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Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn is a US comedy targeted towards a tween and teen audience as it tells the story of a ten year old girl, Dawn Harper, and her family. Although Dawn may seem as though she is a normal girl facing everyday problems with her family, she finds her life is complicated by the fact she has three brothers and are all quadruplets.

Dawn sees her life complicated by the fact she is tired of being so closely linked to the lives and events including and caused by her brothers. Throughout the series, Dawn and her three brothers, the titular Nicky, Ricky and Dicky, are constantly fighting and feel as though they share little in common. The parents of the Harper family, Anne and Tom, continually strive to bring their children together to work and play with each other. Events consistently fight over events, but somehow find the time and effort to work together, usually to hide a problem from their parents.

Saturday 8:30 PM et/pt on nickelodeon
8 Seasons, 76 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Children, Comedy
Cast: Aidan Gallagher, Casey Simpson, Lizzy Greene, Allison Munn
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Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Full Episode Guide

  • Nicky, Ricky and Dicky accidentally turn Dawn into "BeyDawncĂ©'' using techniques they've learned in their human behavior class to help her overcome her fear of auditioning for the Glee Club.

  • A misunderstanding almost causes the quads to break up Mae and Miles and disrupt the boys' plans to attend a wrestling match.

  • When the quads destroy their school, they must join a new one midsemester; as they try to fit in at the new school, they must keep their friends from discovering they destroyed the old one everyone loved.

  • The Harpers get a new gadget that runs their entire household, but the quads take things a little too far when they are left alone with it.

  • Ricky is accepted into a junior astronaut training program, but only if his siblings join him.

  • The quads try to take the perfect picture at their Aunt Jackie's farm to best their rival quadruplets, the Kramdens, but end up hurting their aunt's chances to win a contest in the process.

  • The Quads accidentally force out the easygoing gym teacher ruining the class for everyone. They think they've fixed everything with the perfect substitutes: Tom and Anne, but soon realize their parents have made things worse!

  • When Dawn and Mae get incredible summer jobs at Bouderly Hills Country Club, the boys become jealous and they try to spoil their summer vacation.

  • Dawn almost has a big secret revealed when the boys try to impress some girls by putting on a talent show for charity. Guest Star: Ricardo Hurtado

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