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Batman fans, rejoice. Batman: The Animated Series, produced by Warner Bros. Animation, storms right out of the gate firmly rooted in the Batman comic book tradition. Directed by Bruce Timm, the animated show stays true to the comic book's dark tones by using cutting-edge animation techniques, dramatic orchestral music and Emmy-winning storytelling that can keep anyone on the edge of his or her seat.

Set in the 1940s, Gotham City's vigilante justice seeker Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman protect Gotham City streets from a host of villains, both familiar and new. Villains include the Joker, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, Bane, Killer Croc, and the Clock King. Harley Quinn, the Joker's assistant was created on this show, and went on to become a very popular antagonist in the series.

Batman: the Animated Series was originally released as a children's program, but has an adult-oriented nature, with each unique episode being intelligently written with interesting storylines and smart dialog. With the spectacular animation found throughout each episode, the lively action scenes leave you wanting more.

The main characters are voiced by Kevin Conroy as Batman, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth and Bob Hastings as Commissioner Jim Gordon. Other famous actors can be heard throughout the series, most notably playing the antagonists. Mark Hamill found a new voiceover career voicing the Joker and Adrienne Barbeau voices the popular character Catwoman/Selina Kyle. Kate Mulgrew, Melissa Gilbert, Adam West and other famous actors can be heard lending their recognizable voices to multiple characters within the episodes.

Batman: The Animated Series is well-respected in the animation industry and has won Emmys for animation, writing, music and sound editing.

Batman: The Animated Series is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (120 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 1992.

Where do I stream Batman: The Animated Series online? Batman: The Animated Series is available for streaming on FOX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Batman: The Animated Series on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

5 Seasons, 120 Episodes
September 3, 1992
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Kevin Conroy, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Bob Hastings
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Batman: The Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • After Arnold Wesker, the Ventriloquist, is released from Arkham Asylum supposedly cured, his alter personality, mob boss Scarface, surfaces and plunges Wesker back into a life of crime.

  • Much to the chagrin of Batman and Batgirl, Nightwing teams with Catwoman to combat a gang of South American gunrunners.

  • Avenging the loss of his wife, Mr. Freeze goes on an icy rampage throughout Gotham, hoping to confront his ultimate target: Batman.

  • Tim Drake, a toughened teenaged street kid, gets involved with Two-Face's gang, but eventually is trained by Batman to become the new Robin.

  • Tired of "turnstile justice," a Gotham City judge takes matters of punishment into his own hands.

  • Reporter Jack Ryder goes insane, turns into a villain called the Creeper and steals the Joker's act.

  • Bruce Wayne's new wife entangles him in Poison Ivy's latest plot.

  • Harley recounts how she became involved with the Joker.

  • Harley, Poison Ivy and Livewire wreak havoc when they plan to have a leisurely night out in Gotham City.

  • Several children give their widely varying opinions of who they think Batman is.

  • The original Robin tells the new Robin what caused the breakup of him and Batman as a crimefighting team.

  • Dick Grayson revisits his roots as a circus performer, only to find the Mad Hatter is using circus animals to commit crimes.

  • Catwoman is caught by a cat cult whose members plan to sacrifice Batman to their mascot--a ferocious tiger.

  • Seeking revenge for the shutdown of his growth project, Farmer Brown creates overgrown farm animals and unleashes them on Gotham City.

  • Page Monroe, a disgruntled model, creates chaos in Gotham as she avenges her forced exile from a youth-oriented fashion world.

  • Under the influence of the Scarecrow, Batgirl dreams her own untimely death and the resulting public revelation that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

  • Roxy Rocket, a villainess for whom cheating death is the ultimate thrill, leads Batman on a citywide chase.

  • When a rock star refuses the advances of her special effects man, Garfield Lynns, he becomes Firefly, a madman who vows to burn down the city.

  • Killer Croc teams with demented child actress Baby Doll to perpetrate crimes throughout Gotham, but Baby Doll is romantically interested in Croc--a feeling he doesn't share.

  • A mysterious young girl enters Robin's life, but she is really a scout for Clayface.

  • After Batman inhales Scarecrow's "No Fear" gas, Robin fears the Caped Crusader might kill someone, so he personally confronts Scarecrow in his effort to save Batman.

  • International terrorist Red Claw has Alfred kidnapped when the butler makes a visit to his native England. It seems Alfred once worked for the British Secret service, and Red Claw has learned he was entrusted with the firing code to a hidden long range missile. Batman and Robin have to rescue Alfred before Red Claw learns the firing code, or else she will use the missile to bring England to its knees.

  • Someone has put a hit out on Gotham's toughest cop, Harvey Bullock. After surviving several near misses, Bullock realizes he has no choice but to ask his arch-rival Batman to help him discover who is behind the murder attempts. During their investigation Bullock learns that his gruff and mean-spirited manner has created enemies in the unlikeliest of people.

  • While attempting to rescue one of his immortal followers from a hospital, Ra's Al Ghul tells Batman and Robin a tale from his mysterious past. Along with Batman and Robin, we learn of Ra's attempts in the 1800's to destroy the fledgling railroad and seize control of the US government. The one person standing in his way is the renegade bounty hunter, Jonah Hex. How Ra's battle with Hex is tied to his present-day battle with Batman is revealed in a surprise ending.

Batman: The Animated Series News

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We can all say what we will about Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney and Bale, or for that matter Romero, Nicholson or Ledger. If you grew up with "Batman: The Animated Series," only two people will ever REALLY be Batman and The Joker respectively: Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. With the Game of the Year Edition of "Batman: Arkham City" dropping next week, Entertainment weekly has this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of the pair recording their legendary dialogue.