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  • TV-G
  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons
  • 4.9  (14,396)

The hit Disney show, Shake It Up has become a worldwide phenomenon being watched by millions of people all over the world. The show stars two teenage girls, CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, played by Bella Thorne and Zendaya respectively. Their life long dream is to become professional dancers, and with the help of their friends and family, they are able to land roles on the popular television show, "Shake It Up, Chicago!".

Cece and Rocky experience a couple circumstances during each episode. Whether it is fighting with CeCe's younger brother Flynn or arguing with their nemesis' Gunther and Tinka. The two go through many challenges throughout each episode, but they always fix up every conflict that ever takes place. The best friends are your average television show duo who complements each other greatly. All of the stories are never connected, but there have been a few one hour episodes that have been split into two episodes.

Shake It Up often has guest appearances by popular celebrities and dance crews, as the show is all about the art of dance. Shake It Up has given young and coming dancers the chance to perform on their stage, so the show has opened many doors for dancers.

The main star, CeCe Jones is highly talented, glamorous, impulsive, and tiny. She doesn't do well at school, mostly because she suffers from dyslexia, but she truly is not a bookworm at all. She is known for being the street-smart girl of the duo.

Rocky Blue is also a glamorous girl, but she is sweet, tall, and smart. Rocky always tries to keep CeCe from doing the wrong thing since Rocky has the tendency to be a "goody two shoes". She did, however, step out of her comfort zone in an episode to prove that she too can be a bad girl. Her older brother is also a dancer, and he consistently dances in the show during every few shows. Rocky's real name is Racquel, but it was revealed in an episode that Cece had trouble pronouncing her name, so she decided to call her Rocky.

The show is taped in front of a live audience for some parts of the show while others are taped with no audience. Shake It Up premiered to more than 6.2 million viewers during its debut, and it received the second highest rated Disney series premiere aside from Mily Cyrus' show, Hannah Montana.

Shake It Up is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (81 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 2010.

Shake It Up
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Remember Me
26. Remember Me
November 10, 2013
CeCe wears ridiculously high heels in a fashion show and takes a dramatic tumble off the runway.
Clean It Up
25. Clean It Up
March 10, 2013
CeCe accidentally stains Georgia's wedding dress with self-tanning lotion. Meanwhile, Rocky makes a deal with Logan.
Haunt It Up
24. Haunt It Up
October 6, 2013
Rocky and CeCe decide it's time to grow up and forego typical Halloween festivities by knitting and watching tear-jerking movies. But they soon have a revelation that they are missing out on all the fun.
Loyal It Up
23. Loyal It Up
September 29, 2013
Gary Wilde hosts a new dance show.
Stress It Up
22. Stress It Up
September 15, 2013
CeCe writes a song that she will sing and dance to on Shake It Up, Chicago!
My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up
21. My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up
August 25, 2013
Rocky and CeCe decide to host a joint sweet 16 extravaganza, but their moms have different ideas for their party plans.
Oui Oui It Up
20. Oui Oui It Up
August 4, 2013
CeCe's plans for an indulgent family vacation in Paris doesn't go as planned.
Future It Up
19. Future It Up
July 28, 2013
Step into the future as Rocky and CeCe attend their 20th high-school reunion.
Psych It Up
18. Psych It Up
July 14, 2013
Cece believes a psychic's revelation.
Opposites Attract It Up
17. Opposites Attract It Up
June 23, 2013
CeCe starts crushing on James after their date.
Brain It Up
16. Brain It Up
June 2, 2013
Rocky is removed from her Honors classes.
In the Bag it Up
15. In the Bag it Up
May 12, 2013
Rocky, CeCe and Tinka divide the cost of renting a designer purse, but the bag soon becomes problematic. Meanwhile, Deuce's plans to win a bowling tournament with his dad are put in jeopardy by a mother-daughter team.
Love and War It Up
14. Love and War It Up
April 28, 2013
Rocky tries to persuade CeCe and Logan to be cordial to one another so she and Logan can date. CeCe finally agrees to try, but Logan just can't do it.
Switch It Up
13. Switch It Up
April 7, 2013
Tinka is responsible for Cecelia and Flynn switching bodies.
Forward and Back It Up
12. Forward and Back It Up
March 24, 2013
After Rocky saves Phil's life, he pays it forward by offering her a job dancing on "Shake It Up Chicago."
Do It Up
11. Do It Up
March 17, 2013
Logan attempts to discuss his relationship with Rocky, but Ty interrupts. Meanwhile, Georgia's wedding is threatened.
My Fair Librarian It Up
10. My Fair Librarian It Up
February 24, 2013
CeCe and Rocky help Miss Burke get on Mr. Zigfeld's good side. Meanwhile, Flynn builds a soapbox car.
Ty It Up
9. Ty It Up
February 17, 2013
CeCe and Rocky must auditon to remain on the show.
Quit It Up
8. Quit It Up
January 27, 2013
CeCe lands a humiliating job dancing at the mall, but is out to prove she's not a quitter. Meanwhile, the girls hear a big update about the fate of their show.
Oh Brother It Up
7. Oh Brother It Up
December 13, 2012
Rocky and CeCe get jobs at Bob's Kabob's working for a really strict manager.
Home Alone It Up
6. Home Alone It Up
December 9, 2012
Rocky is supposed to be watching Flynn, but somehow can't find him.
Merry Merry It Up
5. Merry Merry It Up
December 2, 2012
Georgia announces that she has decided to break up with Jeremy, which pleases CeCe.
Lock It Up
4. Lock It Up
November 11, 2012
Rocky's gets a gig for the girls at the hospital.
Spirit It Up
3. Spirit It Up
November 4, 2012
Rocky and CeCe become members of the spirit squad; Flynn meets a new neighbor.
Funk It Up
2. Funk It Up
October 28, 2012
Rocky appears to be dealing well without Shake It Up, Chicago! in her life, but CeCe is a mess.
Fire It Up
1. Fire It Up
October 14, 2012
Rocky and CeCe receive news that the entire Shake It Up, Chicago! studio has burned to the ground.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 31, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    4.9  (14,396)