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  • TV-Y7
  • 2004
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.4  (13,399)

The Batman is an animated television series that premiered on The CW in 2004 and ran for five seasons until 2008. The series is based on the DC Comics character Batman and chronicles the early years of his crime-fighting career. The show follows the adventures of a young Bruce Wayne (voiced by Rino Romano) as he battles the criminals of Gotham City. Unlike other adaptations of the character, The Batman focuses more on the action and adventure aspects of the story rather than the psychological drama.

Alfred Pennyworth (voiced by Alastair Duncan) is Bruce's loyal butler and confidant. He often provides the support and advice that Bruce needs to succeed in his battles against the villains of Gotham.

The show features a wide range of villains from the Batman universe, including Joker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), Penguin (voiced by Tom Kenny), and Riddler (voiced by Robert Englund). Each episode centers on a different adversary and their dastardly plan to take over Gotham City.

One of the unique aspects of The Batman is its use of cutting-edge technology. Bruce Wayne employs a variety of high-tech gadgets and vehicles to help him in his battles against crime. For example, the Batmobile can transform into different modes to adapt to different situations, such as a hovercraft or a submarine.

In addition to Bruce's high-tech tools, he also has a team of allies to help him in his mission. These include police commissioner Jim Gordon (voiced by Mitchell Whitfield), who often turns to Batman for help with particularly difficult cases, and Barbara Gordon (voiced by Danielle Judovits), who becomes Batgirl in later seasons.

The animation style of The Batman is a departure from previous portrayals of the character. The show employs a sleek, stylized look that emphasizes motion and action. The characters are rendered with bold lines and exaggerated proportions that enhance the sense of movement.

The show features fast-paced, action-packed episodes that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Each episode is filled with exciting chase scenes, fight sequences, and explosions. The pacing is brisk and never lets up, with new challenges and adversaries introduced in each episode.

Overall, The Batman is a fun and exciting series that offers a fresh take on the Caped Crusader. With its high-tech gadgets, impressive action sequences, and diverse cast of villains, the show is a must-watch for fans of the Batman franchise.

The Batman is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 2004.

The Batman
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Lost Heroes (2)
13. Lost Heroes (2)
March 8, 2008
The Justice League must battle androids with all of their powers, as well as a new Joining invasion.
Lost Heroes (1)
12. Lost Heroes (1)
March 8, 2008
Batman and Green Arrow discovered that the super-powered members of the Justice League have been disappearing one by one. The trail of disappearances leads to Hugo Strange... and his mysterious allies.
What Goes Up...
11. What Goes Up...
February 16, 2008
When Black Mask and the Shadow Thief team up to rob the Gotham Gem Depository, their respective nemeses Batman and Hawkman must join forces to stop them.
The End of Batman
10. The End of Batman
February 9, 2008
Batman and Robin meet their criminal twins, Wrath and Scorn, a dynamic duo dedicated to helping villains. Matters get even morecomplicated when Batman and Wrath uncover each other's secret identity.
Attack of the Terrible Trio
9. Attack of the Terrible Trio
February 2, 2008
A trio of college misfits and geeks decide to get revenge on their peers... by using a mutagen to transform into humanoid animals.
The Metal Face of Comedy
8. The Metal Face of Comedy
December 15, 2007
A computer accident forces the Joker's aberrant personality into a computer, letting him control the WayneTech nanobots and create the robot body. However, the "new" Joker has plans of his own.
Ring Toss
7. Ring Toss
December 8, 2007
The villainous Sinestro attacks Green Lantern and attempts to capture his power ring, so the Emerald Warrior sends it to... Batman.
Joker Express
6. Joker Express
November 10, 2007
A wave of hysterical thieves heralds the return of the Joker as he collects their stolen loot and prepares to drop Gotham City into a gigantic sinkhole.
A Mirror Darkly
5. A Mirror Darkly
November 3, 2007
Batman and Robin find themselves pitted against mirror duplicates, and soon realize they are fighting the Flash's arch-nemesis, the Mirror Master.
White Heat
4. White Heat
October 13, 2007
Garfield Lynns, aka Firefly, inadvertently upgrades his powers and as Phosphorous, goes on a nuclear rampage.
3. Vertigo
October 6, 2007
Green Arrow comes to Gotham... and accuses Bruce Wayne of poisoning children. It soon becomes clear that a villain is at work, and has plans to bring the entire city under his control.
The Batman/Superman Story (2)
2. The Batman/Superman Story (2)
September 29, 2007
Batman and Robin must oppose Superman, who is under Lex Luthor's mind control.
The Batman/Superman Story (1)
1. The Batman/Superman Story (1)
September 22, 2007
When Superman pays a visit to Gotham City, Lex Luthor decides to recruit allies against the Man of Steel from among the criminal underworld, attracting Batman's interest.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 11, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (13,399)