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The animated television series Kim Possible follows the adventures of a teenage heroine as she balances her life as a global crime fighter with her school and family life. Christy Carlson Romano voices the series' star, Kim Possible, who battles powerful villains alongside her best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable, voiced by Will Friedle.

Kim Possible was created by Robert Schooley and Mark McCorkle. The pilot episode premiered in the U.S. on Disney Channel in 2002, and was nominated for an Emmy award one year later. The show maintained high ratings over the course of four seasons and two made-for-TV movies, making it one of the most popular and longest running series on Disney Channel.

In the series, Kim Possible travels around the world with Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat, Rufus, as they work to thwart the evil plots of Doctor Drakken and several other recurring villains. In between battling her foes and spending time with her friends, Kim attends Middleton High School, where she is head cheerleader and a straight-A student dealing with typical teenage challenges.

Kim Possible is brave, athletic and highly intelligent. She lives with her parents and younger twin brothers in the town of Middleton. Kim's best friend and next-door neighbor, Ron Stoppable, is awkward and unpopular, but manages to help her on all of her missions, and eventually saves the world himself. He and Kim met when they were young children and grew to become best friends. In the final season of the series, their relationship evolves into a romantic one.

Kim Possible was well received by critics, and nominated for several Emmy awards during its five-year, 87-episode run. In 2005, it won an Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation. Although it was originally intended to be a children's series, Kim Possible also garnered many teenage and adult fans over the years. The series ran from 2002-2007.

A production of Walt Disney Television Animation. In the U.S. the series was shown on Disney Channel, Toon Disney and ABC. Each episode lasted 22 minutes and fit into a half hour time slot. The series was distributed abroad by Walt Disney Television Animation.

Kim Possible is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (94 episodes). The series first aired on June 7, 2002.

Where do I stream Kim Possible online? Kim Possible is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kim Possible on demand at Disney+, Amazon, DisneyNOW, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 94 Episodes
June 7, 2002
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Gary Cole, Jean Smart, Patrick Warburton, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry
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Kim Possible Full Episode Guide

  • Kim plans on throwing her cousin Larry a surprise birthday party, but she has to keep him busy until the party is ready. Meanwhile, Dementor enlists the help of his brother-in-law to steal Kim's battlesuit.

  • With Kim gone, it's up to Ron has to find the inner strength to save his girlfriend (and, oh yeah, the World.)

  • It's graduation day, and Ron is having some trepedation about leaving high school (and possibly leaving Kim.) Kim tries to asuage his fears, but it she's got some of her own! Things go from bad to worse when Kim and Drakken are kidnapped by an alien race with a grudge.

  • Rufus gets separated from Ron while they are on a mission in Greece and is pursued by Camille's amorous cat; Kim and Ron investigate a nanny academy that is creating an army of super babies.

  • Kim gets jealous when Ron and Bonnie are named homecoming king and queen.

  • Kim loses her memory when an attempt to save a memory-recovery machine goes awry.

  • Ron helps his younger sister Hana battle Monkey Fist.

  • Ron's boss asks him to watch his son; Frugal Lucre is released from prison and joins Drakken.

  • Ron is divided in two---a positive Ron and a negative Ron---when Mathter strikes him with his calculaser.

  • Kim and Ron go on a senior-class trip to a historic seaport where Drakken opens a treasure chest and becomes possessed by a pirate's spirit.

  • When Ron is assigned to write about his hero for English class and is told he can't write about Kim, he's at a loss! However, when he and Kim go up against the Mathter who uses his Calculaser to divide Ron in two, a positive Ron and an negative "anti" Ron. Now it's all up to Ron's dad to save the day with his math skills and show ron that he has a hero close to home.

  • Kim and Ron go on a senior-class trip to a historic seaport where Drakken opens a treasure chest and becomes possessed by a pirate's spirit.

  • Ron becomes convinced that he's liability to Kim after he makes some crime-fighting calculations; Drakken employs a corporate consultant.

  • Kim starts work at Club Banana, but she soon gets fired when shape-shifting Camille poses as Kim to steal the company's top designs.

  • Ron adjusts to his new baby sister, Han Stoppable, while helping Kim and Yori battle Monkey Fist.

  • Kim desperately searches for a new mission suit to wear while fighting crime after her original look is discontinued at Club Banana.

  • Ron gains a dangerous amount of weight by eating unhealthy meals when he tries to prove the food pyramid is a conspiracy. He also is transformed into a giant after he falls into a vat of serum during an investigation.

  • Jim and Tim take over mascot duties at the school, much to Ron's dismay; Drakken breaks out of prison with the help of an alien.

  • Kim's dad gives her an old car and the Tweebs trick it out; Motor Ed and Shego steal an experimental rocket.

  • Ron gives tips to Wade on how to woo Monique, but when they fail, Wade creates a Cupid ray to make Monique swoon. Unfortunately, the device falls into the hands of Señor Senior Sr.

  • Kim and her brothers team up to catch Camille Leon.

  • Ron needs a job, bad, and Junior is in need of help for his dads birthday.

  • Ron decides to steal Kim's supersuit for a football game coming up, and Professor Dementor steals the technology of Kim's battlesuit, after getting jealous.

  • A hotshot film producer decides to base his next movie on Kim and Ron.

  • Yori returns to enlist Ron's help in tracking down Sensei who has mysteriously gone missing. Kim's jealousy gets the better of her and she can't help but assume Yori is playing Ron when she smothers him with endless praise. Later we learn that DN Amy is behind the Sensei's disappearance and was counting on Ron and Kim to lead her to their only suspect, Monkey Fist --- DN Amy's one true love.

  • When Drakken's new mind control shampoo (lather, rinse, obey) fails to fly off grocery store shelves, he realizes that getting a mention in a famous rappers' tune will give his product the street cred it needs. Unable to find a willing rap artist, he takes up the challenge himself by entering an American Idol-styled contest with his own Drakken rap. Ron is forced to take the stage with the Naked Mole Rat Rap in order to keep Drakken and his song out of the winner's circle.

  • Dr. Drakken believes he has thought up his greatest scheme: he will sell brainwashing shampoo and take over the world through controlling those who use it. However, when nobody buys his shampoo, Shego inadvertently gives him the idea to try to get his product mentioned in a song. Unfortunately, when Drakken fails to convince a well known artist to sing about his project, he enters a reality television program in an attempt to sing about his shampoo; though Kim is one step ahead of him and she doesn't plan on letting him succeed.

  • Kim lands in library lock-up after she's nailed for an overdue, and mysteriously missing, book. Ron realizes that HE borrowed and lost the book and must back-track through a series of recent missions in an attempt to track it down.

  • Kim tries to occupy Ron when he shows signs of becoming obsessed with television. They go out to once again stop Dr. Drakken and Shego, but they accidentally get sucked into a television world by a Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer where Kim might just be thankful for Ron's newly acquired knowledge about television.

  • While pretending to be a "bad boy" to try to get a date for a wedding so that he won't have to sit at the children's table, Ron is accidentally switched with Dr. Drakken by an evil device causing Ron to become an evil genius and Dr. Drakken to become the epitome of all kindness.

  • Dr. Drakken and Shego have broken into a scientific laboratory and Kim has arrived in hopes of stopping them. However, when two microchips get knocked off a counter and land on both Kim and Shego, the two of them soon start to behave much differently than they normally do. Ron and Dr. Drakken attempt to deal with their new emotional partners, though Dr. Drakken eventually decides to exploit their emotional state in an attempt to defeat Kim Possible while she's vulnerable.

  • Dr. Drakken and Motor Ed decide to work together in order to build a vehicle that would be capable of defeating Kim Possible. Meanwhile, Kim is feeling left out because Ron and Felix have been spending so much time together, which causes Kim to look for other methods of spending her weekend.