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The Goldbergs is a story of a hilarious family in the 1980s. The parents, Murray and Beverly Goldberg, have a hard time connecting with their children, as Beverly is an over-controlling mother and Murray feels distant and unable to break through to his children. There are three kids, Barry, the oldest, Erica, the teenage girl, and Adam, the nerdy 11 year old, through whose eyes the story is told. Lastly, there is "Pops," the lovable, ridiculous grandpa. In this show, Adam videotapes his family's everyday lives, and as an adult comes back and gives commentary (adult Adam is voiced by Patton Oswalt). Through Adam's videotapes comes the comedic story of a Northeastern family struggling through the 1980's one pop culture reference at a time.

Wednesday 9:30 PM et/p on ABC
4 Seasons, 96 Episodes
September 24, 2013
Cast: Wendi McLendon-Covey
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The Goldbergs Full Episode Guide

  • As graduation quickly approaches, Erica can't wait to leave home, until she realizes how much Beverly's love means to her; Barry's plans for him and Lainey fail; Dana makes an unexpected visit just as Adam and Jackie make their relationship official.

  • Barry and Erica are curious to know if they will be voted for in the year book, and since Adam works on the staff, they pressure him for the rough layout; Murray is irritated when Marvin visits for money, but Beverly convinces Murray to help him out.

  • After a TV movie airs, Barry takes it upon himself to try to convince Murray to build an underground bunker; Erica and Adam give excessive gifts for Mother's Day before they make important requests to Beverly, but their plan backfires.

  • Murray is honored as one of the top businessmen in Jenkintown, PA; Beverly is horrified when she finds out Murray doesn't really have any hobbies.

  • Feeling excluded, Barry tries to create a divide between Adam and Pops, while they debate the merits of a movie; Erica intentionally botches her college interview so she can go to her first choice.

  • Barry has romantic plans for Lainey; Erica and Geoff make plans to go to prom together but it doesn't go as planned; Adam is flattered when a nerdy but cute junior asks him out, until Beverly gets involved.

  • While Erica receives her college acceptance letters, Barry decides he wants to be a doctor...until Lainey announces she is going to a school without a medical program.

  • Barry feels threatened when school deadhead Matt starts hanging out with the JTP and soon finds himself kicked out of the group when he becomes too controlling.

  • Adam and the other Adam Goldberg decide to settle their ongoing feud with a karate match inspired by "The Karate Kid."

  • Adam is green with envy when his friend is on television, so he asks Beverly to help him become an actor.

  • When both Barry and Erica gets jobs working at Spencer’s Gifts, Erica gets jealous at how good of an employee Barry is. Meanwhile, Muray is thrilled that two of his children have jobs, so he insists that Adam gets one, despite Beverly’s adamancy that he should focus on filmmaking,

  • Adam feels like he's losing his best friend, Chad, so he attempts to join the tennis team. When Chad picks Dave Kim as his partner, Adam vows to take him down with Barry in a tennis match, changeling Andre Agassi. Meanwhile, with the help of Beverly, Erica deals with her post-break up depression just in time for Valentine's Day.

  • Adam and Barry learn something new about about Murray when school is cancelled because of snow. Beverly find's Erica's college application.

  • Barry is mortified when Beverly channels her inner Mr. Keating from "Dead Poets Society" in an effort to inspire his classmates as the substitute chemistry teacher.

  • Beverly hatches a plan to create the perfect song after she discovers there is only going to be one Hanukkah song in the Holiday Pageant.

  • Adam becomes fascinated by the Globetrotters game and focuses his attention on creating his own tricks on the court; Adam cuts a video that looks like he beat Barry; Beverly throws a surprise party for Murray's 50th birthday despite his disapproval.

  • Barry starts to make fun of Adam for wanting to join theater until he finds out that Adam and Lainey have been cast in roles that require them to kiss; Barry decides to sabotage the production by joining the stage crew.

  • Murray and Uncle Marvin bond over their shared love of "Knight Rider" until Adam shatters it; Beverly invites Lainey and Bill to Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Adam asks Murray for funds to film his own action film, but the production is in jeopardy when Barry goes missing while playing lead and an unlikely replacement actor is brought in.

  • Murray and Pop-Pop compete in a message war after they both get answering machines. Frustrated, Erica, Barry and Pops try to stop the fighting by offering a trip to a hockey game as an olive branch.

  • Erica and Adam follow the lead of Jan from "The Brady Bunch" when dealing with relationship problems; and Beverly reaches her limit when it comes to dealing with Murray's stubbornness after he causes her to miss the Beach Boys at Live Aid.

  • Erica and Lainey try to find Bill a love match using some new dating technology and Adam's filmmaking skills. But they face some competition from Beverly, who insists on taking an old-fashioned approach to matchmaking. Meanwhile, a failed aptitude test leads Barry to decide to pursue being a gym teacher as Coach Mellor's apprentice.

  • The Goldbergs pay homage to the classic 1980s John Hughes' film "The Breakfast Club" when the kids start off a new school year (and Season 4) by earning themselves Saturday detention courtesy of a new substitute teacher, who just happens to be their mom.

  • Adam and his soon-to-be freshman pals live in fear of the hazing they expect to get from the senior class, but then Adam body slams his way to earning their respect in the Season 3 finale. In other happenings, Erica and her friends decide what to put in a time capsule.

  • Beverly and Lainey team up to destroy something they both despise: Barry's favorite shirt. But once It goes missing, Adam and Erica agree to help their brother investigate what exactly happened to it. Meanwhile, Murray decides to tear down the family tree house, which makes Adam upset.

  • Beverly is upset on Mother's Day when she receives an obviously last-minute gift of "mom coupons"

  • Behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes and cast interviews are included during this look at what makes the 1980s so special. Also: Sean Giambrone leads a set tour and highlights which props are from creator Adam F. Goldberg's personal collection.

  • Barry spins after he over hears that Bev's favorite is Adam and Murray's favorite is Erica; Bev goes full tilt to try and make Barry feel special. Ultimately, Barry decides he doesn't want the Full-Bev attention - and Adam is begrudgingly missing his mom's intrusive attention. Erica is repulsed when she finds herself attracted to Johnny Atkins; their secret romance is soon exposed - which sends out shockwaves (mostly to heart-broken Geoff Schwartz).

  • Adam schemes to get as many cassette tapes as possible from a mail-order music club, but when Beverly gets wind of this scam she points the blame at Erica. Meanwhile, Barry is determined to get closer to Lainey's dad, Bill, even though it's an uphill battle.

  • Beverly helps Erica plan a school dance with a "Dirty Dancing" theme, but turns on her daughter once she realizes it may be inappropriate. Meanwhile, Murray and Adam try to become better dancers, without much luck.

  • Barry gets inspired by Olympic underdog Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards, while Beverly decides that the latest furniture craze is the answer to slumping sales at Murray's store.

  • Dana comes to town, but has a hard time mustering up any enthusiasm for a "Weird Al" Yankovic concert Adam wants her to attend, which makes him think their relationship is coming to an end. Meanwhile, Erica and Barry take their newfound knowledge as peer counselors and apply it to Murray, who they diagnose as depressed.

  • Beverly forbids Adam to see the R-rated movie "Porky's," so Murray encourages his son to break the rules. But Adam's rule-breaking doesn't stop there. Meanwhile, Barry employees the music of Lionel Ritchie in an effort to impress Lainey on Valentine's Day.

  •  As auditions for the game show Double Dare come between Adam and Emmy, Beverly looks to learn about football in order to impress Murray.

  • As Beverly promises to bring Scott Baio to Jenkintown for Hands Across America, Adam ends up with two dates to the same dance.

  • As Adam and Barry team up in a rap supergroup a la the Beastie Boys, Beverly presses Murray to let her remodel their kitchen.

  • Disappointed with her unenthusiastic family during the holidays, Beverly creates "Super Hanukkah" to get them into the spirit, but it's too similar to Christmas. Meanwhile, Adam is annoyed that Barry is more interested in hanging with Lainey than him, so he triple-dog dares his brother with results neither one see coming.

  • After Murray agrees to let him join ROTC, Barry asks Beverly to get him out of it. Adam objects when Pops buys a Florida timeshare. Guest starring Judd Hirsch.

  • Beverly insists on hosting a big family gathering for Thanksgiving, but tension builds when brother-in-law Marvin tricks Pop-Pop into thinking the Turkey Day celebration is elsewhere. Meanwhile, Barry and Erica turn the traditional holiday toast into a game of one-upmanship.

  • Adam chooses to spend Halloween night with Dana rather than Beverly, who decides to teach her son a lesson about the dangers of the holiday. And later, Adam regrets taking Barry and Erica's advice to visit a haunted house when he's expected to go back inside to find Dana's lost promise ring.

  • Murray€™s (Jeff Garlin) mustache ignites a feud between Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and his best friend, Bill (David Koechner). Barry (Troy Gentile) is convinced he€™s lost Lainey (AJ Michalka) to Boy George.

  • As Adam (Sean Giambrone) goes to great lengths to avoid swimming at school, jealousy prompts Barry (Troy Gentile) to undermine Erica€™s (Hayley Orrantia) effort to make the world a better place.

  • Murray's attempt at bonding with Adam goes awry when the two end up fighting over the robot they are building; and Barry makes a huge mistake when he accidentally tapes over Beverly's beloved video of his 5th birthday party.

  • Beverly springs into action to help Adam deal with the awkwardness of puberty, including his crackling singing voice, which she fears could lead to embarrassment after he lands the lead role in "A Chorus Line." Meanwhile, Murray inspires Erica to go to the Homecoming Dance with JTP member Geoff Schwartz.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, Erica and Barry help Lainey plan a big house party inspired by the movie "Risky Business" while her dad is out of town. However, it's Beverly who comes to the rescue when things get out of hand. Meanwhile, Murray grows annoyed with how much time Adam is spending on the phone with Dana, who he struggles to stay in touch with now that she has moved away.

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