I stream Danny Phantom online? Danny Phantom is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Danny Phantom on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Sling, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 51 Episodes
April 3, 2004
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: David Kaufman, Grey Griffin, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Colleen O'Shaughnessey
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Danny Phantom Full Episode Guide

  • Danny defeats Vlad in an outer space battle, prompting Plasmius to exact revenge, which he does by creating Masters' Blasters, a team of hip ghost fighters whose amazing prowess renders Danny Phantom unnecessary.

  • Monsters attack a creepy rundown summer camp that Danny, Sam and Tucker are forced to attend.

  • A strange headset transports Danny to an alternate world where he's a straight-A student, quarterback of the football team and he's dating Sam.

  • The Box Ghost is tired of being unappreciated as a terrifying ghost. Frustrated, he turns to the box belonging to Pandora, and every time he opens it he unleashes a new evil on the town!

  • Undergrowth, the ghost of all things plant-like and vegetative has taken over Amity Park - and turned everyone into plants. Danny must develop a new power to save Amity Park.

  • There's a new ghost in town - Amorpho, who can become anyone he sees. He decide to switch with Danny but when their powers collide, it makes a mess of things!

  • Amity Park is in the midst of a drought, and Mayor Vlad, releases Vortex, the weather ghost, to make it rain. But when Vlad double crosses Vortex, the ghost conjures a storm that threatens to drown Amity Park!

  • Danny is having problems navigating through the ghost zone. When he stumbles across a group of artic ghosts resembling yetis, he introduced to a map that can carry him anywhere. The yeti leader explains how some portals lead to different times throughout history. Meanwhile, Vlad bugs the Fenton home and sees Danny, Sam, and Tucker use the map. He then decides to chase them through time in hopes of finding a larger place to rule.

  • Danny helps pull a thorn out an abominable snowman-like creature who presides over the chilliest area of the ghost zone. To show his gratitude, Frostbite reveals to Danny the Infi-Map, a map of all the secret worlds.

  • A plant-loving ghost takes over Amity Park and brainwashes Sam into being his queen. At the same time, Danny receives a tutorial on his cool new power from Frostbite.

  • Vlad's up to something and it involves Danny. After he sends three ghosts to Amity Park to battle Danny Phantom, we find out that he's working on his creepiest project yet: a clone of Danny Phantom. So far, the clones he creates can't sustain their forms for very long, but Vlad is determined to succeed. Danny doesn't have long to worry about Vlad's ghostly visitors, however, because he's distracted by the appearance of Danielle, a cousin he didn't know he had. And then, Danielle reveals that she too has ghost powers-she's Dani Phantom!

  • Freakshow escapes from Jail and Danny accidentally reveals his secret to the whole world! Can Danny stop Freakshow?

  • A Goth transfer student from Europe named Gregor has come to Amity Park. Sam has one huge crush on him. Danny is envious of the growing romance among Sam and Gregor, though Danny isn't admitting it. However Danny's suspicions grow when the Guys in White - a group that Gregor is an undercover agent for, has come to Amity Park. Is Sam in danger of the Guys in White and Gregor?

  • Dani Fenton, Danny's female long-lost cousin is coming to visit. She also have ghost powers just like Danny. Danny, who is utterly confused, wants answers from her. However he finds out Vlad has been trying to create a Danny Phantom clone.

  • Vlad has relapse of his ecto-acne. Now to make sure Danny helps him with his cure, he infects Sam, and Tucker. This requires Clockwork's help with time travel. After Danny prevents Vlad's accident in the past, time is changed so that Vlad marries Maddie, and Jack has ghost powers and is going by the name of Jack Plasmius. Now Danny could go back in time and help his parents get back together but this could cause his friends to be sick again.

  • Sam enters a beauty contest. She soon finds out that the pageant organizer, Dora Mattingly is really the Dragon Ghost, and she plans to give the winner to her brother, Prince Aragon as his bride.

  • Danny and Valerie are having feelings they never had. However the only reason because this is Technus, who is trying to distract them both. Technus tries to crack a 1,000,000 digit code, that can take control over a satellite in space. Once Technus figures out the code he'll be in control of every computer realted thign in the universe!

  • Danny doesn't like the idea of Jazz fighting with him on Team Phantom. She is a lousy ghost fighter and tends to catch Danny, instead of the other ghost into the thermos. After a fight with Danny, Jazz goes to Wisconsin to Vlad because of Danny. Does she really hate Danny?

  • Danny hates Christmas, so while in ghost zone blowing up a Santa doll, he accidentally destroys the only copy of the Ghost Writer's book, "The Fright Before Christmas". To get even, the Ghostwriter puts Danny into his new book, forcing Danny to speak in rhyme and get blamed for destroying Christmas for the whole town.

  • Young Blood is up to no good now. Danny's parent think he is crazy because he always see a ghost and the others don't. Jazz decides to have the family go on an outing. However things don't seem to go too good.

  • Pariah Dark, the King of All Ghosts, is freed from a coffin by none other than Vlad Plasmius. With the Fright Knight as his pawn, the freed Pariah launches an attack on both the Ghost Zone and the human world. To stop the all-powerful king, Danny Phantom will have to team up with some of his greatest rivals, to save the day for everyone.

  • An annoying easy listening song has taken over Amity Park's radio stations. All the adults (and Jazz) have left town for a cruise, leaving the kids alone. Since there doesn't seam to be any one around to stop them, Sam, Danny, and Tucker decide to start an underground radio station.

  • Everyone at Casper High has been bitten with a ghost bug. However when they are taken to a hospital with a ghost shield, is there something else going on other then checking the patients?

  • After getting into a fight with Danny, Sam wishes she had never met Danny. However what happens when Desire grants her wish?

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