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Bizaardvark revolves around two teenagers named Frankie and Paige. They post funny videos and songs online on their home computer. They end up acquiring over 10,000 subscribers and gain something of a following. The site that they post their videos on, Vuuugle, invites them to film their shows in a shared studio with other contributors to the Vuuugle site.

The themes of the show revolve around social situations and the internet. One episode deals with being who you are and owning up when you make a mistake. Another episode deals with internet trolls and how to deal with online bullying.

Disney Channel
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
June 23, 2016
Cast: Olivia Rodrigo, Madison Hu, DeVore Ledridge, Ethan Wacker
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Bizaardvark Full Episode Guide

  • When Paige and Frankie learn Vuuuglers get into feuds for publicity or subscribers, they decide to start a feud with 13-year-old MMA fighter Vicki "Thunder Foot" Fuego.

  • After Paige convinces the volleyball coach to put Amelia on the team, the DIY Diva's ego lands the volleyball team in a match against the state champions.

  • When Paige's childhood best friend Izzy comes to town, Paige becomes envious of how well Frankie and Izzy hit it off and starts to feel like the third wheel.

  • When Bernie becomes fed up with his grandmother treating him like a baby, he decides to move out and stay with Frankie.

  • Dirk undergoes a crisis as to the direction of Dare Me Bro! Paige and Frankie struggle to stay awake with the new somnolent science teacher.

  • After visiting Belissa at her new military academy, Paige and Frankie learn that she has escaped, apparently intent on confronting the other claimant to the title of Bizaardvark's greatest superfan--Principal Karen!

  • The Bizaardvark girls and their friends are enjoying the holiday party at the Vuuugle building, until an evil army of killer robots crash the festivities.

  • The power goes out at Vuuugle during a scary movie.

  • Paige and Frankie become the Promposal Masters of Sierra High until a lofty promposal ask from Bernie jeopardizes their perfect record AND their friendship.

  • Paige and Frankie plan to enter a model satellite in the Sierra High Science Fair--their one problem is finding someone to build it for them.

  • The Bizaardvark girls bet on which will last longer, Frankie always answering "Yes," or Paige always answering "No."

  • The group is forced to put on an entire musical about softball in order to save face with Dirk.

  • An attempt to get Frankie's dad back into the dating scene goes horribly wrong when he snags a date with Frankie's English teacher.

  • When Paige and Dirk decide to go camping with Bernie and his Grandmother, Frankie and Amelia are left behind to formulate their own weekend plans.

  • Against Frankie's advice, Paige decides to free Sierra High's mascot, Hawk the Owl, while at Vuuugle, Dirk and Bernie are pitted against Amelia and Alisha Marie by the devious machinations of Patrick.

  • Paige and Frankie's first big argument turns personal, meanwhile Amelia is asked to perform a dance in front of the entire school, and chooses Bernie to be her unlikely partner.

  • Paige and Frankie find themselves questioning whether they should make a new video based on Paige's crush.

  • Frankie finally gets to spend some quality time with her dad, but she's having a hard time balancing family time, school and making Bizaardvark videos with Paige.

  • An embarrassing Bizaardvark video insights a Paige and Frankie moral dilemma when the video unknowingly catches vandalism at the school.

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