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The show Happy Days revolves around the activities of the Cunningham family and their friends. The main character in the show is Ritchie Cunningham who is often thought of as a clean cut teen. Ritchie has a best friend nicknamed Potsie and a secondary best friend named Ralph. To add interest to the comedy show another character in the form of Arthur Fonzarelli is added to the mix. The only person allowed to refer to this character by his given name of Arthur is Ritchie's mom, Mrs. Cunningham. Everyone else refers to him as either Fonzie or the Fonz.

Fonzie's character is in direct contrast to the clean cut side of Ritchie. Where Ritchie makes the honor roll in high school, Fonzie is a drop out who rides a motorcycle. Despite the differences in their personalities, the two become good friends. Mrs. Cunningham, who is also known as Marion, is a stay at home wife and mother. In addition to Ritchie, the family also has a slightly younger daughter named Joanie. Joanie is often sarcastic, annoying and not afraid to say what is on her mind, even to a tough character like Fonzie.

Mr. Cunningham is also known as Howard. Howard has very old fashioned family values and takes a while to warm up to the character of Fonzie. Ultimately, Fonzie ends up renting a room over the Cunningham's garage, which makes him more of a family member. The stories the show focuses on revolve around the interests of teenage boys. Most shows depict the boys trying to get dates by whatever means they can. In one episode the high school teens attempt to break into a college sorority to steal panties.

While the show is designed to provide a humorous look at family life and the struggles of teenagers, it also offers some meaningful moments. Howard is the loving father who often has heart to heart talks with his children. There are also moments that focus on the struggles the adults have trying to maintain a successful marriage while raising teenagers. Amidst the antics and raging teenage hormones there are some moments designed to make viewers think about the different issues teens face.

Happy Days is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (257 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 1974.

Where do I stream Happy Days online? Happy Days is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Happy Days on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime online.

11 Seasons, 257 Episodes
January 15, 1974
Cast: Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, Pat Morita
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Happy Days Full Episode Guide

  • Chachi's new single finally makes it onto the recording charts, and he's invited to tour with the Beach Boys as an opener. One problem: He just learned he has diabetes.

  • In an attempt to help a student out with her drug problem, Joanie invites her over, even with everyone's initial reaction. The student, Jesse, promises Joanie that she'll lay off the drugs, but after everyone's gone to bed, she takes several pills and is out cold the next morning.

  • Constant hassling from Fonzie and continuous borrowing of money from Marion convinces Chachi to look for a job, and he eventually finds one -- as a dance instructor. However, he lies to the others, saying he's got a recording deal with the Four Seasons. Meanwhile, Howard takes away Potsie's salary after he sells power drills for nearly $14 less than the original price.

  • Fonzie's adoption request is initially turned down, but after a stern talk to the administrator by Howard, the request is reconsidered. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi continue with their plans to head to the altar.

  • Joanie and Chachi, after dating people who look almost exactly like them, decide to get back together. Meanwhile, Fonzie tries to adopt a little boy, to whom he's a "Big Brother."

  • Howard is offered a job as the vice president of a large hardware store chain, but to take it, he and his family must move to New York City. He actually considers, and Fonzie, feeling as if the Cunninghams are pushing him to leave, immediately makes plans to move out of his apartment and live somewhere else in Milwaukee.

  • Fonzie meets a beautiful lady, by the name of Nancy Haley, in his garage while sitting in a 1955 Chevy that's worse for the wear. After he takes the woman home, he goes back to return her purse, but is told that the Haleys moved out of the house 10 years ago, when their daughter, Nancy, died in an auto accident.

  • For fear of rejection, Chachi is reluctant at asking girls out, but when Fonzie tells him that they will ask him out because of the "Fonzarelli Power," he changes his mind.

  • Marion's high school boyfriend Frederick comes to visit. Guess how Howard reacts. He's even more enraged when Frederick takes Joanie out on a date.

  • The Fonz has been accused of assaulting a trouble-making student, but refuses to testify at a school board hearing, running the risk of getting ruled against and fired.

  • Joanie becomes an assistant teacher at Patton High, and one of her students develops a crush on her.

  • Howard decides to build a second bathroom after being forced to shave at the dining room table. Fonzie has what he calls the perfect solution: have his students build the room. Coincidentally, Howard has also invented a new whisper-quiet toilet that he calls "The Whisper-Flush."

  • To earn Fonzie's respect, Chachi enters the city championship boxing tournament, and Fonzie is elated when he wins his first fight. However, while training, Chachi seriously injures his best punching hand.

  • Richie, frustrated by giving up his dreams of being a screenwriter, takes his anger out on everyone -- even the Fonz, whom he gives a good sock in the jaw.

  • Richie and Ralph return to Milwaukee from the Army, with Lori Beth and Richie Jr. in tow. Howard finds Richie an interview down at the Milwaukee Journal, but Richie, mysteriously, isn't interested.

  • Roger, Potsie, and Chachi take Fonzie to a singles resort to help get his mind off his breakup with Ashley. However, they lie to him and tell him they're going to a sporting camp. When they finally arrive, an enraged Fonzie says he's leaving, but he ends up staying, an unexpected roadblock for the other guys.

  • As a kid, Fonzie had written a list of things to accomplish within the following twenty years. Well, now, Fonzie has found that list, and finds one thing that he hasn't accomplished: climb Suicide Hill on a motorcycle. The problem? He's already tried, and failed.

  • To be with a former Olympic swimmer, Jenny dumps her nice boyfriend, but K.C. learns that the swimmer doesn't feel the same way about Jenny as she does about him. Meanwhile, Fonzie is thinking about putting a swimming pool in the Cunninghams' backyard.

  • Joanie decides to quit the band and moves back in with Howard and Marion at home to enroll in a teaching program at the University of Wisconsin. Chachi, however, isn't willing to come back, and tries to persuade Joanie to go back to Chicago.

  • Ashley leaves for a tax seminar, putting Fonzie in charge of Heather. But a televised heavyweight title fight draws his attention away from her, and she becomes resentful as a result. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi return to Milwaukee after Joanie comes down with the flu.

  • Fonzie is the best man at an old friend's wedding, but when the bride-to-be sees him, she stops the wedding. Meanwhile, K.C. is eager to hear about a part in a school musical.

  • Fonzie and Roger are scheduled to go to a teacher's convention. So why don't they? Easy: They miss their flight. So the two agree to go with Potsie's uncle Omar, who has a small crop-dusting plane. However, when there is trouble, Omar jumps out of the plane, and Fonzie and Roger are left without parachutes.

  • Potsie, Fonzie and Roger must report for the Army reserves on Heather's birthday. Though he promises Heather he'll be at her party, all that seems to go out the window when he finds out that Officer Kirk is his commanding officer.

  • On Fonzie and Ashley's six-month anniversary, they recall the events of their first date.

  • A record producer hears a demo tape made by Joanie and Chachi and wants to sign them. However, an argument between Chachi and band member Mario causes the band to say they're breaking up.

  • Looking for a new mechanic, Fonzie hires an ex-convict from the worker-release program. He later asks K.C. to dinner, but after learning of his felonious past, Howard forbids her to see him.

  • Roger tries to convince Flip to stop hanging out with guys who drink. Meanwhile, Fonzie's barber dies, and he auditions replacements.

  • Ashley is reluctant to go to her estranged parents' wedding anniversary, but Fonzie persuades her to go.

  • An old flame from Roger's school days shows up and has Roger falling for her all over again, prompting Fonzie to try to stop her from breaking his heart.

  • Heather asks Santa to work out the situation between her mother and grandparents, and Fonzie decides to make that wish come true. Meanwhile, an old rivalry between Howard and his brother is rekindled when K.C.'s parents come for a visit on Christmas.

  • Howard says he must close down Cunningham Hardware after learning of a hardware business at a new mall.

  • Melvin Belvin invites K.C. to Arnold's Gala Costume Ball. K.C., having been encouraged by Marion to start dating, accepts.

  • After pledging his love to Ashley, Fonzie later lets one of his old girlfriends spend the night at his apartment, and risks becoming single again. Meanwhile, K.C. learns to drive, and Howard's her teacher.

  • Joanie and Chachi are given the opportunity to perform on a TV music show -- and are crestfallen when they learn that the format is folk music. Meanwhile, Fonzie resents the fact that folk music is replacing rock 'n' roll as the popular music.

  • Fonzie takes Ashley's daughter Heather to the circus in an attempt to get her to "warm up" to him. Meanwhile, Howard's niece K.C. moves in to the Cunningham Household while her parents look for a boarding school for her to go to, and Marion suggests letting her stay permanently.

  • Marion tries to find ways to occupy her time and cope with Joanie, Lori Beth and Richie Jr. having moved away. Meanwhile, Fonzie isn't able to run both Arnold's and his garage, so he sells his half of Arnold's.

  • After spending their summer vacation in Chicago, Joanie and Chachi come back to Milwaukee. Joanie wants to continue her music career and move in with Chachi (in Chicago), yet after she tells Howard and Marion her plans (which include attending Northwestern University), Howard says no.

  • Fonzie meets a woman at a store as they pass on the escalator, and immediately he is struck by Cupid's magic arrow of love. He finds her through Potsie (who knows who she is -- Ashley Pfister), and vows to make her his.

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