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Dinosaurs is a puppet-based situation comedy that aired on the American network ABC in the early 1990s. The series was a co-production between Jim Henson Productions and Walt Disney Television. Dinosaurs takes place billions of years in the past, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, went to work, watched television, and took care of their families. The family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs the show focuses on are the Sinclairs. The father, Earl (voiced by Stuart Pankin), works as a tree pusher for the mega-corporation known as WESAYSO. His wife Fran (Jessica Walter) is a homemaker and takes care of their three children.

The oldest of the kids, Robbie (Jason Willinger), constantly questions Earl and Fran on the dinosaurs prehistoric ways. His younger sister Charlene (Sally Struthers) is very materialistic and needs to have the latest fashions in her closet. The youngest child, simply known as Baby (voiced by Kevin Clash), is hatched in the show's premiere episode. While he loves his mother, who he calls The Mama, he doesn't respect Earl, who he calls Not The Mama. Baby is continuously shown hitting his father over the head with one object or another.

Episodes of Dinosaurs comically touched on a number of issues during its run. In one installment, Robbie decides to become a vegetarian rather than continue to be a carnivore, as the rest of his family is. In another episode, the subject of religion is touched upon as the ruling body of Elders decides to forego science in lieu of a new spiritual belief. In the final episode of the series, environmentalism was the main subject as numerous mishaps by WESAYSO resulted in the start of the Ice Age.

Executive produced by Michael Jacobs and Brian Henson, Dinosaurs premiered in April 1991 as part of ABC's TGIF series of shows. The series ended after four seasons in July of 1994.

Dinosaurs is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (91 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 1991.

Dinosaurs is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dinosaurs on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

7 Seasons, 91 Episodes
April 26, 1991
Animation & Cartoon Comedy
Cast: Stuart Pankin, Jessica Walter, Jason Willinger, Leif Tilden
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Dinosaurs Full Episode Guide

  • Tyrannosaurus Tirex finds out the whole truth about the one who stole his and Tina's eggs. It turns out tyrannosaurus Nora raises a cub. The Volcano insists that Nora should get rid of the descendant of Tirex.

  • Tyrannosaurus Tirex and Denver are in a cave located near an active volcano which begins to erupt. Blacky goes to the Giants' island and finds Tirex and Denver but can't help them. Therefore, he rushes for help to tyrannosaurus Rexie and Annie.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rexie's adventures continue. What is waiting for the main character in the TV serial "Rexie-2"? Ceratosaurus Bruno and tyrannosaurus Volcano are going to possess the dinosaurs' valley. To overthrow Tirex they decide to deprive him of his offspring. According to the laws of Dinoworld, Tirex has no rights to rule the territory of the Valley without it.

  • It was getting too cold in the Dinosaurs' valley and the snow fell so all the dinosaurs went to the Geysers valley. Spinosaurus Mr. Spinney was also heading to the valley but he didn't reach it because a snowdrift from the cliff fell upon him. What will happen to the most important spinosaurus of the Valley?

  • Dinosaur's world is very cruel. Kentrosaurus Rose, defending her dinosaurs from allosaurus Al, endangered the life of triceratops Terra. That is why triceratops Triz quarreled with Rose and escapes their meetings. Meanwhile, Terra stood up for her friend, stegosaurus Tag, to saurophaganax, and her life is in danger again.

  • Tyrannosaurus Volcano returned to the Dinosaurs' valley. What made this dinosaur come back after so many years? Spinosaurus Mr. Spinney told his niece the story about tyrannosaurus Tirex and Volcano fighting for Tina. It turns out many years ago two tyrannosaurus brought Tina prey. Who did dinosaur Tina prefer?

  • Allosaurus Al is in the Dinosaurs' valley! When allosaurus was small kentrosaurus Rose stepped on his back legs. This is a reason why Al can't run fast. After many years allosaurus came back to take revenge on Rose.

  • Triceratops or treat? Exactly with these words at Halloween predators go to visit each other. It turns out there is a legend about ceratosaurus Hell who lived in the Dinosaurs' valley many years ago. He was so cruel that even tyrannosaurus were afraid of him. Unexpected happened, a triceratops pushed Hell into the gulf. But in a year ceratosaurus Hell has returned from the other side to avenge!

  • A giant bee attacked triceratops Triz so triceratops Terra and spinosaurus Spin go to the Flowers' valley to take healing petals. They don't know that a bee-hive is located there. Will Terra be able to get the petals to save her mother?

  • Walking around with her friend tyrannosaurus Annie gets in a monster's paws. Tyrannosaurus Nora concerned about the disappearance of her daughter and go to search for her with the dinosaur Lame. What happened to Annie? It turns out the biggest spider in the valley kidnapped her.

  • Triceratops and pachycephalosaurus are indignant at Veltor's arrogance who hunts on their territory and kills herbivorous dinosaurs. What will do dinosaurs against Veltor?