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The gang from Saved by the Bell graduated high school, and most of them ended up in college together. Zach, Screech and Slater share a dorm room, and they are right across from a group of girls who strike their fancy. When one of the girls leaves, a favorite of Zach Saved by the Bell: The College Years is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on May 22, 1993.

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1 Season, 19 Episodes
May 22, 1993
Cast: Mark-Paul Gosselaar
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Saved by the Bell: The College Years Full Episode Guide

  • Lisa Turtle shows up for Kelly's wedding, and the girls fight over who will be maid of honor. Weddings plans don't run smoothly as Zack and Lisa consult a shady jewelry salesman for a wedding ring. Kelly and Zack are in shock when they see their rundown, off-campus apartment. And their meeting with the minister is interrupted by a wild bachelor/bachelorette party thrown for them.

  • Each person in the group deals with the grief of their popular Professor in his/her own way. Zack decides that life should be lived to the fullest so he goes skydiving. When Kelly worries that Zack's life is in danger, she realizes how much she cares for him and they get back together.

  • Zack gets a job at the student health center to be close to Kelly. He doesn't plan on Lasky being admitted to the hospital because of an ulcer. Zack creates a plan to fake an illness so he could share a room with Lasky while keeping an eye on Kelly. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang contemplate getting tattoos.

  • Zack wants to organize a rave to raise money so the gang can go to Cancun, especially so Kelly will get over her break-up with Lasky. The original location of the rave is burned down so they move it on campus, at the Kreinberg Hall. They are caught by the Dean, but Professor Lasky covers for them. Meanwhile, Screech tries to fit in with the cool group by getting them nitrous oxide from his chemistry lab. Instead, he accidentally steals Helium.

  • Slater, Alex, Zack and Leslie are taking an ethics course from the hardest teacher in the school. A question of ethics pops up when the midterm is left on the Professor's desk. The true character of each person in the group comes out as some want to look at the midterm while others want to leave it there. Meanwhile, Slater has Screech fill in for him at work so he could have more time to study.

  • Kelly and Lasky become attracted to each other when she helps him take care of his daughter. Meanwhile, Lasky's class experiment takes a bizarre twist when the chimpanzee becomes attracted to Screech.

  • The gang drives Rogers' car to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving break. Meanwhile, Rogers' annual Thanksgiving dinner turns into a disaster when he hurts his back and the food is burned. Despite Rogers' car breaking down, the gang manages to come back in time to help pull off the dinner. Later, Zack scalps his Raiders tickets to buy an airplane ticket that he gives to homesick Kelly.

  • Kelly quits her job at the student health center and becomes a cocktail waitress with Alex. She quits immediately while Kelly makes a lot of money, buys a new wardrobe, and changes her attitude. After conflicts with the gang, she realizes how she has changed and goes back to her job at the Student Health Center. Meanwhile, the 49ers lose players over injuries and ask Rogers to try out to play in the finals. The boys put him on a strict workout routine that exhausts him so much, he turns down the 49ers.

  • Zack asks Screech to tutor the beautiful tennis player he's dating. Zack and Screech fight over the girl because Screech has also fallen for her. The girl ends up with Screech who brings out the intelligence she never knew she had. Meanwhile, Alex thinks wrestling is barbaric but Slater makes her come to his matches as a good luck charm.

  • A student visits Lasky's office where she mistakes Zack for Professor Lasky. Zack keeps up this facade to get a date with the beautiful girl. After a few dates, the girl scares Zack by revealing that she is the Chancellor's daughter. With the help of the group, he tries to get her to fall out of love with him. Heartbroken, she tells her father how Professor Lasky led her on. Zack confesses what he did to the Chancellor and Lasky. Meanwhile, the girls produce a "Men of Cal U" beef-cake calendar. Slater is too embarrassed to be included while Screech is begging the girls to let him be in the calendar.

  • Rogers finally joins the boy's weekly poker game after trying constantly to break it up. During the night, he makes everyone crazy with his whining about beautiful women rejecting him. The boys enlist the help of the girls to teach Rogers how to soften his approach. The girls' help works and Roger stops playing poker with the boys because of a successful date. Meanwhile, the girls have all taken an interest in Karate because of their cute instructor. The competition for his attention ends when a woman replaces the old instructor.

  • The boys are really excited when a famous pro football player and Cal U alumnus comes to visit. The boys think he's a hero but he turns out to be an arrogant jerk when he upsets Kelly by hitting on her. Meanwhile, Leslie has Screech pose as her boyfriend when her wealthy parents try to get her together with a proper boy.

  • Zack asks the entire gang to go with him on a ski trip. Most of the gang can't go while Leslie is hesitant to go with him alone. Because of this, Zack tries to convince Slater to bring a date. Slater falls for a Hispanic girl who urges him to participate in a protest for a Hispanic Studies Department the same weekend. She challenges Slater to be proud of his ethnicity as he and Zack have a falling out over his priorities. In the end, Zack comes out to support Slater at the protest and they reconcile. Meanwhile, the escape of Mike Rogers' mouse from his cage creates fear and commotion in the suite.

  • It is rush week and all three of the boys rush the same house. Screech's dream is to be the first in his family to pledge a fraternity. Because of this, the girls give Screech a 'cool guy' makeover and Zack and Slater drop out to make room for Screech to rush. Meanwhile, there is tension among the girls as they rush rival sororities. In the end, Leslie decides to remain independent while Kelly and Alex pledge the same house.

  • Zack gets off on the wrong foot with his new professor of anthropology, Professor Lasky. Professor Lasky pegs Zack as a smart mouth immediately--and turns the tables on him by selling him a copy of the midterm before Zack realizes that he is the instructor. Zack and Leslie participate in a class demonstration in Anthropology. Zack is supposed to gain Leslie's interest without using any words. Leslie isn't interested and Zack gets frustrated. He gives up and says it's a waste of time and that the whole class is a waste of time. Professor Lasky talks to Zack and indicates that he thinks that Zack is a bit "clunky" with women. Zack is a bit offended by this remark. Professor Lasky offers to give Zack a B for the course and excuse him for the rest of the semester if Zack will do a project on "What Do Women Want?" by the following Friday. Zack agrees because he thinks it will be really easy. Zack decides to make a video and goes around interviewing women on campus--mainly by hitting on them.

  • Kelly is attending a junior college when she is admitted to Cal U off the waiting list. Unaware that Kelly's coming, Zack is trying to get Leslie's affection by telling her the tragic story of how his high school sweetheart was killed in an accident. Leslie is touched by Zack's vulnerability and kisses him just as Kelly opens the door. Zack is torn between the two girls so he asks both of them to the same concert. The girls make the decision for him when they take both tickets and go to the concert together. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang starts to register for classes as Slater decides to focus most of his attention on his education, instead of wrestling.

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