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This television show is a comedy about two stepbrothers and the funny situations they get into at home and at school. The story takes place in San Diego, with the television family consisting of the two teenage boys, their younger sister, Megan, and their mom and dad. Drake and Josh aired on the Nickelodeon Channel from January 2004 to September 2007, giving it a 57-episode run, which was largely due to its huge popularity among teenage viewers.

Slapstick pratfalls, light-hearted humor and teenage situations make this show very appealing to kids of all ages. Megan, a pre-teen, continually pulls pranks on her brothers and always outsmarts them, even though the boys are several years her senior. Each episode revolves around the boys, with their hilarious sister appearing about half of the time, while their parents make limited appearances.

Much of the comedy derives from the differences between the two brothers; Drake is a suave, popular kid who is not as smart or clever as his brother Josh is, the more serious of the two. While the boys have differences between them, they always unite in retaliating against younger Megan, who is very sharp and seemingly light-years ahead of her brothers. Side-splitting humor abounds on this show, although, it leans toward teenage humor.

The show won many honors at the Kid's Choice Awards, which is similar to the Academy Awards, however, the voters are children. The Drake and Josh show went into syndication after its initial production run and now appears as reruns on cable television channels. Additionally, three made-for-television movies were made about these lovable, accident-prone brothers.

Drake & Josh is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 2004.

Where do I stream Drake & Josh online? Drake & Josh is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Drake & Josh on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 57 Episodes
January 11, 2004
Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Nancy Sullivan, Jonathan Goldstein, Miranda Cosgrove
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Drake & Josh Full Episode Guide

  • Drake wins a free skydive off a helicopter and goes off to do it despite his parents saying no. Josh, being the good brother he is, tries to stop him, but ends up going along for the ride. This fun time in the sky are a true downer when they accidentally lose their pilot and things spin out of control.

  • The brothers enter a local dance contest, but Josh ends up solo when Drake steals his dance partner.

  • Soon after landing a recording deal, Drake fires Josh as his manager when Josh signs away creative control on a song. To spend more time with Josh, Mindy gets a job at the movie theater, which backfires when their boss makes her assistant manager.

  • After Bellview High nerd, Eric Blonnowitz accidentally punches Drake he finds a newfound world of fame, popularity and girls. Josh has problems of his own when he suspects Mindy may have a new boyfriend.

  • The most popular kid in school is throwing what may be the greatest sixteenth party ever, but Drake and Josh may be having cake for two after they get banned from the party.

  • As punishment for using fake IDs, the boys must enter a "Steered Straight" program, but things take a turn for the worse when they become friends with a real criminal.

  • When Drake and Josh accidentally kill Megan's rare hamster, they become hysterical thinking that she's plotting revenge.

  • Drake is punched by nerdy Eric, who ends up gaining popularity after the accidental hit. Meanwhile, Josh suspects Mindy may have a new boyfriend.

  • Josh has had enough of Drake getting him into trouble, and decides that he is done with Drake.

  • Drake and Josh launch a rocket at a neighbor's tree. The treehouse get's destroyed, so Drake, Josh, and Megan spend their weekend trying to rebuild the it. After they are done completing the treehouse project, the treehouse falls done again, and they get stuck their for the rest of the night.

  • Drake and Josh want to purchase a car, but Drake takes the money that they planned on spending for the car, and buys a monkey. They then find out that the guy they sold it to, eats monkies, so they attempt at rescuing it back.

  • Drake's band is going to play, and Josh invites all of their friends to go on the bus. Walter declares that it will be very sunny outside, but all of a sudden it starts thundering. Walter's boss makes Walter do a weather report in the pouring, thurndering rain. Meanwhile, Drake needs to get his ex-girlfriends away from his current girlfriends. Everyone is stuck in the house because the concert was cancled because of the rain. They watch the weather report from a TV that Craig and Eric crank with a crank. Everyone is bored so Helen (Josh's Boss) comes up with an idea. Will everyone survive in the house? What is Helen's idea? Find out in this episode.

  • Drake and Josh enter a contest, but with unexpected results, get robbed. They then pay back their debts buy working at a sushi factory, but their stuff gets found later.

  • Drake and Josh meets "The Great Doheny" and finds that his career is in a slump. They find themselves in a tough situation trying to help him get his career back.

  • Drake claims that Josh can't get girls. So they make a bet to see who can get the most dates in one week.

  • Drake and Josh are on their way to their Aunt Catherine's wedding with the cake for the reception when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

  • Josh doesn't know what to think when Mindy declares her love for him.

  • Josh offers to watch Mrs.Hafers house while she goes on vacation for the weekend but when they get there they see her dog Tiberius things get bad

  • Drake surprises Josh with a birthday present of tickets to "The Ophrah Winfrey Show".

  • In this season finale, a bickering Drake and Josh appear on a talk show, The Dr. Phyllis Show, and reminisce about past events.

  • The boys concoct an alien-invasion hoax to get back at Megan for pulling one too many pranks on them, but they soon realize how out of hand their little prank has gotten.

  • Waiting in line for a turn on the new roller coaster at Mystic Mountain, proves far more thrilling for Drake, Megan and Josh than the ride itself.

  • When Josh gets a job playing a criminal for a television reenactment, it gets him some unwanted attention.

  • When Drake is assigned to mentor a young boy, Sammy, he is shocked to find out he prefers Josh over him.

  • When Josh gets a student teaching job in Megan's classroom, he goes a little overboard and the entire class turns against him. In addition, Drake finds a whole new drummer for his band who is also in Josh's class. In order for him to be able to play in the show next week, he will have to skip school-Which Josh isn't happy about. So, Megan and Drake team up to humiliate, drench and burn Josh to get him fired, and when it works, he's extremely upset-And Megan feels sorry so she allows him to join her and her friends at a party to make up for it.

  • Josh, in an attempt to impress Mindy's parents, invites them over for dinner. Meanwhile, Drake and his girlfriend battle to prove which one of them is stronger.

  • Drake and Josh realize that they have met once before, when they got in a fight at a San Diego Padres game as children. They then argue about who was to blame for the fight.

  • After Josh is injured and hospitalized, Drake is mistaken for an actual doctor at the hospital.

  • When Helen undergoes eye surgery, she asks that Drake and Josh help her around for a while. They of course end up taking advantage of this, once they see the inside of her home.

  • When Tori, who has been going out with Drake for a while, refers to him as her boyfriend, Drake panics and breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Josh has grown a mustache, much to the dismay of... everybody.

  • With Mindy out of the picture, Josh finally believes he stands a chance at this year's science fair. Josh is stunned by her surprise return and of course her better science project. He's even more surprised, however, when he realizes that he has feelings for Mindy and that she has feelings for him.

  • Josh's Yudonian e-pal, Yooka, decides to pay him a visit. However, he is plagued by jealousy when Yooka seems more interested in Drake. Conversely, Drake and Josh misinterpret a conversation Yooka has with her parents and think she's homesick. So, in an attempt to make her feel more welcome, Josh arranges what he thinks is a friendship ceremony for her. Little does he know that it is really a marriage ceremony.

  • In an attempt to win a plasma-screen TV, Drake and Josh enter a salsa-making contest. Things get intense when Megan goes up against them and enters the contest as well.

  • When their parents leave them home alone, Drake and Josh turn their home into a hotel of sorts.

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