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Do you enjoy learning new things in science? Do you have children of any age who enjoy science? Do you home school your children? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will want to watch the science television series "Bill Nye the Science Guy". "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is a wonderful science television series for the whole family. Some people may think it was made just for the elementary school aged children, but the whole family will learn new things by watching it. This show will keep your attention no matter how young or old you are.

Each show is about a specific science area, like plants, animals, or minerals, to name a few. Bill Nye will explain what he is talking about in simple, easy to understand words. He wants even the youngest viewers to understand what he is talking about. He really cares about his viewers learning some science each and every day. Bill's care and enthusiasm shows and helps make even the youngest viewers want to learn what he is talking about that particular day and show.

In each episode Bill Nye will do an experiment dealing with what he talked about during the beginning of it. He makes the experiments easy to understand and do. All the experiments he does can also be done at home. This will allow the viewers a hands-on experience in learning the science area he had talked about on the episode. Doing these experiments at home, or even just watching Bill Nye do them on the episode, are really fun for the younger viewers.

No matter how old or young you are and your children are, "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is a family friendly science television show. You and your family will learn new science stuff by watching this series.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on October 27, 1995.

Where do I stream Bill Nye the Science Guy online? Bill Nye the Science Guy is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bill Nye the Science Guy on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
October 27, 1995
Kids & Family
Cast: Ivyann Schwan
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Bill Nye the Science Guy Full Episode Guide

  • Bill Nye shows all kinds of unexpected places where magnets can be found. In fact, the Earth itself is a huge magnet! Find out how to make a compass and why opposites attract.

  • You won't believe you eyes when Bill Nye reflects, refracts, bends, bounces, absorbs, and pulls light waves to show how things can be seen in different ways.

  • Have you ever wondered what holds the ocean on the Earth? Or what makes the Earth round? Host Bill Nye provides the explanations for these and other questions about the Earth's gravity.

  • Bill Nye illustrates how various types of transportation utilize friction, from traction in trains and the "roll" of ball bearings in skateboards and automobiles, to the lack of friction in a hovercraft.

  • Get a lesson in "Do-It-Yourself Science" from Bill Nye himself and learn how you too, can conduct scientific experiments.

  • Have a blast watching the explosive examples Bill Nye uses to explain how everything is made of chemicals.

  • Bill Nye travels to Arizona's stunning Sonoran Desert to explore this unique ecosystem and demonstrate the special ways its native plants and animals flourish.

  • Bill Nye goes planet-gazing and takes a serious look at Jupiter's features, Earth's elliptical orbit, and the distances between planets. Cool home demo shows how to make Mars soil.

  • Bill Nye sheds light on solar flares, eclipses, sunspots, fusion, and solar energy, and visits an enormous solar energy farm outside Sacramento, California, to demonstrate how the sun is the source of energy for all living things on Earth.

  • It's easy to see why some people hate storms. They're big, loud, and often accompanied by rain. But without storms to distribute heat, the tropical regions of the Earth would be too hot to inhabit - and the sub polar regions too cold.

  • Bill Nye demonstrates the importance of recycling and developing innovative solutions to combat pollution.

  • This episode finds Bill Nye going to the depths of the Earth (literally) to explain how the Earth's surface and its inner mantle differ.

  • There's something in the air in this episode as Bill Nye The Science Guy talks about the atmosphere, its five different levels, and how it protects the Earth. Bill also soars into the heavy topic of atmospheric air pressure and radio waves.

  • Bill Nye delivers hot sand from Saudi Arabia and bananas from humid Costa Rica, all to explain how different climates are created and how they affect our planet.

  • Find out what makes big pieces of the Earth's crust (the plates) move and what you should have on hand in case of a quake. Bill Nye also visits with scientists who study and measure earthquakes.

  • There is a good chance this will be one of Bill Nye's best episodes_4-18! If fact, he'll probably make the complicated concept of probability very simple to understand, while showing how it allows us to predict events.

  • Bill Nye gets aerobic about the importance of respiration when he jogs, bikes, swims, and scuba dives. Discover how to measure how much air each breath contains and make a model lung in a nifty home experiment.

  • A peep of chickens, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, and a crowd of people - they're all populations! Bill Nye explores how these living groups compete for food, homes, and space.

  • Bill Nye branches out and gets to the root of the matter to explain wild things about plants, such as how they breathe, make food, defend themselves, and move their seeds.

  • Bill Nye goes underwater to talk about ocean ecosystems and the importance of organisms such as coral, plankton, and kelp.

  • They're (sometimes) big, they're hairy, and they're warm-blooded. From human to moose and from cat to rat, Bill Nye explains what it takes to be in the mammal family.

  • Bodies of water surrounded by land on all sides are called lakes if they're large and ponds if they're small. Where does all that water come from? Bill Nye ponders this and many other freshwater questions in this exciting program.

  • Bill Nye will check out this important muscular pump's function in the body by pulling nine "Gs" with the United States Navy's Blue Angels and chatting with Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez.

  • Join Bill Nye as he explores the chromosomal world of DNA and visits a veterinarian from Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo who helps save endangered animals using gene technology.

  • Watch Bill Nye become tangled in a complex food web in his quest to demonstrate that all living things depend on other living things to survive.

  • Bill Nye shows that flowers are more than just pretty faces. They make seeds, play a key role in pollination, and help plants to reproduce.

  • Bill Nye compares primordial to present when he dabbles with Darwin and looks at his genes in this evolutionary program.

  • Bill Nye explains to viewers how the body's digestive system is like a fine-tuned machine that turns food into energy.

  • Check out a millipede who walks by coordinating the movement of its 200 feet, and other creatures who move around without a leg to stand on!

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