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  • TV-G
  • 1960
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.9  (37,865)

Wizards of Waverly Place was a popular Disney Channel Original Series that premiered in 2007 and ran until 2012. The show followed the lives of the Russo family, who lived in New York City and ran a sandwich shop. However, the family's biggest secret was that they were all wizards, each with their own unique powers.

The show starred Selena Gomez as Alex Russo, the middle child and only daughter of the family. David Henrie played Alex's older brother, Justin, and Jake T. Austin played her younger brother, Max. Jennifer Stone portrayed Alex's best friend, Harper, and David DeLuise and Maria Canals Barrera played the parents, Jerry and Theresa Russo. Dan Benson played Zeke, a friend of Justin's, while Gregg Sulkin played Mason, a werewolf who became Alex's boyfriend later in the series.

Throughout the show, the Russo siblings attend a wizarding school and learn about magic while also trying to maintain a normal life in the mortal world. They often get into trouble due to misuse of their powers or trying to bend the rules. Alex, in particular, is known for her rebellious behavior and tendency to take shortcuts when it comes to magic.

The show was known for its humor and heartwarming family moments, as well as its creative use of magic. Each episode featured a new spell or magical problem that the Russo siblings had to solve. The show also dealt with themes such as sibling rivalry, growing up, and accepting responsibility.

In addition to the main cast, the show had several guest stars throughout its run. Bridgit Mendler appeared in multiple episodes as Justin's girlfriend, while Cindy Crawford played Alex's aunt who is a fashion designer. Bill Chott also had a recurring role as Mr. Laritate, the principal of the wizarding school.

Overall, Wizards of Waverly Place was a beloved show that captured the hearts of many viewers, both young and old. Its unique premise, relatable characters, and magical adventures made it a staple of the Disney Channel lineup for five years.

If you want to relive the magical adventures of the Russo family, you can Watch Wizards of Waverly Place Online on various streaming platforms. Whether you are a longtime fan or a new viewer, this show is sure to captivate and entertain you with its charm and wit. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your wand and get ready for an adventure!.

Wizards of Waverly Place is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (109 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1960.

Wizards of Waverly Place
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Family Wizard: Part 2
29. Family Wizard: Part 2
January 6, 2012
Alex, Justin and Max compete in a family game show to determine who will be the Russo family wizard! Part 2 of 2.
Family Wizard: Part 1
28. Family Wizard: Part 1
January 6, 2012
Alex, Justin and Max compete in a family game show to determine who will be the Russo family wizard! Part 1 of 2.
Who Will Be The Family Wizard
27. Who Will Be The Family Wizard
January 6, 2012
In the series finale, the three Russo siblings participate in a challenge to determine which of them gets to keep his or her powers.
26. Harperella
November 18, 2011
Harper gets transported inside a fairytale book and encounters her evil stepmother, Theresa, and stepbrothers Justin and Max. Her only way to return back home, is to rely on Alex, her fairy godmother.
Rock Around the Clock
25. Rock Around the Clock
November 4, 2011
The Russo's may lose the Sub Station when the owner of the building decides he wants to sell it. The Russo's and Harper go back in time to stop their grandpa (who originally owned it) from selling it to the current land lord.
Wizards vs. Everything
24. Wizards vs. Everything
October 28, 2011
Justin, Alex and Harper are trapped on the 13th floor while everyone else has been recruited to the dark side. Because she is not a wizard, Harper can escape and does everything she can to save her friends.
Get Along, Little Zombie
23. Get Along, Little Zombie
October 21, 2011
Mr. Laritate (who lives in the same apartment complex) discovers the 13th floor after Mason breaks the elevator and he his bitten by a zombie. Meanwhile, Felix's wand is stolen.
Ghost Roommate
22. Ghost Roommate
October 14, 2011
Alex and Harper's new roommate is a ghost who has a broken heart. They try to make her feel better and she starts liking Mason.
Wizards of Apt. 13B
21. Wizards of Apt. 13B
October 7, 2011
Alex and Harper move to an Apartment Complex that has a secret thirteenth floor for Mythical creatures and find out an old friend also resides here.
My Two Harpers
20. My Two Harpers
September 30, 2011
Alex decides to clone Harper so she can hang out with her without taking her away from Zeke. Max decides to open a Waverly Sub Station in the wizard world.
100th Episode - Alex the Puppetmaster
19. 100th Episode - Alex the Puppetmaster
September 16, 2011
Alex and Harper want to earn money to buy an apartment they can share, so they decide to put on a puppet show, but some things get out of control.
Justin's Back In
18. Justin's Back In
August 26, 2011
Justin Russo is invited to take a test to reenter the Wizard Competition, little does he know the entire thing was a facade set up by an evil wizard.
Wizards vs. Asteroid
17. Wizards vs. Asteroid
August 19, 2011
When NASA reports an asteroid is heading for earth, Alex, Justin, and Max attempt to save the world.
Misfortune at the Beach
16. Misfortune at the Beach
July 24, 2011
While at the beach, the Russo kids visit a wizard fortune teller and discover that Wizards' fortunes are always accurate. This unnerves Alex when her fortune tells her to say goodbye to her life!
Wizard of the Year
15. Wizard of the Year
July 8, 2011
When Alex wins the Wizard of the Year award for saving the world from the Angels of Darkness, Chase arrives to congratulate her. Envious, Mason stands up Alex at the banquet.
Beast Tamer
14. Beast Tamer
June 24, 2011
The group wins tickets to the Beast Taming event in the Wizard World and the famous beast tamer Chase Riprock becomes infatuated with Alex.
Meet the Werewolves
13. Meet the Werewolves
June 17, 2011
For some reason Alex is avoiding meeting Mason's parents. Meanwhile, Max accidently transforms his mom and dad into toddlers after trying to make thier food taste good.
Magic Unmasked
12. Magic Unmasked
May 13, 2011
Alex persuades her childhood hero, wrestler Muy Macho, to go back in on the action.
Zeke Finds Out
11. Zeke Finds Out
April 8, 2011
Alex helps Zeke when he attempts magic and is unsuccessful. But, When Zeke thinks he is a wizard, Harper threatens Alex to tell him the truth or she will do it her self.
Back to Max
10. Back to Max
March 11, 2011
Alex and Justin struggle to turn Max back to normal before Professor Crumbs discovers the truth.
Wizards vs. Angels
9. Wizards vs. Angels
February 18, 2011
Justin goes to the dark side to steal the moral compass when Alex discovers that Rosie is an angel of darkness. Meanwhile Tina and Alex try to stop the world from turning dark.
Dancing with Angels
8. Dancing with Angels
February 11, 2011
Justin, Alex, Rosie and Harper attend an angels club meeting. Meanwhile Theresa and Jerry enter Maxine in a beauty pageant.
Everything's Rosie for Justin
7. Everything's Rosie for Justin
February 4, 2011
Justin has an important test coming up, but instead of focusing he becomes distracted by new student. Meanwhile, the Sub Station is losing customers and Maxine's new promotion is getting taken advantage of.
Daddy's Little Girl
6. Daddy's Little Girl
January 21, 2011
Alex gets jelous when her dad is spending more time with Maxine than her. Meanwhile, Harper tells Zeke the Russo's don't like him.
Three Maxes and a Little Lady
5. Three Maxes and a Little Lady
January 7, 2011
Alex and Justin help Max try and get the wizard competition moved up a year.
Journey to the Center of Mason
4. Journey to the Center of Mason
December 17, 2010
Alex and Mason try to be just friends but that's difficult when Dean returns and Mason gets jealous. Meanwhile, Justin tries to motivate some wizards.
Lucky Charmed
3. Lucky Charmed
December 10, 2010
Alex continues her life as a mortal but it causes tension between her and Harper. Meanwhile, a magical robe of Jerry's is found torn into pieces .
Alex Gives Up
2. Alex Gives Up
November 27, 2010
Alex decides to sacrifice wizard training to spend more time with Mason. However, her new status as a mortal makes it dangerous for her to date a werewolf, and she is forced to break up with Mason. A family of Cucuys, Latino mythical monsters, invite the Russos to their yacht.
Alex Tells the World
1. Alex Tells the World
November 12, 2010
The fourth season begins with Alex telling the world that she and her brothers are wizards. She makes the declaration after she and her family escape from a government agency where they were being held captive.
The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex
0. The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex
March 15, 2013
The Russo family and friends are headed to Tuscany, Italy, to meet their long lost relatives... but when Alex tries to prove she's more than a seemingly carefree young Wizard, she inadvertently conjures a spell that creates a Good Alex and an Evil Alex. When Evil Alex gets roped into a charming young wizard's foreboding plan to take over the world, Good Alex must find a way to save her family and humankind, which leads to a monumental battle between the two versions of herself - all atop the Tower of Pisa.
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Wizards of Waverly Place is available for streaming on the Disney website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wizards of Waverly Place on demand at Disney+, Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1960
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (37,865)