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Stuck in the Middles is the newest teen oriented series put out by the Disney Channel. The show stars Jenny Ortega as Harley Diaz. Harley is actually the middle child in a family of seven kids. Now a teenager Harley deals with the issues that most teenage girls does along with dealing with finding her place in such a large family where she is as the title states stuck in the middle.

One way that Harley is dealing with coming from a large family and the outside world is through her love and interest in engineering. This is focused in the preview episode that aired in February of 2016. Harley won a young inventors award for her invention which is table ideal for a family such as hers. The presentation is to take place in the park and she wants her whole family to attend. There is just one problem that anyone coming from a huge family can relate to. Turns out there is a conflict in the schedule because one of Harely's brother's has a basketball game the very same day. So, does Harley's family make it to the park for the presentation? It's a Disney Channel series what do you think? Yes, of course they did, so the first episode ended in a happy way. Which might show the direction Stuck in the Middle may take going forward.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Disney Channel
4 Seasons, 36 Episodes
February 14, 2016
Cast: Jenna Ortega, Ariana Greenblatt, Ronni Hawk, Kayla Maisonet
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Stuck in the Middle Full Episode Guide

  • Harley tries to prove her babysitting skills by watching Beast, Louie and Daphne on her own.

  • When a superstar golfer shows up at the Bait and Bite looking for a place to stay, Harley decides this is the perfect opportunity to raise money for a dream family vacation.

  • It's Halloween and Harley is determined to prank Rachel, the one person in the Diaz family she's never been able to scare.

  • Harley befriends the new girl in school, but the friendship becomes strained when Ethan befriends her too.

  • The girls have to share their room with Daphne after her playhouse is thrown away.

  • When the parents leave it up to the kids to decide who will move into the new bedroom in the attic, the kids compete in a "Diaz Decathlon.''

  • The Diaz family hosts Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez for a dinner that spins out of control.

  • Harley and Suzy volunteer at a local retirement community.

  • Harley tries to save Ellie from being sent away to boarding school.

  • Harley, Rachel, Georgie and Ethan attend their school spring formal dance, while Lewie and Beast camp out at home in the backyard.

  • The kids go technology free for an entire weekend.

  • After discovering a shocking truth about Beast's birthday, Harley throws him a party that causes contention between the twins.

  • The Diaz kids work together to save their family holiday traditions from disappearing.

  • The kids have a garage sale to raise money for a pool.

  • Harley's Slushy Shack encounters new competition which escalates into a full-scale slushy war.

  • It's picture day, and true to form, things go awry for Rachel, Georgie, Ethan and Harley.

  • Harley and Ethan partner up to make a TV commercial for their dad's store.

  • Harley wins a free family trip to a waterpark for his winning invention.

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