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In 2009, the ABC network dedicated a two-hour block of its weekly prime time to sitcoms. Fortunately, for viewers, one of the network's new shows was The Middle. The sitcom features a working-class family. The mom's name is Frankie and she works for a car dealership while her husband Mike works at a quarry. The couple has three children named Axl, Sue and Brick.

Axl excels at sports, but struggles during school, while Sue is a loveable nerd who constantly attempts to fit in at school by trying out for every activity. She once made the cross-county team and later created a cheerleading squad for the wrestling team. Brick is the youngest son, and he prefers to read instead of socializing with children his age. He has a quirky habit of repeating his comments in a whisper.

The character of Frankie is portrayed by actress Patricia Heaton. She is the main character as the audience hears her personal narration. Frankie's devotion to her family is crucial to the show, and during most episodes, she is balancing her busy life. She worries about Brick fitting in at school and enrolls him into a social class, and she never misses an event in her children's lives such as Sue passing the finish line during a cross-country race or Axl winning a basketball game.

Actor Neil Flynn plays the character of Mike Heck. He is the calm parent of the family, although he has his moments of stress, such as when Frankie makes him sign up as a volunteer at Brick's school. Charlie McDermott portrays the character of Axl and Eden Sher depicts Sue. Actor Atticus Shaffer won the role of Brick.

The Heck family lives in a rundown single family home that retains numerous style elements from the 1960s and '70s. Frankie is often too busy to clean the home or cook for her family. In fact, Frankie typically brings dinner home from a fast food restaurant.

When Frankie decides that the family is going to enjoy a meal together, viewers discover that that Frankie and Mike never purchased a dining room chair for Brick to sit in at the kitchen table. Instead, he must use a lawn chair to participate in the family dinner.

Frankie and Mike face numerous financial problems, but somehow they manage to keep food on the table and a place for their family to live.

The Middle is a show that humorously depicts the struggles of today's middle-class families, and it allows viewers to laugh at the trials their own families face.

Wednesday 8:00 et/pt on ABC
8 Seasons, 190 Episodes
August 25, 2009
Cast: Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher
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The Middle Full Episode Guide

  • Frankie frantically searches the house for Axl's graduation gift, which she bought months before and hid; Sue decides that she wants to make a sweet video for Mike's upcoming birthday - even though the family warns her that he probably won't like it; and after Cindy embarrasses Brick by strong-arming and chasing away a boy who was bullying him, Brick turns to Axl to help get him into shape so that he can stick up for himself.

  • When Frankie discovers Axl doesn't have appropriate attire for business interviews, she convinces him to let her take him shopping. Meanwhile, Mike threatens to get rid of the summer pool if Sue and Brick don't use it.

  • Upon their realization that Brick was never confirmed, Frankie and Mike send him to Reverend TimTom's Wilderness Jesus Jam weekend camp to brush up on his religious knowledge before the scheduled event.

  • Mike's friendship with Bill Norwood is threatened after Mike poaches his plumber at a reduced rate; Frankie is offended when Sue refuses to tell her who she has a crush on; Brick wants Axl to party with him at college.

  • Axl begins to question love when he encounters nearly all of his former flames at a St. Patrick's Day party; Brick buys an old microfiche machine at a library sale, leaving Frankie and Mike less than thrilled.

  • Lexie joins the Hecks for their spring break and divulges to Sue that she has a crush on Axl; Mike hires Coach Babbitt as a ringer to help the quarry softball team; Frankie tries to figure out the root of an underhanded comment.

  • Frankie tries to persuade Mike to go to the dentist; Mike tries to convince Frankie he's fine; Axl, Hutch and Kenny decide to sell the famous Winnebago.

  • When the Heck's basement floods, Frankie and Mike can't seem to stop bickering. Axl, Sue and Brick decide their parents need an intervention.

  • Frankie becomes sad when her doctor informs her that her ovaries are shriveled up, which means her days of having kids are over. In an attempt to cheer her up, Mike offers to have him and Frankie babysit the neighbor's baby overnight, which puts some perspective on being an older parent. Meanwhile, Sue and Axl are a bit shocked when romantic sparks fly between Sean Donahue and Sue's roommate Lexie; and Brick tries his best to hone up on his font knowledge when he meets Gibson, a worthy font opponent.

  • Axl has a moment of panic when he realizes he only has four months of college left before he graduates, and he hasn't sent out any resumes. Meanwhile, Brad decides to lead Sue's no-cut a cappella group as they enter a music competition.

  • Frankie is thrilled when she wins a free maid service for a month, but the Heck household could mess things up for her; Mike and Rusty's dad, Big Mike, begins to have trouble taking care of himself.

  • The Hecks are determined to escape the Orson Escape Room on New Year's Day and beat the Donahue's record of getting out with more than one minute, eight seconds to spare.

  • With Christmas just around the corner, Sue keeps a holiday secret from the family; after agreeing to watch the neighbor's three kids, Brick tries to avoid them when they keep asking him to come over to play.

  • Trashy neighbor Rita Glossner convinces Frankie to take a road trip to an unknown destination; Mike is humiliated when he falls at the quarry and has to deal with OSHA.

  • Frankie is upset that Axl refuses to answer her calls or texts after she unintentionally admits her true feelings about his girlfriend April; Brick forms a tick in the form of a phrase that causes him trouble; Brad surprises Sue.

  • Frankie decides that April isn't worthy of Axl and attempts to keep her out of the annual family Christmas photo. Meanwhile, Axl announces that he will be spending Thanksgiving with April.

  • Frankie and Mike's guilt over forgetting Brick's birthday transforms into fear when they realize it's time to teach him to drive; Sue finds out about one of Frankie's secrets.

  • Sue seeks help from Axl about how to break up with her boyfriend; Brick's attempts to make friends in high school are ruined by his best friend, Troy; Frankie incidentally buys underwear with a lewd graphic.

  • On Halloween Frankie finds out that if she and Mike were to get divorced, all the kids would choose to live with Mike. Meanwhile, Sue is on a mission to get her room back from Brick.

  • In the eight season premiere, Frankie and Mike are thrilled to finally meet Axl's true life, Apri. Meanwhile, the family is surprised when she reveals an unusual personality trait.

  • When Frankie suddenly remembers that Brick's middle school graduation is only days away, she is determined to right a wrong. Meanwhile, Brick discovers that the song he was supposed to sing at the ceremony has been cut.

  • Frankie secretly tracks Sue and Axl after they refuse to abide by their curfew while they're home for the summer. Meanwhile, Brick examines the other valedictorian possibilities as middle-school graduation approaches.

  • After numerous disappointments of botched Mother's Days, Frankie decides the family gets a pass on doing anything at all for her this year. But after a man does a good deed for Frankie and tells her to pay it forward, she decides to have the family do something nice for someone else in the family.

  • Frankie is eager to relax on her new backyard lanai, or patio, that Mike and his workmates built for her. But when a new family moves in next door, Frankie can't get any peace and quiet.

  • Frankie is excited when Sue invites her for lunch at the college, but things take an awkward turn when Sue's boyfriend shows up.

  • Sue crushes hard on her college professor and goes to extremes to gain his attention. Frankie and Mike agree to meet Brick's girlfriend's parents.

  • After making some extra money from the diaper business, Mike surprises the family with a vacation to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. In an effort to spark some excitement among the kids, Frankie suggests that the Donahues join them.

  • Frankie is thrilled to have Axl and Sue home for Spring Break...even if it's because they're both recuperating from having their wisdom teeth removed.

  • Mike tries to help Brick in his question to manhood. Meanwhile, Sue tries a little too hard to find herself a boyfriend.

  • Upon their discovery that Brick has never seen a movie in an actual theater, Frankie and Mike take him to see a film with a small scene that was partially shot in Orson.

  • Mike decides he's avoided it for long enough and plans a surprise party for Frankie's 50th birthday. Meanwhile, Sue is mocked for posting a sign in the dorm laundry room to help find one of her lost socks.

  • Axl has high hopes for his new internship at Little Betty, but his dreams for the snack-making company are flushed when he's reduced to doing menial tasks for an ungrateful boss.

  • Sue is determined to be accepted into a sorority house.

  • The Hecks try to watch a televised church service on Christmas Eve instead of leaving the house to attend a church in person.

  • Dr. Goodwin sends Frankie to a dental convention in Des Moines and Mike decides to join her; Axl tells Sue he's moving into her dorm room.

  • The Hecks decide to skip Thanksgiving after Frankie finds out she is jobless until January, forcing her to pick up a holiday position to make ends meet.

  • Frankie is thrilled for the upcoming annual homecoming tailgate, but begins to worry her mom will embarrass her when she decides to come out and join in the fun.

  • The Hecks are caught in "Twilight Zone"-type situations, with Brick narrating.

  • Frankie becomes worried about Mike when he starts to withdraw more than usual. She seeks the help of Reverend TimTom to get to the bottom of what's troubling him.

  • Frankie is speechless when Mike's brother Rusty visits unexpectedly and offers him an opportunity to partner in on one of his crazy business ventures - and Mike agrees.

  • Frankie is floored when Mike decides to wear a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt when they go out to dinner with some friends, instead of his usual flannel shirt.

  • Sue gets bored when her roommate fails to arrive on time, so she inundates Frankie and Mike with phone calls and texts.

  • In the seventh season premiere, Sue's excitement about moving into her dorm turns sour when she's forced to cut her hair; Axl avoids helping Sue move; Frankie is at peace with Sue moving out.

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