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In this Disney channel original series that is a spin off of the hit series Jessie, characters reprise their roles. Three siblings, Emma, Rava, and Zuri Ross, leave New York for camp Kikikawa in Maine. Apparently their parents met at this camp years ago when they were teenagers.

Emma and Rava are given the title of CIT, camp counselors in training. The two have to learn how to become responsible role models for their fellow campers. Meanwhile Zuri quickly makes new friends with a studious girl, Tiffany, and a boy who is a compulsive liar, Jorge.

Their lives will greatly differ from the busy streets of New York during their stay at summer camp. However trouble adjusting is not a problem for the siblings when they are they are introduced to their fellow camp goers. The head counselor, Lou, and camp heart throb, Xander, quickly take in the siblings and help show them the ropes. They feel comfortable in their new home away from home and fit right in.

The camp's owner Gladys serves as the series' antagonist. She has a decade-old rivalry with their mom and takes it out on the siblings. Her niece, Hazel, helps keep an eye out to try and catch even the slightest mistake they may make.

The series will air on the Disney Channel and premiers right after the Disney channel original movie, Descendants.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Disney Channel
2 Seasons, 42 Episodes
July 31, 2015
Comedy, Family
Cast: Peyton List, Karan Brar, Skai Jackson, Miranda May
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Bunk'd Full Episode Guide

  • To celebrate their last night at camp, the kids go on an overnight camping trip. Ravi and Emma take their final tests to become counselors.

  • As the camp comes to a close, Griff receives life-changing information.

  • It's time for Camp Kikiwaka’s annual “Cabin of the Year” competition.

  • When Tiffany's mother comes to visit, the Woodchucks try to help Tiffany pretend that Camp Kikiwaka is a camp for geniuses. Meanwhile the Grizzly cabin hunts Big Stinky, the camp's skunk nemesis.

  • Emma, Tiffany and Zuri are upset when Lou's new puppy, Chuck, destroys the Woodchuck cabin. Meanwhile, Ravi encourages Jorge to do his best to set a camp record in order receive a plaque.

  • When Lou decides to leave Camp Kikiwaka after she learns about the passing of her dog, the campers get together to help her realize how much she means to them.

  • After disregarding Ravi's guidelines when on a hike, Zuri, Tiffany and Jorge get into a muddy situation. Meanwhile, Lou finds herself smitten and imagines what her life would be like in 1916 with her crush.

  • Lou is starstruck when her hero, the legendary Christina Ross, visits Camp Kikiwaka; the boys from Grizzly Cabin head out for an overnight camping trip.

  • When Murphy challenges the kids to cook the camp dinner, Zuri masterminds a heated competition between the counselors and the CITs.

  • It's holiday time at Camp Kikiwaka and everyone is in good spirits except for Griff.

  • A mysterious, toxic fog overtakes Camp Kikiwaka resulting in bizarrely altered personalities.

  • Zuri helps Xander make a music video in the hopes of turning him into a social media star. Ravi and Lou try to do something nice for Griff.

  • Zuri, Jorge and Tiffany seek help from an unexpected camper to help restore an abandoned tree house they found as their new hangout. Meanwhile, Emma and Lou, Ravi and Xander get competitive during a friendly game of billiards.

  • Things get scary at Camp Kikiwaka when the campers start disappearing one by one. When they finally uncover the culprit with the axe to grind, he takes them on a thrill ride the campers will never forget!

  • Luke returns to camp and takes Griff and Zuri on an adventure to prove he's just as dependable as the other CITs.

  • When Jorge wins a short story contest and is awarded a dinner with his favorite horror novelist, Stephanie Queen, he decides to bring along a few of his fellow campers for the thrilling experience. Meanwhile, Xander must act as referee between Emma and Ravi.

  • To Zuri's dismay, Hazel makes her a CIT in the Weasel cabin. Jorge and Griff convince Ravi that the camp's horse has a hidden talent.

  • Lou assigns Zuri and Emma to barn duty. Meanwhile, the boys discover that Gladys is hiding a secret in the woods.

  • Tiffany and Zuri each hope to dance with a cute boy at Camp Kikiwaka's annual dance. Meanwhile, Emma learns that Lou and Xander have a history.

  • The Ross kids return to Camp Kikiwaka for the summer and are surprised by some of the new changes??"Ravi has a new bunkmate and Woodchuck cabin has a new counselor!

  • Emma and Xander are faced with a dilemma when his dad wants him to leave camp for football training.

  • When Gladys announces that Camp Kikiwaka may close, Emma, Xander and Lou attempt to save it.

  • The campers learn about Olga, the daughter of the camp founder whose ghost supposedly haunts Kikiwaka. A camp wedding may be the only way to rid the camp of the ghost.

  • Emma and Jorge help Ravi when he starts dating a girl who is his polar opposite. Meanwhile, Zuri and Tiffany try to return an eagle egg to its nest.

  • Lou develops a crush on a handsome young lumberjack.

  • Emma and Zuri clash when trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Tiffany. Meanwhile Ravi and Jorge fake injuries to get out of a volleyball tournament.

  • During an overnight camping trip, the kids must rely on their survival skills after Emma and Xander get lost in a cave.

  • After the campers think they see a UFO land in Lake Kikiwaka, Jorge and Tiffany become suspicious of a new boy. Meanwhile, Emma and Ravi get evaluated by the camp counselors.

  • Ravi helps Luke with summer school and reunites with his siblings; Camp Kikiwaka and its rival engage in a turf war.

  • When Xander and Ravi realize that Jorge is homesick, they recruit Emma, Zuri and Tiffany to cheer him up.

  • Emma infiltrates the "Counselors' Night Out" party to eavesdrop on Xander, leaving Ravi in charge back at camp.

  • Jorge is sure he's found the real Santa when the gang gets lost in the woods. Emma has a hard time coming up with the perfect gift to give to Lou.

  • Ravi and Tiffany get video proof that the Kikiwaka exists! Emma and Lou try to outsell Hazel at the Kikiwaka Day Festival.

  • Emma persuades Lou to become friends with Hazel. Meanwhile, a TV producer gets Ravi, Zuri and Tiffany to hunt the legendary Kikiwaka monster.

  • When Zuri secretly keeps her cell phone beyond the allotted amount of time, it prompts Hazel and Lou to conduct a camp-wide search. Knowing Zuri still has it, Emma is stuck between busting her sister and lying to her new BFF Lou. Meanwhile, Ravi and Tiffany are duped into making a cell phone tower hidden in the new camp totem pole.

  • When Emma and Xander team up for the fishing competition, they soon realize they don't have much in common. Meanwhile, Zuri and Tiffany devise a plan to steal fish from the mess hall to submit in the competition.

  • When Emma and Xander misplace the camp spirit stick, bad luck descends upon all the campers! Meanwhile, Jorge and Tiffany try to teach Ravi how to swim.

  • Emma and Zuri are at each other's throats, so Lou sends them out in a canoe in the middle of the lake to work out their differences.

  • Ravi becomes skeptical when he overhears Xander's plans for his first date with Emma. Meanwhile, Zuri and Jorge secretly sell candy and video games to the campers.

  • In the series premiere, The Ross kids arrive at Camp Kikiwaka. The camp's owner Gladys, seems to be even scarier than a legendary creature that stalk the camp. With the help of her niece Hazel Heidi, the two are out to get the Ross kids, due to an old rivalry with Christina Ross.

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