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Home Improvement is a television series that follows the Taylor clan. Centered largely around the mishaps of Tim Taylor, the clumsy if not inept handyman and tv host, Home Improvement is a family friendly show. Most of the episodes are lighthearted, following the quirky characters throughout their daily excursions. Typical plot lines include married life, raising children, problems adolescent boys face, and, of course, humor about home improvement.

Occasionally, episodes tackle more serious plot lines; such as educational issues, health scares, and death. However, the series mostly consists of cheerful entertainment centered around a solid family core and a humorous array of characters. From the grounded best friend to the wise, eccentric neighbor, these are people the viewer will wish they knew in real life.

Home Improvement features solid storylines, witty dialogue, and memorable characters. While viewers might not learn much in the way of installing drywall, they will certainly enjoy the plentiful laughs that come from watching this series.

Home Improvement is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (203 episodes). The series first aired on March 6, 1991.

Where do I stream Home Improvement online? Home Improvement is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Home Improvement on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

8 Seasons, 203 Episodes
March 6, 1991
Cast: Tim Allen, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Pamela Anderson, Patricia Richardson, Earl Hindman
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Home Improvement Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Tim makes his final Tool Time farewell for a live audience on the show. Al and Trudy finally get married after the fence is taken apart for a ceremony at their house. Jill takes on her Indiana job but gets worried since Tim gets offered a lot more at Tool Time but they finally go through with it and move.

  • This episode shows as a flashback to many of the great things that have happened to the family over the 8 years.

  • Trouble ensues for both Brad and Tim. Bud makes sure that Tool Time no longer has any products on the show from a non -Binford maker. Brad, on the other hand, has lots to think about when UCLA scout comes to town looking for recruits and Brad is determined to play despite his injuries.

  • Mark develops a film for class and Jill's thesis is ready for her committee to view but to no avail the main professor sees Jill make fun of him in Mark's film. Jill becomes frantic that what the professor saw will have a negative outcome on the approval of Jill's thesis.

  • Tim decides to buy Harry's hardware store when Harry announces his retiring and selling of the hardware store. As soon as Tim buys the store, the customers start to dwindle and Tim has to find out what is causing the customer decline.

  • Wilson wins over $10,000 in cash and decides to make the best of it by building a very large greenhouse between his house and Tim's. This puts a very big strain on Tim and Wilson's relationship since we soon learn the friendship is based on their talks over the fence.

  • Jill pulls through her emergency surgery well. Tim is very supportive in her recovery. Jill's mother Lillian comes to take care of her as well especially since Jill is in a foul mood most of the time. Lillian warns Jill that she has the backing of her husband despite how she feels.

  • The family was ready for a ski trip but it gets delayed since Jill has to have a hysterectomy. Tim is fully there for her in her time of need. Things get tense when the doctors tell her some distressing news.

  • Tim and Jill have an anniversary coming up soon but things get heated when Tim spends quality time with a very much younger female. Their relationship gets sparked by her being a car loving mechanic, which pulled Tim to her. Jill is less than thrilled at Tim's relationship with her.

  • The entire family leaves and Tim is the only one left at home. During this time, Tim wants to write a book he has neglected for a while. This turns out the same when he dreams and keeps putting things off to the last minute.

  • Brad gets a new car of his own. To Brad this is the best thing that could ever happen to him and he spends lots of time with this new car of his. Soon, the car is stolen and many of the car's essential parts are taken out. When Tim finds out about this, he becomes the main one to go out and find the ones who did this.

  • Randy returns from his long trip for a visit on Christmas. Needless to say when he returns many things are different than they were when he left in the first place. Randy immediately feels isolated from his own family since they all seem to have new paths now.

  • Tim takes on the risk in enlarging the family when he invites his brother Marty to live with the family at the house. This also means their two twin daughters would be living in the household with them. Marty has separated from his wife, and this is Tim's solution to Marty's problem.

  • Tim is devastated that his first car is destroyed at an old junk car lot. When Jill sees this from Tim, she takes it upon herself to search for a car that is very similar to the one Tim once had.

  • Tim has decided to throw a big Halloween party at his house. Tim is particularly intrigued by Wilson's new girlfriend and her claiming to be a witch. Tim and Wilson's girlfriend have some words which trigger some mysterious things to start to happen to him. In no time the police arrive and accuse Tim of the events that have happened to Wilson.

  • Al has a new girlfriend and she is very generous in her rich gift giving. Jill has a fear in their relationship that she is trying to buy Al's love. How will this relationship fare?

  • Brad has his major SAT testing going on this week. This quickly gets tested when Wilson has a friend to offer Brad soccer playing opportunities over in Europe. Brad has a big decision to make with this big offer to play soccer. What will his decision be?

  • Tim has a birthday and Jill feels she has the perfect surprise excitement for him. Jill decides to take Tim along with some others to a white water rafting trip for a fun birthday. Tim, on the other hand, is less than thrilled that Jill did this since he wanted to have a quiet and relaxed birthday.

  • Jill does something similar to Tim when she makes fun of Tim on a local women's talk show. Tim gets to watch it in front of all his male friends, who make fun of him in the process. Tim is hurt by her remarks she called him in front of a live audience.

  • Tim gets astronauts to appear on Tool Time and they offer a place to go on the next shuttle mission. Either Al or Tim will be going on this particular mission; a decision has to be made between the two. Tim comes to a decision when he sees how radical Mark is being in his personality changes in his life.

  • Tim reveals to an audience about Wilson's personal encounter with aliens. This sparks some tension between Tim and Wilson for revealing such a private matter to so many people.

  • Tim's other brother Jeff is using his mother when he starts asking for money. Tim keeps a watchful eye out for him trying to start one of his wild business adventures. Meanwhile, Jill is starting to wear glasses.

  • Randy and Brad go at it in the school newspaper. Randy takes a more sophisticated approach to writing over Brad's small minded approach to writing. This sparks a feud when Brad gets more praise over Randy.

  • Jill and Tim decide on remodeling their kitchen. During this process, Tim hires a man that Jill remembers real well to actually do the installation of the new kitchen.

  • Marijuana is discovered hidden outdoors on the Taylor property. Tim and Jill immediately start a search to see who has hidden and possibly been using the drugs. They soon discover their son Brad is the one with the drugs.

  • Tim offers Al a house so he can serve as his landlord. Things quickly turn for the worse when Tim decides to try to control his property and impose himself on Al. Their friendship is put on thin ice. How will this situation get settled?

  • Brad drops a big bombshell on his parents that he has decided to get married to a woman he has recently met. Tim and Jill immediately pose their opposition to his quick decision and try to bring him back to his senses.

  • Tim decides to do some very impressive decoration jobs for the house. Jill's Christmas gets interesting when she finds out about her mother dating again and Jill becomes overprotective for her well being.

  • Tim takes it upon himself to take Al to a place to pick up some woman to date. Things turn interesting for Tim there while he is trying to coach Al on the women there.

  • The Taylors take on a strange scenery for Thanksgiving this year. They decide to go to a football game. As always Tim always finds a way to screw things up.

  • Randy is at a stage in his life where he is now questioning his religious beliefs. Especially now that he sees how his family acts in church and how things are done.

  • Mark's new personality is shown when he does a scary movie for a class. Tim and Jill aren't particularly thrilled when they see the people Mark is using especially the types of scenes that are being put into the feature film.

  • Brad wins himself a soccer scholarship and Tim is overjoyed enough to keep him on track to pursue it. Randy adventures into more dates with his recent new girlfriend, but some tension starts to build.

  • Jill asks Tim to develop and build her a personal office in the attic of the house. Tim agrees to this until Jill decides against it suddenly, which causes tension between the two.

  • Randy and Tim butt heads when they meet opposing viewpoints regarding Binford. Randy dislikes the way Binford handles the environment and Tim dislikes Randy's hard hitting ways of handling it.

  • The family is going to Lake Michigan for a family get together. Randy has started a new relationship and Brad has lost his. Mark goes through radical physical changes in his life. Tim appears to go through the most with the consideration of wanting to move the family out to the resort and leave where they are now.

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