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One of the most beloved entertainers would have to be Reba McEntire. Considering she possesses a plethora of musical talent it isn't surprising to find that she also possesses a wealth of acting talent, especially comedic acting talent. When all of these considerations are taken into account it's not surprising to find that her self titled show

Reba is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (125 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2001.

Where do I stream Reba online? Reba is available for streaming on The CW, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Reba on demand at Amazon, Hulu, TV Land, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

The CW
6 Seasons, 125 Episodes
October 5, 2001
Cast: Reba McEntire, Joanna Garcia, Steve Howey, Christopher Rich, Melissa Peterman
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Reba Full Episode Guide

  • Part one of the series finale finds Reba faced with the fact that she is butting into the lives of Cheyenne and Van in the same way that Barbra Jean butts into her life and house. Brock sees some hope for their marriage after Barbra Jean breaks down during a weather report.

  • Reba puts her foot down when Kyra announces that she is postponing college to go on tour with her band. Meanwhile, Van and Cheyenne have different ideas about home decor.

  • Reba finds a perfect house for Cheyenne and Van to buy, but Cheyenne sours on it when she learns it's being sold by her former high-school rival.

  • Brock hides out in Reba's garage to get a break from Barbra Jean, but when Reba finds out she makes him go home to work things out; Van tries coaching Jake's soccer team, but his tantrums alienate the players.

  • Barbra Jean worries that a recently hired woman at the station is out to take her job as the weathercaster, so she asks Reba to spy on the newbie; Brock asks Cheyenne to name her baby after him, but Van doesn't want to do it.

  • Brock asks Reba for advice on how to spice up his marriage to Barbra Jean, but Reba's reluctant to help; Van gets upset when Kyra secretly videotapes him acting goofy and then puts the tape on the Internet.

  • As Cheyenne and Van eagerly await their new arrival, Cheyenne fears that the baby will grow up to be like Kyra. Meanwhile, Van is overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list.

  • Barbara Jean wants to become a weather girl. Meanwhile, Van finally accepts the job offer from Steve Norris. Reba supports Van on moving to a bigger firm but Van isn't allowed to take the client list, which ends up in a battle.

  • Happy that Kyra has returned home Reba realizes Kyra had too much freedom at Barbara Jean and Brock's house. Originally thinking he was trying out for the basketball team, Jake soon realizes it's the wheelchair basketball team and pretends to be handicap.

  • Van builds his office in the garage so that he and Reba can work after rejecting the offer from Norris. Reba doubts the decision and finds out from Van that Cheyenne is pregnant. Kyra decides to move back in with Reba and Cheyenne and Van are moving out.

  • Reba starts to worry that she will become Barbara Jean's fat friend after Barbara Jean loses weight. Meanwhile, Brock suspects Barbara Jean of having an affair with her trainer.

  • Continuing from the events of the last episode, Reba is in the hospital due to problems with her heart. But, things go wrong when Barbara Jean keeps causing her blood pressure to rise...

  • Cheyenne and Van are about to re-do their vows, but they are annoyed by Reba and Barbara Jean because they keep putting their two cents in...

  • Barbara Jean wants Reba to be her first client when she begins to sell insurance.

  • Reba and Brock must join each other for an anger management session that was ordered when they got their divorce.

  • Barbara Jean is leading Reba around, but Reba doesn't know it... so, Reba badmouths Barbara Jean without knowing she's really talking to her...

  • Reba and Van buy Brock and Barbara Jean's home so they don't loose their home. Barbara Jean hates the fact that Reba is her land lady, so she hurts her ankle in the house and sues Reba.

  • Dr. Jack Morgan comes back into town to rekindle his relationship with Reba -- but he's still technically married...

  • Van becomes the new financier for the family, but his methods begin to drive Cheyenne crazy...

  • Barbara Jean spills the beans to the IRS, telling them how much Reba and Brock owe them. So, Brock decides on one way that they can pay them back; he's going to sell his house and move to Las Vegas.

  • Barbara Jean and Brock are getting audited by the IRS, and he displeases Reba when he tells him that the IRS is looking at their finances from the last five years of their marriage.

  • Reba doesn't approve of Barbara Jean's methods of parenting, but she decides that she was wrong about them when Henry breaks one of Reba's lamps...

  • Brock has kidney stones, so he stays over at Reba's house while Barbara Jean is away.

  • Reba and Van find themselves going to a counselor because they keep bickering at work.Meanwhile, Brock and Barbara Jean must video-tape each other sleeping so that they can discover why Brock is waking up with problems in the morning...

  • When Barbara Jean misunderstands a message that her and her brother Buzzard sent to each other, they wind up switching places for the Thanksgiving day holiday...

  • Cheyenne decides that she no longer wants to be a dentist... instead, she wants to help others who are less fortunate... but Reba and the family soon learns that her vision of "helping" people is giving makeovers...

  • Barbara Jean begins to take on a new hobby... eating food. Brock then becomes concerned because he's worried about how much weight she is gaining, so he asks Reba to confront Barbara Jean about her weight...

  • Reba becomes sad when she learns that her family will be going their separate ways for this Halloween.

  • Jake and Reba take in a stray dog that had managed to survive Hurricane Katrina. But things take a turn for the worst when Van and Cheyenne invite the dog's owners over to stay with the family -- but the owners invite the other 16 members of their family to stay with them as well.

  • Reba and Van go into business by investing in houses, and fixing them up to make a profit, but when Van makes a bad decision during this, Reba begins to regret ever partnering up with him.

  • Barbara Jean decides that she wants Reba to be with the perfect someone, so BJ signs Reba up for an online dating service, where she meets a mystery man who takes up all of the time that she could be using to spend time with her family.

  • Cheyenne and Van find themselves trying to keep Reba from getting seriously ill when she takes one of Cheyenne's pills that will make her really sick if she drinks.Meanwhile, Brock and Barbara Jean lecture Jake and Kyra about the dangers of smoking.

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